Monday, November 30, 2015

Remembering The Reason For The Season

I know people are going to say but Angie Jesus is the reason for the season.  OK yes I agree religion and God is important however timing is a bit off. But that's a age old theology debate that will take to long to discuss.

Anyway the real reason for the season. Our family, the ones we love.  Religion aside our friends and family are the ones who make the holidays worth while. So while your working to the bone planning the perfect day remember the reason your doing it.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Customer Rewards Programs!

OK who hasn't gone into a store and have been asked, "Would you like to sign up for our rewards program?" Now see I sign up for all the rewards programs there are because in some cases they do add up very very fast.  For example, My top three get me so many great deals I had to share,  so let me start with these.

Sears/ Kmart Shop Your Way Rewards... I shop at both stores. When you shop at the store you earn points every time you shop.  Those points convert to a cash value, then on top of that they give you free money as well. For example tonight I went to buy a pair of boots for my daughter for Christmas and they had loaded a free $10.00 earlier that day. So the boots plus the points I had accumulated previously were free. FREE MONEY IS AWESOME.  Then I had had a points offer where if I spend $10 in home fashions they would give me $10 more to spend. So I ended picking up a few Christmas gifts for half the cost.  They also do select in-store pricing and have deals at both stores. Plus when you use the app and check in you can get coupons for your shopping trip that day. Win Win.

Winn Dixie Fuel Perks!  OK I have people tell me Winn Dixie is not the cheapest place around.  However that is not entirely true about any store its about knowing your prices.  I get a ton of great deals from there as well as the other stores that are near where I live.  But seriously I check the ad and there are always items that get you extra change off your gas but be smart don't buy stuff just to get the fuel perk buy it because you like the stuff. Plus every $50 spent in store gets you .05 more off your gas.  I like cheaper gas with the gas guzzler I drive.  Beside you can auto load coupons onto your rewards account so again a Win Win!!!

Last but not least is the Walgreen's rewards program. Having the Walgreen card gets you special pricing but it again earns you money back to use on future purchases. This is another store I frequent because its right around the corner from my home so I can swing in and pick some stuff up. But remember that if you shop there some of there health and beauty can be more expensive then at other stores. But they do take coupons and you earn money to spend while shopping in the future.

If you know of any more great rewards programs please let me know in the comment section so I can add it so everyone else will know.  Who doesn't like sharing some knowledge sometime. If you like what your reading I ask you to please follow the Blog by using that fantastic widget ( who doesn't like that word its fun widget) Till next time may you truly be blessed with the ones that matter most to you.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Broken Widgets OH MY!!

So I did a follower campaign for my blog and guess what nothing happened. Then the private messages started with I am not getting any updates. So i cried to google and the excellent customer service guy who copied my brownie recipe while we trouble shot discovered I had a broken widget. It is fixed now so you can sign up to follow now with a few different options. I can't believe that i goofed like that but as I said we are good to go.  Also he fixed the comment option as well that was glitch so you can now comment, discuss and follow.

Black Friday Is Coming!!!

He he, every time I say "Black Friday is Coming", I get the Game of Thrones Meme going through my head!  As you know one of my three jobs is I work retail.  Seriously though as much as I hate giving up my Thanksgiving night (this is hopefully my last year), It is wild seeing people going after what they consider deals.  I know some are great, but its funny watching people rushing to get to a item that was cheaper three weeks earlier. So after getting to know so extreme Black Friday shoppers here are a few tips that I learned that might just help you get those items you want.

  1. When going to any store you want to have a plan in place,  start with making a list of whats the most important items on your list. If they seem to be out the items find the nearest sales person find out if there is more in back and if not see if its order-able. Yes people see if you can order the item get it there are no rain checks, so for example say those boots you want are $19.99 and they are out of your size get a sales associate spend the three minutes with that sales person and order them. However be prepared to use the plastic at this point because on Black Friday if it is paid by card you automatically get the order processed,  with a pending cash payment the item can be sold to another, CASH DOES NOT HOLD IT!
  2. If your a set of spouses shopping together... Split up to make it go faster, then after you get the super important items on your list meet up for the basic stuff. We all have cell phones people you won't lose each other that's what they are there for.
  3. Do some prep work. Some stores are doing Thanksgiving night and 5 am Black Friday door busters.  They both will have some good deals don't be afraid to miss out on one set at one store to get another set at another store. 
  4. Also big ticket items will not be available for online purchase.  That amazing TV or laptop is in store only. Don't be crying to the store manager or staff because you could not add it to cart and get the deal price.  We don't care because somewhere in the ad it said in store only.
  5. Remember Cyber Monday. You can get some phenomenal deals online for in store pick up or be the smart one if its free shipping its a great way to send those Christmas gifts to another state and not have to spend a dime on shipping (also having to wait at the post office in the 30 to 45 min line).
  6. This is my favorite one... Remember your mom and pop, and small stores, also your small charity stores that are run by the churches. These businesses are your friends and neighbors and they rely on your business to survive so please this holiday season stop in and see what amazing gifts you can find!
I hope this list helped a little. But most of all have fun this Thanksgiving and remember what is truly important I sure will be.  But if you go shopping after those deals please be safe out there. May whichever god or goddess you pray to watch over you and yours this holiday season.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Do you think retail workers take more then their fair share abuse this time year? |

I posted this question on a questioner/ survey site I belong to. I am not surprised by the answers.

Do you think retail workers take more then their fair share abuse this time year? |

Ready for the holiday weather!!!!

I swear I would love to see some cooler weather for Thanksgiving and going into the Christmas season.  It's a week till turkey day and I have my air conditioner on. This weather however will not stop me from baking the holiday goodies. I wish you all health and happiness!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Going into the holiday season!!!

Well all it will be sporadic on posts for the next few weeks. More then likely it will be from my cell while the hubby drives us around. Retail work during the holidays are the worst. I am hoping that this might be my last holiday season. I have unfortunately been saying that for 4 holiday seasons now. But I need buffers. I need to make sure working from home works.  But anyway with all the craziness going on in the world hold onto your loved ones. Hold onto the ones who mean the world to you and don't stop telling them you love them. Till next time peace and love.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Be kind, those retail workers are people to...

Well people its that fabulous time of year again... Thanksgiving and holiday retail shopping.  I feel that I must take to my soap box and give you all a little perspective.  I am sorry I have to put it that way but after swinging into a store yesterday to get a candy bar for my hubby and seeing a very ignorant person yell at the cashier because the customer simply didn't read the ad and would not listen to the poor girl doing her best to explain the ad gets my blood boiling because if you know me I try to protect the cashiers at my job as much as I can. So here are a few simple things you can do to not make yourself look like a ass this holiday season...

  • DO NOT WAIT TILL LAST MINUTE.... this point I can not express more.  I had this happen last year at my job, A gentleman wanted to get his wife a pair of fashion boots but they were a little pricey.  However price or not they were selling quite fast. He came in every week and looked at them. I suggested that if he was sure he wanted them but was unsure of the price to put them on layaway because I could not guarantee the boots would be here when he was ready to purchase.  When he came in three days before Christmas to buy the boots we were sold out in her size as well as every store for 50 miles around.  Lets just say he was not happy, accused me of a bunch of crap, called me terrible names. However this year he brought his wife in already and then came back the next day and bought all the boots she liked so lesson learned on his part.
  • WORK A LITTLE WITH YOUR SALES ASSOCIATE WE WILL TRY TO MOVE MOUNTAINS.... This part is double true at my store we had a wonderful woman who wanted to get her twin teens matching dresses and shoes.  We had the shoes but not the dresses.  However we could get the dresses but they wouldn't be in till December 26. So we went above and beyond for her and took a potentially bad situation and made it okay. She brought the shoes for the girls and ordered the dresses. We went the extra mile and printed pictures of the dresses and sold her the fancy gift boxes to put the pictures in and a even made the bows and ribbons so all she had to do was wrap the shoes.  Turned a potentially bad situation into a great one and she has been back ever since shopping almost every week.
  • DON'T BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR HELP.... We are trained, we can and will help you with whatever resources we have at our disposal.  Your hubby wants that Star Wars t shirt in extra large. We don't have it however we can order it from the next sears and you can pick it up at their online pickup area.  Or your not sure of your girlfriends size.  Show us a picture or point out someone who has the same body shape.  Need a TV, tool, ect. we can help but only is you ask. We have so many people who we will ask do you need help say no or out right ignore us then get loud saying You don't have it, when if they would have asked we did.
  • ACTUALLY READ THE AD.... words like in select stores, limited quantities, during specific times are actually in there.  Club members pricing as well. We do have to adhere to the ad for the most part, help us help you.
  • PRICE MATCHING DOES NOT EXISTS ON BLACK FRIDAY WEEKEND... that's right people if you go to most retail stores who price match it does say that black Friday weekend there is no price matching. That goes for sure at most retailers.
  • IF YOU HAVE A COUPON.... I love coupons however please be sure to read the exclusions.  Clearance, hot buys and special deals in most stores are excluded as well. Again on black Friday weekend a lot of coupons are excluded.
  • OH STORES LIKE YOURS ARE THE REASON YOU POOR PEOPLE HAVE TO WORK THANKSGIVING.... Last year I heard that so many times I seriously had to laugh.  People who say that make me laugh because they are saying it on Thanksgiving night with a over flowing shopping cart.  When you work retail or are hired on for retail you are told full out that you are working the whole weekend.  That includes Thanksgiving night. We know what we signed on for.  But you saying it as your shopping is irony.
  • YOUR WORKERS HAVE BEEN ON THEIR FEET FOR 10-12 HOURS.... Yes management, full timers and our amazing workers have been moving their bums for 10-12 hour rotations on black Friday weekend.  We do a ton of behind the scenes stuff to make your shopping experience fun and satisfying.  We go through a wickedly insane amount of coffee, energy drinks, Sugar. and snacks.  My self personally had I think at one point last year a 2 liter of Pepsi, coffee, candy bars, energy drinks, apples with nutella, and cheddar popcorn on my desk.
  • USE YOUR MANNERS... Don't be a dick on the day your supposed to be thankful for what you have.  Use your manners people we are human to and want to do our job, have to ask the questions we do and can only be so fast. We would much rather be home with our families then working.

So I hope this little help list will actually help you not be such a bad shopper this holiday season.  I work with the most amazing group of people and a lot of them are like a second family to me, we all want to help you but only if you give us a chance. Have a great shopping experience this holiday season and please be safe out there.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

HO HO HO and all that great music!

Okay I will be the first to say it. "Hello everyone my name is Angie and I am addicted to Christmas." I am one of those annoying people who love the music, decorations, baking and cooking. I will be the crazy lady in the store getting baking supplies and decorations. I work retail and today was the first official day of the Christmas song appearance which made this Christmas freak extremely happy. Now I know all my religious friends are going to say Christmas is all about the birth of Jesus, well we will put religion aside.  Just remember everyone Christmas is a holiday meant for family and friends. So this time of year load up the food around the table an just be together and love each other!

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