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IN HONOR OF HALLOWEEN! Top 10 Ways You Know Your Home Is Haunted!

I am fortunate, I live in a notoriously haunted Florida town. This town is the location of one of the best haunted museums ever! In honor of All Hallows Eve, I bring you this top 10 list of ways you can tell you live in a haunted house. #10. You hear the floor creaking or footsteps going through the house, like someone is walking when you are the only one home. #9. You walk into the kitchen and all your cabinets are open when you know you left them shut the last time you were in there. #8. Your dog barks or cat hisses at a random spot and there is nothing that you can see. #7. You try using a selfie filter for faces and a face appears on your screen.   (Yes, this has happened in my home and previous home multiple times.) #6. You hear people having a conversation in the next room and when you go to see who is in your house there is no one there. #5 Objects are not where you left them. #4. You see shadows and people out of the corner of your eye. #