Thursday, February 15, 2024

Hard Reset!

Do you feel like you need a hard rest? 

Is it just me?

I will be 100 % transparent right now. I am not feeling it. I am currently sitting at my desk writing while waiting for work calls to come through. In retrospect, I should be happy. I made my bed, and I have dinner planned. The editing I wanted to do today I finished already. But I feel like I am in a funk trying to get through the day.

What is even worse, currently, I have no less than three posts I am working on for the blog. My house is feeling like I had good intentions. Have you ever felt like you need a hard reset? I am physically feeling like I need one. My outlook on life the last few days has sucked, and I will be honest I am feeling in a funk. This past weekend flew by so fast that my spring cleaning seemed like a chore. Like I got my kitchen table set up, and I do not have the want to do anything else. Am I the only one who feels this way? 

So what now? Well, that is easy. I do what I always do. I put on a good pair of comfy socks, and between work calls, I am working on my house and freelancing. Things can seem bad, and I know I need a hard reset. I know the weekend is coming, but I will make the most of it. But I think a vacation may be in my future, even if it means a vacation along the river and relaxing. Remember, a hard reset can be whatever you want it to be. Just remember to do whatever makes you happy.

Monday, January 15, 2024

Lesson In Love

The following paragraph I posted four years ago on Facebook when I worked as a part time Uber driver. As a driver I met some wonderful people. This story hit me as I had just come out of a twenty-one year mentally abusive marriage to a narcissist and had just started a relationship with the love of my life.


A VERY BIG LIFE LESSON- When someone is important to you let them know how you feel. So many people hide behind the feeling of afraid of being hurt rather than by admitting emotions. You know what life is too fucking short people. Take a leap of faith. ---I drove this lovely elderly couple today from the hospital to their home. The gentleman was a sweetheart and said if he had not admitted early on to his wife of 60 years how he felt he could have lost her. Then she replied with 'I didn't want to hear it at first, but the old coot was very handsome and very persistent. I was afraid of having my heart broken as I was hurt once before. But I am so glad I did.' They are 11 years apart in age, which was frowned upon when they started dating. She was also from a very conservative family and he was from a family who owned a bar.--- They held hands in the back seat of my car and every woman and man should hope to have someone look at them the way they looked at each other. After they got out of my car I drove away crying because their story gave me hope.


I hope this sweet couple are still together and showing how much they love each other. They made a impact on me that day, and even though they do not know it. I wish them the best and a long life together.

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Self Care 2024

How is everyone doing today? Are you taking care of yourself? Let me preface by saying I am a walking dumpster fire who struggles with self-care. I am reminding you that we all need to care for ourselves. Taking care of ourselves means your mental and physical health. I would take care of others instead of myself. But I know I cannot help or care for others unless I am helping care for myself first.

#1. Drink water

Sounds silly, I know. But I feel like crap when I do not drink water every day. Keeping yourself hydrated is good for your body. Sugar and bean water do not count.

#2. Getting Exercise

Doing this is another thing to add to your schedule. Working from home, I sit at a desk all day, and it can be hard to get moving. I try to take a walk on breaks or even clean to get moving. But as someone who sits all day, I am learning that additional exercise is essential.

#3. Doing Things You Enjoy

I hear all the time from people, "I just do not have the time to do the things I love." 

Well, I am saying MAKE TIME. I love to craft, and I know it can be hard to make the time, but we all need to do what makes us happy. Taking even five minutes of your day to do something you enjoy can make you feel better mentally. So why not?

#4. Get In The Shower and Stay There

This one may sound odd, but hear me out. I struggle with this sometimes, and usually, I want to fall into bed. I will take quick and hurried showers to clean up and get to bed. I am telling you, take over that bathroom. Soak in the warmth of the water. Spend the extra ten minutes deep conditioning your hair. Give yourself a facial. Whatever it is for you to relax and feel pampered.

#5. Get Organized

When I say this, I mean it. I tried to do this before the New Year, but work and life happened. But the more you organize yourself, the happier you will be. I have given myself two weeks to get my crap together because I need it done to get me through the year. All the little things I have been wanting to do will get done. My goal is by the end of the month be 100% done.

#6. Get Help If You Need It

There is nothing wrong with going to the professionals if you need to.

Remember, self-care is something that makes you happy. There is so much chaos in the world we all deserve it. Be happy, my fellow humans, and know you are loved.


Monday, January 8, 2024

Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Writing Is Not Just A Hobby

When I was young, I used to write to escape my problems. Now, I write to escape reality for a while but also relax. There will always be multiple stories going on. I added one last story today to the works-in-progress list. That will be all until I finish a few of them. Why? As much as I like to come up with new ideas and stories. I also would like to bring some to a close. If you have looked at some of my social media, I have stories that are videos and some that are audio. All my life, my dream has always been to be a professional writer. Will that happen? I do not know, but it will never stop me from trying. It would make me happy if one person read my story and enjoyed it.

So, if you wish, please enjoy the stories page here.

Monday, January 1, 2024

Seriously 2024

Well, 2024 started with a bang for me. How about you all? I am not getting into what is happening with me, but things will be okay. I hope. But SERIOUSLY 2024, a 7.6 magnitude earthquake in Japan and tsunami warning at the start of the New Year? 2024 get your shit together because I started my 2024 map of things happening, and I did not think Japan would not be the first thing I would be adding to it for the year.

Tuesday, December 19, 2023

A Plan For 2024


The New Year is two weeks away, and I started thinking of my goals for next year. I am not a big fan of New Year's resolutions, and I think making a goal list is much better!

What is going to happen in 2024-

1. Get a car

2. Get back to the outdoors and fishing

3. Publish ten books and continue with Kindle Vella publishing

4. Pay down and off my debt

5. Continue to self-heal and learn to love myself again

6. Start the process of buying a house

7. Get back into shape

8. Continue to grow my blog and side hustles 

9. Maintain a comfortable work-life balance

10. Focus more on my spiritual journey

So what about you all? Do you have goals you would like to accomplish in 2024? Let me know!

Thursday, November 16, 2023

Trailor Preview For The Farm

 Coming In 2024

Editing and Rewrites Happening Now!

A Holiday Update

With the holidays fast approaching, I just wanted to let everyone know updates may be slow for new content as we have a lot of things happening in our home. So keep an eye out, and there will be periodic updates. No matter what holiday you celebrate, I hope you have a great one!

Much Love and Blessings,


Hard Reset!

Do you feel like you need a hard rest?  Is it just me? I will be 100 % transparent right now. I am not feeling it. I am currently sitting at...