Saturday, March 17, 2018

Happy St Patrick's Day!!!

Wishing Everyone A Safe and Happy St.Paddy's Day

Blessings and Love,

Angie and the MyCrazyLifeAgain Family

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Being A Mom-Entrepreneur! The Ultimate Superhero!

Happy Hump Day All!

I am writing you from the desk of crazy! At this time I will admit the crazy is a little quiet... knock on wood I don't want to jink it. No, seriously Jen and Megs are watching Netflix, Lizzie Bee is at the park with her friends and Robbie is playing video games in the living room. Even the cat and dog are calm and quiet in other rooms. Although I am cleaning my bathroom and when the kids use it all the time it definitely needs cleaning. But seriously as long as my crazy is calm at the moment I am ok with it.

I actually am in the midst of spring cleaning until next weekend so I am hoping that I can get everything done and organized as the kids are back to school next week. Can I get an AMEN? One day my kids will be like "very funny mom" in the comments but until then its all clear on the mom joke front.

But to the main point of my post, today why am I here? All you moms who work from home as well as raise babies, kids, teens you are all superheroes. I am proud to say I know some of the most hardworking amazing women ever and you all should be having your capes laundered and ironed regularly.

These moms not only get their kids through the world but work and maintain a house while they do it. Its a hard job with very little recognition. So I am here to recognize you, the superheroes that are called mommy because you are all amazing and wonderful woman. I myself am just getting back to being a momtrepreneur and it's not easy you have to set up guidelines and schedules and be prepared for dinner and all the crazy amazing things that will go wrong or change your plans during the day! Hey, I had to cut my schedule down till next Sunday to just organize what I need to do so when I go full out work from home mom mode I will not cry!

I also want to point out all you work away from home moms are also superheroes as well and I do not want anyone to think that I am just cheering on work at home moms because that is furthest from the truth. I had to go back to work when my youngest was 5 weeks old because of his father. You can only imagine emotional upset it caused me because my baby needed his mama during that time and it couldn't happen.  Although Robbie and I are very close I still regret being away from him at such a young age. 

The thing is all moms who work deserve to be recognized and cheered on. To the moms who are staying at home moms, to the moms who work away from home, to the moms who have amazing successful home businesses, and to the moms like me who are scared to death and are literally jumping into the pool of adventure by being work from home moms.

My name is Angie I am a mom, a blogger, a freelancer, a gamer, an artist, and a momtrepreneur I juggle my hats as best I can and I am proud to be in the company of such fine ladies!
The desk of the crazy!

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Becoming Me

I have been thinking a lot about what my next blog post should be and to be honest with you it took me a bit of time to really come up with a post that I decided I had to do. So I guess hold on to your hats and beware this is going to be a bit of an honest and raw post so if you don't like hearing the truth you might not want to read this. However, I think for most of the moms and people out there that are at a crossroads in their life I hope that this post will help at least one person.  I already know that there will be unkind words and comments about the fact I am being selfish I shouldn't take that chance or put that kind of pressure on my husband. So let's begin, shall we... 

On January 30th I lost my full-time job. This job I was at for over 11 years and I actually liked the people I worked with more than the job as the job demanded way too much of their employees for minimum wage and there was definitely favoritism that ran in the store where I had been employed. When it comes to looking for a job though I am being selfish the last job took me from my children and family and I got lost in a constant pattern where when I had to go to my previous job I would cry every morning before I had to go.  I decided I would not do that again.

I am a Blogger,  a Crafter,  a Writer with 2 books now,  a Freelancer and a Small Business Owner! Now I have been thinking why can't I do what I enjoy with all of that and stay out of the corporate world.  Why can't I work from home and be a mom and a wife? Well, the answer is simple I have no one supporting me emotionally so I can do it. I have no one telling me I can do it or that they have faith in me, they just say you can't. You don't work you need to go find a job.

This has not helped my anxiety and depression or bipolar disorder.  I will admit I have been so discouraged since I lost my job that I have let my above issues take control of me more than I really wanted to admit from laying in bed, stopping my writing, putting my freelancing, crafting and small business on the back burner. There are some days I will take my teens and son to school and just go back to bed so I can avoid the day. I feel like I am in a losing battle where I just don't care most of the time.
This has led to my health acting up again. My weight is starting to go back up and my hernia is acting up again. I even have avoided being outside which means me neglecting to work more on my beloved garden and only just watering the plants that are already out there. My hair has huge grey patches and my eyebrows need to be done. I am a mess.

This morning while looking on Pinterest hiding in bed I came across this quote by accident as my kitten started swatting at my screen.  Then as Rambo swatted at my phone again the next quote came up.

 I sat and thought about both quotes and decided I needed to start listening and this was my wake up call.I have always tried to do what I needed to do and believe God has had a plan for me all along I just am not a great listener. To be very honest I have been weak. I want to be happy in my life and I want to do this. I am making my way with gods help and guidance.

So what did I do? I cried. Why because I am scared that everyone I love will stand against me. Then I started to pray and there my blue-grey little furball made some noise and directed my attention to my computer. There on the screen, I had left up last night was one of my freelance sites and on my split screen the Etsy account I have been fiddling with.  I calmed my tears and sat up and said okay I get the message. I started a hot shower and got my clothes out to start the day.  I slacked on some stuff today but I decided no matter what people say to me I have to have faith. So I am making myself a daily schedule so I can handle things the way they need to be handled and I can get my life to the point where I can be happy for myself and my family. So although I am afraid I am going to have the courage and my faith God is with me and that I will not let fear stop me.

As to the people that are saying no you can't do this well I have always had your backs and I love you. For eleven years I was unhappy and its time you all have faith in me so I can be brave and succeed.

My Love and Blessings to you all,


Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Simplify With Life Hacks!

This day and age we all want to skirt around doing things that take forever. What if there was a more simple way to do things such as work and clean? Here are 10 very simple life hacks that can help you every day!

1. Pineapple juice is more effective than cough syrup to help you stop a cough! Yes, its true a chemical in it called Bromelain combats infections and fights against bacteria.  I tried this personally and yes it does work. Besides I hate taking medication so I am always looking for a drug free alternative.

2. Febreeze kills ants on contact and doesn't smell up your house with chemicals! True, I tried this the other night with Doller Tree febreeze and it worked!

3. You can use nail polish remover to clean the white part of your sneakers.

4. Use a cupcake liner to catch the drippings of an ice pop! Just pop a hole in the middle and it will help reduce sticky fingers.

5. If you have any of these stains these products can help remove them:

Grass- Use Vinegar
Red Wine- Use White Wine
Grease- Use Soda
Blood- Hydrogen Peroxide
Oil- White Chalk
Coffee- Baking Soda
Deodorant- Denim or A Dryer Sheet
Sweat- Lemon Juice
Lipstick- Baby Wipes
Ink- Milk
Makeup- Shaving Cream

Yes, I have tried these stain removers and they do work!

6. Here is a great one if you are a parent: If your child sends a letter to their favorite Disney character they will receive an autographed 8 by 10. I did this about 2 years ago for my favorite to see if it worked and yes I got one back.

Send to:
ATTN: "Characters Name"
Walt Disney Communications
PO BOX 10040
Lake Buena Vista, Fl.

7. Permanent Marker Stains! If you have kids and use these markers you know the headache!

Cloths- Hand sanitizer
Walls- Toothpaste or hairspray
Wood- Rubbing Alcohol
Carpet- Use White Vinegar
Furniture- Use Milk (not nut milk I tried it has to be reg whole milk)
White Board- Use a dry erase marker or pencil rubber eraser
Ceramic- 1 part toothpaste with 1 part baking soda

8. If you are a baker! Use Marshmallows in your brown sugar bag or container to keep it soft!

9. Homemade Icepacks that won't harden but get super cold.

Mix 1 part Rubbing Alcohol to 3 parts water. We did this one year as a science project and it works. It never froze but got super cold and stayed colder longer.  We ended up keeping it as an ice pack and made a few more with cloth covers.

10. Do you have a pair of shoes that are a tad to tight? Put on a pair of fluffy socks and the shoes and use your blow dryer on the shoes the shoes will start to stretch!

I hope you enjoyed these few life hacks.  If you did check out "my life made simple" board on Pinterest!

Well, all that's it for now! Blessings and Prayers!


Sunday, February 11, 2018

Our Favorite Things!

As a blogger and a mom of five, I come across many of amazing and awesome things! I have products that are tried and true and couldn't live without! So check out our affiliate page that will be holding our links of some great products and see if these could work in your life.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

A Beautiful Day!

I hope everyone is having a good Saturday today! I was able to sleep in and then with a little peace and quite work on not only the Blog but also The Crazy Store Along with Crafting! I am currently making four of these rosette headbands for the store's main page. This is the first of my crafting or recycled crafts that are going on the store's main page.

I am so relieved that the weather here in Florida has been so much nicer than it was in the past few weeks.  I can't wait to really get outside and get the garden going more than I have been. I know in some areas of the country it's still cold and gloomy.  With Valentine's day coming I was curious to see what everyone's thoughts are on it? Do you think its to commercialized? Do you like going all out for it? Sound off in the comments below I would love to hear what you think. 

Personally, I am in between when it comes to the whole holiday. I try to show my family that I love them each and every day but then again I like getting a little something special for the big love day.

Well everyone sorry for such a short post but my crafting and laundry is calling my name. Besides, I have to help my 14 years old get ready for her first military ball! Wow, am I getting old or what! NOT!

Blessings and Prayers,


Friday, February 2, 2018

Its Almost Time For Gardening!

Happy Friday Everyone!

For some like me, Friday means payday!! Well Its actually my last payday from my old job because I was let go due to restructuring. However, I have two months to find a new job so besides job hunting I will be getting some home projects done.  My biggest project by far is going to be setting up my summer garden. I know what your thinking but Angie the groundhog saw his shadow! Well, that's up there and I live in the land of sun and hurricanes so although Phil predicted one thing I am saying its no better time to start getting yourself ready!

First, you need to decide on what you're going to grow this year!

I myself use a variety of seeds from a variety of places but if you're just starting maybe think about getting packs that cost a whole lot less than if you bought each pack separate like I normally do.
A few good examples of bulk seeds can be found here, here and here!

Then if you are starting your seedlings indoors you need to decide if you are using seed starter kits or if you're using dirt in containers!

See where I live in Florida we have more sand than dirt so I am doing everything in containers which, to be honest with you works out so much better. This gives each plant a home or spot of their own and I can be creative on where and how they go. So what kind of containers do I use?  Well, ladies and gents you will be surprised as I use a variety depending on what I am growing so let's get started.

For My Tomatoes and Peppers
I go with a medium bucket similar to these!
These are great for tables, slightly dug into the ground or hanging!

For my Potatoes, I am kinda upset I found these after I planted my Potatoes plants for the season but these grow bags are awesome! If you have never grown Potatoes before you will understand when you have to keep adding the dirt to the containers!

I am considering buying one of these pocket growing wall containers for my Lettuce, Peas, and Herbs! I have just the right spot for it as well!

These breathable fabric grow bags are great for your Green Beans, Zucchini, and Squash!

Then for stuff like cucumbers and any other container-ed veg you have the option of one of these tiered garden beds! Best thing is you can add a trellis on the back and your cucumbers have a place to climb!

Most of all have fun with your garden it is an extension of you! Mine this year is going to be an outdoor sanctuary for me with a table chair and decor!  Some ideas I am thinking on is glow in the dark pathway stones! How about some solar butterflies or light-stakes? Or you can use some seriously adorable planters!

Gardening is a great way to relax and enjoy yourself so however, you decide to do your garden let your light shine in it and even if you end up killing the plants like I do now and then you can be sure you will have fun doing it!