Tuesday, October 17, 2023


 I found an article this past week with adult Christmas lists. The article I read said to name your top ten items you would like for Christmas, no matter how outrageous. However, you need to state why you want these items. So here it goes, my top 10 things I would like for Christmas.

1. A home in the country near a pond, lake, or river.

Why? Because, the way the world is going, it will be fend for yourself soon.

2. A Car

Why? So I can get to town and go on many adventures!

3. A greenhouse

Because I love to grow food and herbs, and with the state of the economy, you never know how bad things can get.

4. An Electric Pressure Canner

I love canning foods but sometimes feel like I would explode a canner on the stove.

5. A Freeze Dry Machine/ Second Dehydrator

I see all the results online with a Freeze Dry Machine and would love to get one. Freeze Dryers are expensive, so if I could not get a Freeze Dryer, I would love to get a second dehydrator.

6. A New Comforter For My Bed

I think it's about time to change it up

7. A Outdoor Oven

I love cooking and want an outdoor oven to do it outside.

8. A Small Boat

So we can go fishing on the river instead of in the river.

9. A Small Rechargeable Generator 

Because I live in Florida, and power goes out in storms.

10. A Unlimited Supply of Yarn/Crafting Supplies

Because I love to craft and make things.

What about you? What would you like on your Christmas list?

Thursday, October 12, 2023

A Gift From The Dead

Christmas day of 2022, we lost our beloved black lab, Rodeo, after she lost her fight with cancer. Rodeo was an old girl who was stubborn in her ways. Rodeo loved her food, and she had her place in every room of the house and would not let anyone else in her spot. It broke my heart when Rodeo passed. From the day she came to live with us, Rodeo was my work buddy and would sit next to me every day during my work shifts and follow me through the house wherever I went, including the bathroom. I used to joke with my co-workers she knew just as much about our calls as we did.

Well, a little over three months after she passed away, we received our gift from Rodeo. After I had got off of work, I started to do some chores and went to take out the garbage. When I opened the door, I heard a meow, and one of our local strays we feed named Oreo was sitting at the bottom of the stairs next to a fluffy orange ball. It's not uncommon for Oreo to bring us gifts such as a mouse or a squirrel, but when I put the garbage down, I found the orange ball was a tiny kitten. She was no more than 4-6 weeks old. This little kitten had dried-up insulation and wood chips all over her. I picked her up, and she cuddled into me as she tried to meow.

I looked around, thinking she must have gotten lost from her mama, but Mom was nowhere to be seen. I tucked her into my sweatshirt, took the garbage to the dumpster, and then realized she was asleep in my arms. I returned home, sat on the patio, and tried to remove the insulation and wood chips from her fur. I asked her, "What to do with you?"

At that moment, from inside the house, almost to answer my question, I heard a bark Rodeo's bark. I needed a cage and kitten food, so I went to a neighbor's house to borrow the items as she always had them on hand. I found my partner and said, "I think we have a new kitten."

I was already in love with this little orange ball of fluff who curled up in my arms and fell asleep. When he took her from my arms, he fell in love with her and made sure we had everything we needed for her. We brought her into the house, and the dogs and cats looked at us as if they knew we were adding another furry member to our family. We named her JJ after my partner's mom, and for the next month and a half, she was with me for everything. She slept next to us in a cage, and we had to arrange playtime so we could put up the dogs. She flourished and grew. We think her mom may have abandoned her size and being so tiny. But as JJ grew, I noticed something. While playing, she would stop, look up, and rub her head against something I couldn't see. I felt like Rodeo was there telling JJ, this is your chance and checking on her.

JJ has so many of Rodeo's mannerisms and quirks. She follows me around everywhere and has to be next to me. She loves her food and will meow at me when I am slow at getting her food, just like Rodeo used to bark. JJ will sit in my lap while I work or sit on a corner of my desk while I take calls. When she doesn't think I am around, I see her interacting with something I can't see, rubbing her face and standing on her legs to reach up to what would be Rodeo's height. 

Rodeo has physically been gone from us for over nine months now, and I still miss her so much. Rodeo came into my world for a small amount of time, but she stole my heart. I have seen her out of the corner of my eye while I work or cook. I believe Rodeo had a hand in bringing JJ into our lives to help us with the loss of her. So Rodeo, thank you for sending me my orange ball of chaos, and know that she will never replace you.

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Getting A Pressure Canner

I have mentioned it before in my blog, but I prep for emergencies and to save on the cost of food. I am not shy about stating this, as many know. I water bath can, and I dehydrate food right now. I want a pressure canner, but I will be 100% honest with you. I have seen so many pressure canning explosion videos it makes me scared to get one. Do not get me wrong, I have had a pressure canner before, so I know how to use them. I know the dos and don'ts, but I am still scared by the thought of one exploding. Any feedback, anyone?

Friday, October 6, 2023

Dreams To Reality

In honor of the spooky season, I am adding some Paranormal articles leading up to All Hallows Eve!

I read once that the people we have seen in our dreams, we must have seen in our daily lives as well. Well, diving down that rabbit hole, where do the monsters we see in our dreams come from? I read an article once that the monsters we see in our dreams, we would have had to see or at least read about and see a picture of it to appear in our dreams. I tend to remember my dreams for a short period after I wake up. Some of these dreams have led to the start of a new book, short story, or audiobook. I am no expert. But I have asked, how could I dream of places I have never seen or read about? 

For example, a few nights ago, I dreamt about a home on a lake and river that I had never seen or been to before. The property sat where the river and lake met, surrounded by a vast forest. I slowly walked through the historic manor house, taking in its decor when I passed a mirror. My reflection showed I was wearing vintage clothing from the 1840s. The home's only light was by candles and the fire in the hearth.

Now, the dream would not have bothered me, but what did was the faces of the staff on the property. I may be horrible with names, but I do remember faces. These faces were of people I had never met. Almost as if I was seeing the past through one of my reincarnations.

During the dream, some staff members watched the woods, and I heard claims of monsters just out of sight. I wish I could give more information about this dream, but my alarm woke me up for the day. So, what are your thoughts about what we dream? What are your thoughts on what we see in them? What about the faces and creatures we see in them? Do our dreams come from reality, and could our past lives show us a glimpse into how we dream? I will leave that up to you to decide.

Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Big Brother Is Watching?

So today, we had a nationwide emergency alert test, and the conspiracy theorists did not disappoint. My other half and I went to bed watching a documentary about Big Brother watching us last night. So, if Big Brother is watching me, I have to ask, are you seeing my weird search history, which includes how to murder someone, research on aliens and paranormal creatures, animal memes, and a whole host of other crazy stuff for my books I write, Are you scared yet? I ask, big brother, Why watch us average people with weird searches because we are likely bored when you have criminals running our government? Inquiring minds would like to know. Hmm, maybe a new book topic. 

Anyway, you amazing people who have weird search histories, I salute you!


Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Paranormal Real or Fake?

I receive a lot of ridicule due to my belief in the Paranormal. Honestly, I am okay with that. I have lived in haunted homes and towns all my life. I published a book with some of the stories from my personal experiences. After publishing my book, someone told me it was a cute book with stories, but the person stated they were stories, not experiences. Does one not have to tell the story of the experience? But the one question I ask in return regarding the Paranormal or unexplained experiences is, "Have you ever had an experience that you could not explain?"

I do not state everything is paranormal. However, once I tried to debunk things and figure out what was happening, I came up with a logical conclusion. Yes, that conclusion can be that what had happened could be paranormal. I have seen things that I cannot explain and have had experiences that have no logical explanation. People have said that I should block out what I see or experience. In a perfect world, that may work, but with me, when whatever is trying to make their presence known gets ignored, they may get upset and try to get my attention in a more in-your-face way. 

Sometimes, I question if people's reactions are because they are from the United States. Now, hear me out before you jump down my throat. If I have ever discussed the paranormal and ghosts with people from foreign countries, most of those people have high regard for the dead and are open to the thoughts of ghosts, aliens, and otherworldly entities. However, unless you live in more paranormal-prone areas, in the United States, people do not want to talk about the paranormal or believe in it.

Looking into the little research on the beliefs into the paranormal, I have discovered about half the world's population believes in some form of the Paranormal. Some people classify it as miracles, aliens, ghosts, or unexplained circumstances. Well, this girl believes in it all! So my question to you is, "What do you believe in?"

Leave a comment below and let me know how you feel about the Paranormal. Happy Spooky Season Everyone!


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