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A Little Story Time

My Published Works!!! Thank You So Much For Your Support!

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A update thanks to Barnes and Noble dragging their feet I lost all 73 partially done stories that were on their writers website. I sent my original email the day the system was changed and just now received a reply with a answer of there is nothing we could do sorry for the inconvenience. So Thanks Barnes and Noble for wasting 3 years of my life. I will send people to you only for the free stuff as you do not deserve a cent of my money anymore. I have since removed my books from B&N and will self publish through amazon only!

Ghost Stories For the Chicken At Heart Volume 2  HERE For Kindle Version! Or if you are like me and love the paper version you can get it HERE

Ghost Stories For The Chicken At Heart Volume 1  HERE for Kindle Version!  If you're like me I love the paper version  you can get it HERE



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