Friday, April 20, 2018

A Very Emotional Post

It's with a heavy heart that I have to even post this...

This post has been a very difficult thing for me to approach as most people know my Blog is an extension of me. A month ago we had a huge incident happen at our home that involved one of my children. To make things easier my husband had suggested that I go visit my oldest daughter, son-in-law, and Granddaughter who I had yet to meet. I jumped at the chance because I missed my oldest daughter and wanted to go meet my Granddaughter.  Well after I got there the phone calls to home got strange. Strange as in even calling my husband and saying hello we met with confrontation and me being yelled at. I refused to let it bother me as I wanted to make some awesome memories with my Daughter and her little family.

Still, in the back of my mind, I knew this was just the calm before the storm. Our marriage was far from perfect and I always fought to make things work.  During our marriage he was unfaithful and I forgave him multiple times.  I forgave him after he had a two-plus year affair. However, tigers do not change their strips and he treated me just like he did when he was having his last affair and left me before. I came back to Florida with him yelling at me because he couldn't find the TIA curbside pickup area. According to him, I was making the area up and there is no such place. Its funny though because a few years ago we picked him mom up in the exact spot.

While I was gone he had told me he wanted to save our marriage and start over again.  That had given me a small glimpse of hope that our marriage could possibly be saved. For all the people who really know me know I do not believe in divorce. I never have. I went into our marriage because I believed that anything could be fixed if we had a problem. Well, he does not feel the same way as me because he wants a divorce. He blames my anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder as part of the reason. Or as he says more efficiently I am nothing but a psycho &*%&*. Throw in every naughty word you can because trust me he has called me everything. I do admit I can be a bit crazy sometimes and emotional. I have always been led by my emotions and I do my best to keep them calm. 

The worse thing about this is he has manipulated my kids about the whole situation. He has my two older teens who live at home calling me every god awful name in the book. It's hard when your own children who you raised and supported when daddy wasn't there because he was playing dad to his girlfriend's family decide to treat you like your nothing but trash. I fear for my kids because I know my husband and as soon as he gets what he wants from the kids he will throw them away and I will be there to pick up the mess.

My problem is I do not do well in public anymore since I lost my job January 30th. I am trying to build up my resale business as well as freelancing. I am also currently trying to go back to school to have a small career instead of a job I hate. I know my husband is going to make this divorce as difficult as possible. I am trying to shield my 11 and 14 years old from as much as I can. I have had people ask what can they do? Pray for us. I don't care what religion you practice just send some prayers or positive thoughts our way because we will need them.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

I Will Be Coming Back Soon!

I am having a wonderful time visiting my daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter. However when I get home The Crazy Store will be getting a whole bunch of items added. That and we will be doing things on all social media that we are on. So if you want to join the crazy for fun stuff follow our media HERE

Also super excited to announce that since I been on vacation I started all my writing again so I will be letting people read select excerpts from my upcoming novels. These will be released randomly so you will need to be following the blog and social media.

I will be back on and more active starting the 16th of April.

Catch ya all later,


I'll be chugging along home soon!

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Happy Spring

It's that amazing time of year where mother nature walks among us blessing us with new life, beautiful colors and renewal of all things. I love all the seasons for different reasons, however, who can hate spring? I mean the wonderful colors that pop up during spring are amazing. We are blessed with the amazing blue sky dotted with big fluffy white clouds. All the different flowers and plants that bloom in all the shades of pale pinks, yellows, oranges, and violets. The vibrant greens of the grass and leaves. Spring is definitely an artist's canvas ready for everyone to enjoy.

Besides the colors of the season Spring also means a few different things to me. First, when I come back home from my Texas adventure I will be starting my Spring Cleaning. That's right that's where I clean everything top to bottom in my home. I weed out all the old stuff that is no longer being used and either add it to my online store or it gets added to my recycle crafts pile. It also means freshening up the house and doing minor repairs. That way going into the summer things are nice and neat.

Another great thing about Spring is my garden! I love planting and bringing new things to life. That's right I plant a garden and it's awesome just to step out the back door and have fresh produce. I have about a quarter of my plants planted and when I get back from Texas I will be planting the rest. Gardening is a great hobby and it relaxes me. I guess you can say gardening brings me to my happy place. Do you like gardening? What do you plant? Let me know in the comment section below.

Our first full spring month April also gave me the birth of my third daughter Megan.  She is so like me we fight like often but its because we are both stubborn and pigheaded. She is truly my spring baby so full of a zeal for life. (Yes, I do have a baby for each season and no it was not planned that way.)

Another thing Spring brings is April showers. Yes, I am going there. April showers do bring May flowers. By mid-April, my garden will be 100% planted and because of the rain we get in Florida my plants will be in bloom. 
Who does not love listening to the sound of rain? I personally love listening to the sound of the rain pitter-pattering on the roof and against the windows while I enjoy a nice cup of tea or coffee and read. Or if I am feeling a bit inspired possibly going into writer mode and work on my next novel. It has been raining on and off since I was at the airport coming out to Texas as well as while being here. To me, this is a wonderful Spring memory. Especially since I get to be here with my oldest daughter, son-in-law, and Grandbaby.

So from myself and the rest of the crazy, we hope your upcoming Easter, as well as the start of your spring, is amazing and full of regrowth.

Much Love and Blessings To All,

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Working On Youtube Videos

I have been working on mini short videos for youtube for a while. I finally am getting things uploaded and done. Todays first video was from Cozumel Mexico Mayan Ruins Tour. STAY TUNE!!

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Happy St Patrick's Day!!!

Wishing Everyone A Safe and Happy St.Paddy's Day

Blessings and Love,

Angie and the MyCrazyLifeAgain Family

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Being A Mom-Entrepreneur! The Ultimate Superhero!

Happy Hump Day All!

I am writing you from the desk of crazy! At this time I will admit the crazy is a little quiet... knock on wood I don't want to jink it. No, seriously Jen and Megs are watching Netflix, Lizzie Bee is at the park with her friends and Robbie is playing video games in the living room. Even the cat and dog are calm and quiet in other rooms. Although I am cleaning my bathroom and when the kids use it all the time it definitely needs cleaning. But seriously as long as my crazy is calm at the moment I am ok with it.

I actually am in the midst of spring cleaning until next weekend so I am hoping that I can get everything done and organized as the kids are back to school next week. Can I get an AMEN? One day my kids will be like "very funny mom" in the comments but until then its all clear on the mom joke front.

But to the main point of my post, today why am I here? All you moms who work from home as well as raise babies, kids, teens you are all superheroes. I am proud to say I know some of the most hardworking amazing women ever and you all should be having your capes laundered and ironed regularly.

These moms not only get their kids through the world but work and maintain a house while they do it. Its a hard job with very little recognition. So I am here to recognize you, the superheroes that are called mommy because you are all amazing and wonderful woman. I myself am just getting back to being a momtrepreneur and it's not easy you have to set up guidelines and schedules and be prepared for dinner and all the crazy amazing things that will go wrong or change your plans during the day! Hey, I had to cut my schedule down till next Sunday to just organize what I need to do so when I go full out work from home mom mode I will not cry!

I also want to point out all you work away from home moms are also superheroes as well and I do not want anyone to think that I am just cheering on work at home moms because that is furthest from the truth. I had to go back to work when my youngest was 5 weeks old because of his father. You can only imagine emotional upset it caused me because my baby needed his mama during that time and it couldn't happen.  Although Robbie and I are very close I still regret being away from him at such a young age. 

The thing is all moms who work deserve to be recognized and cheered on. To the moms who are staying at home moms, to the moms who work away from home, to the moms who have amazing successful home businesses, and to the moms like me who are scared to death and are literally jumping into the pool of adventure by being work from home moms.

My name is Angie I am a mom, a blogger, a freelancer, a gamer, an artist, and a momtrepreneur I juggle my hats as best I can and I am proud to be in the company of such fine ladies!
The desk of the crazy!