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Is It Fall Yet?

  I know I live in the hot and humid south. However, I am hoping for some cooler fall weather!

Rain, Wind and Tropical Storms (OH MY)

 So I live in Florida and yes, we get our fair share of tropical weather. I was born down here and have seen some crazy weather. But it never ceases to amaze me to how people panic.  Being prepared is the key and as a person who has lived in Florida all her life I have always been prepared for storm season. I have enough non perishable foods tucked in totes to last my family 2 weeks. We have a camp stove, candles and flashlights just in case the power goes out.  I keep portable power supplies to keep our phones charged.  I have friends who live up north that do the same thing for snow season. We were issued a storm watch this morning for Tropical Storm, Fred and people are already panicking. We just had hurricane Elsa a few weeks ago and you would think people would still be sightly prepared. Nope people have started flocking to the stores to over prepare again. Seriously people? Is it just me being a cynical person?  Hurricane season last through November and you would think people wo

Christmas in July!

Remember, we are in July and in just a few months it will be Christmas! Yes, it is my favorite holiday.  But now is the time I start all my homemade gifts.  I always plan on making a bunch of homemade stuff, but life happens and I know starting now helps take the burden off of waiting last minute to get the gifts made. If you're not the crafty type remember now is the time to start shopping. Most places started to clearance items for their fall arrivals. Now that my kids are older I go to the dollar tree and buy my kids stuff for their homes.  You can get a bunch of nice things as the Dollar tree has stepped up their game.  You can easily get 2-3 gifts for $20. If your kids are younger they have a large amount of ats and crafts and toys that will keep them entertained for hours. I hope this friendly reminder helped. Got any ideas, please leave a comment below! Angie

A Honest Post

 Well, I fell off the face of the earth for a while. For that I am sorry. I am not going to lie, I suffer from depression and anxiety.  I had the want and the hope to get some posts up, but I just couldn't get it in me to type up anything. The want was there, but the drive was non existent.  I am finally starting to see a light at the end of my dark tunnel as I truly enjoy blogging and posting content. I know I lost a ton of readers due to this, but unless you go through this you might not understand.  So to my readers and followers I am promising to do my best while I work through this and I hope you understand. My thoughts and love to each of you. Angie
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