Wednesday, October 30, 2019

IN HONOR OF HALLOWEEN! Top 10 Ways You Know Your Home Is Haunted!

6' White Ghost Halloween Decoration House Party Scary Creepy White Surprise New #Holiday

I am fortunate, I live in a notoriously haunted Florida town. Which hosts one of the best haunted museums ever! In honor of All Hallows Eve, I bring you this top 10 list of ways you can tell you live in a haunted house.

#10. You hear the floor creaking like someone is walking when you are the only one home.

#9. You walk into the kitchen and all your cabinets are open when you know you left them shut.

#8. Your dog barks or cat hisses at nothing you can see.

#7. You try using a selfie filter for faces and a face appears on your screen.
(Yes, this has happened in my home and previous home multiple times.)

#6. You hear conversations in the next room and when you go to see who is in your house there is no one there.

#5 Objects are not where you left them.

#4. You see shadows and people out of the corner of your eye.

#3. Objects are thrown at you when you are alone..

#2. You live in one of the most haunted towns in your state so you best just deal with it because the odds are against you!

#1. You start seeing spirits right in front of you.

Just a little spooktacular bit of fun for you all! Happy ALL HALLOWS EVE!
Blessings and have a great time Trick or Treating!


Friday, October 25, 2019

I'm Back!

Happy Friday everyone! I know a lot of people work on the weekend and this girl is included. But I had to pop on and let everyone know that I am alive and well. But most of all the blog will now proceed as I have wanted it to. That is because I am finally moved in and for the most part finished unpacking!

The house for the most part is unpacked and I am settling into a much needed work/freelance/writing/life routine. I am not going to lie these last few weeks have been quite difficult between the move, settling in and the pending divorce. However, I am learning to deal with and overcome what has been thrown at me. I will be adding a lot of new content to all sections of the blog in the coming weeks and am excited with what the future holds. I appreciate the kind emails and messages from all the amazing people who read the blog and visit the social media pages.

Blessings and Love,


Motivational and inspirational quotes to live by. Realize your dreams and design a life you truly love!

Sunday, September 29, 2019

I Am Moved!

I am sorry everyone. This move has put me in a rough spot emotionally and I am taking a few days to recover.

-Blessings and Love

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

We Are Moving!

Yes we are ...but not far!     Move will be in June...details coming soon!

That's right everyone! We are MOVING!!!

What does that mean for the blog? Well, a super delayed time frame with posts and some things going away.  As I have mentioned before, I am going through a divorce. My son and I are moving about thirty min from where we live now. I am super excited and also super nervous as this is my first move in 19 years. So please have patience as we move to our new location! This is a big step for me and my kids.

Blessings and Love,

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Why I Am Okay With Being Single!

So time to speak my mind! Be ready to be offended! However, I think people take the challenge as matchmaker a little too seriously. Now do not get me wrong, I might have chosen wrong for myself, however, my setup rate for others was pretty damn good. I just did one thing that most people who want to play matchmaker never stop to consider. Is the person I am trying to set up ready for a relationship? Or more importantly, do they want to enter the dating pool again? Dating is scary.

Why might I be taking a stand on this subject? Funny you should ask. I was informed a few times in the last few weeks that I should start dating. When I asked why, the answer made me laugh. Well, don't you think it's time you got back out there? Don't you want to be with someone. I saw red. I know I am not ready to date again. Is it because I am still in love with my soon to be ex-husband? Um, no. I would ask anyone who reads this that if I took that trip to stupid town to drag me back to sanity and slap the snot out of me.

Now I know that makes me sound mean. But see it from my point of view, I was foolish enough to allow a man who carried on an affair for two years back after begging me to to reconcile. The reconcile was short lived as he never stopped dating and wants a divorce so he can go public with a girl who is the same age as his oldest child. Disgusting. I am not going to be in a relationship to make others happy.

But after twenty, THAT'S right 20 years in a relationship I need to rediscover me. I need to put my puzzle back together and rediscover who I am. When people are pushed back into relationships too soon they forget who they are and what makes them tick. I am slowly discovering who I am again and what I like. For example, I love the fact that I am writing more and I am reading a bunch of new books. If time allows I am back to baking again. Crafting makes me happy! I love movies.  My interest in the paranormal still is as strong as ever. I want to go cliff diving and hiking again. I love watching my son play on his video games and watching movies with my daughter.  I don't need stuff.  But there are things about relationships I discovered such as I want romance, but before that I want to be friends with the guy I am dating or wanting to date. I want a guy who will be okay if I want to do something by myself and I will be okay if my future guy wants to go camping or go away with his friends for the weekend, Because I want trust and honesty. I would have never discovered any of these things if I was in a relationship.

Now don't get me wrong. I know plenty of people who have started a relationship right after getting out of one and it's worked out great for them. But it should be everyone's personal choice and people should not push others because they feel it's that person's time to start dating. For me, it's almost like hearing "You are not allowed to be happy unless you're in a relationship" and that's not right.

So instead of pushing your friend into something have a girls night or guys night out! Go on a friend date where you can talk and have fun and know that being there for them is more important than pushing them into a relationship they might regret!

Female empowerment post and discussing something that is really an issue in my life currently. Im not 100% ok with being alone. At times it really doe

The Importance Of Mom Care!

That's right ladies and gentleman this is your reminder on the importance of self care. You know, in case the people in the back can't hear me. That being said I do need to state that I am not a professional. I just have many years experience in the art of not doing self care and the journey I had to take to realize the importance. So shall we begin? Okay, good grab a cup of tea and let's get started!


Yes, as a mom you are going to feel guilt anytime you try to do anything for yourself. Guess what that is normal, but believe me it will be worth it. If you have a partner in your life they can help a bit so you can better yourself. If you're a single mom like I am then there are ways around this. When my kids were little any time I had to do self care was once the kids were asleep. My ex never helped with the kids so I made time after I knew they would be sleeping. Guess what everyone this is important for you to hear, The dishes and laundry can wait. That's right, you are more important. I had it berated into me for such a long time by Ex Mother-In-Law that I suffered through a bunch of young mom guilt. But then I was schooled by some amazing people that I needed to take care of myself for my kids. Once I started to realize my own self worth the guilt started to slowly go away.

The Different Types Of Self Care!

There are many ways for a mom to take care of themselves. Some people will laugh at some of them, but believe me I would not mention it unless it's important and have seen it help people. So shall we begin?

Getting Rid of the CLUTTER!!

Did you know that a mess and unorganized home can trigger anxiety and depression? It's true. This example I can attest to because that is how people who really love and pay attention to me know when I am struggling. Ladies, if you have a friend you feel is struggling help that girl out! I have visited friends and just did a sink of dishes or helped fold a basket of laundry.  If you have a friend who just had a baby or has a bunch of little ones. Don't go over uninvited but text and say hey, let me come clean up for you! You will probably get that mom weeping tears of joy! Mom's who help each other are our best asset. 

Get to Know Your Fellow Moms!

Getting to know your fellow moms and making friends is an important part of self care. You need people in your life who know what you're going through and are willing to listen.

I was recently told of a group of ladies who do female bonding by choosing one day a week and going to each others home while the kids are in school or camp and helping each other clean up. Can you imagine the love and compassion in this group. I asked how this worked and it was explained 1 mom had a van that can hold all 10 of these amazing ladies. They meet up and get a coffee before they start their day. They go house to house and clean up by dusting sweeping or  mopping. Most houses take as little as 15-30 minutes between them. An since they all live locally to each other they can get a good clean working together. 

I was also told this mom's group also does a huge meal prep session at a rented kitchen once every few months. They go shopping first thing on a Friday and cook together all weekend and come up with about 30 freezer meals each from soups to full meal prep bagged together for quick dinners. As the meals are finished, they are put in boxes with everyone's family name on it. I asked what about people who are picky eaters? I was told no one is picky during this as they decide via email what meals to prep during this time, so they can gather a shopping list and every family contributes. I was shocked by how well they work together. She said for them spending that time together helps them as moms vent and learn new things. Since their group is small they get to have a great time. Plus free up some time so they can be with their families more!. 

Having You Time!

Having time alone is an important thing. Here are some examples of how mom's I have spoken to take their alone time to the next level! Sorry I do not mention names as I like to give privacy to the ladies I talk to! Below is a list of what moms do to get their fun time. Some are quoted some are examples.

"I take a book, a cup of coffee and drives to the local boat dock. There is a breeze most of the time and I just reclines my seat and reads for an hour.  It's the perfect me time. **

"I go to the gym and work out for a while!"

"I go thrift store shopping and look for great deals! Some people laugh at me, but I up-cycle things for shows and resale and I enjoy finding new treasures to do this. Plus, once in a while I find items on the cheap that I resale for a great profit!"

"I take long walks while listening to music!"

"As much as I love my family I got the movie pass and go and see a movie once a week by myself. I do not care if its an old or new movie I just chill out and watch the screen. I have even fallen asleep during the movie and took a nap!"

"Go out to eat by myself! I try the restaurants that no one wants to go to!"

Taking Care Of Yourself!

Ladies you need to take care of yourself! Get in that shower, Pluck those eyebrows, Dye that hair if you feel so inclined. If you don't feel good about yourself, how are you to stay positive and be a better mom. So what does that mean if you have a handful of rug rats running around? Well, it might mean that you are going to have to take care of yourself once they are in bed. Or trade babysitting with another mom who is in the same situation! Don't be afraid to say listen I need a few hours to take care of myself. Most moms are in the same situation.  Or if you want, hire a local sitter and go get it done professionally.  The most important thing is you need to take care of you. 

Mama's do not include this in your you time. If you have a spouse or a partner at home, I am guessing they get to shower peacefully so you should be able to too!

Working Out!

First and foremost, this is not me saying moms are overweight or unhealthy. Mom's need to physically take care of themselves to be these best you you can be!  Working out has proven benefits to ward off anxiety and depression. I am not saying get a gym membership! Personally, I take 5 mile walks as often as I can. Because of my walking I have lost 60 pounds  and it has helped my overall outlook in life. It also gives me time to just chill out and not think. 

Lovey Lovey Time!

Let me state first and foremost, I am no sexual health expert. However, ladies, you need to take care of yourself in this area as well. If you embarrass easily go ahead and skip to the next section I am the odd ball who is a bit old fashion and believes that sex should be in a committed relationship.  That being said, men are not the only people who have a sex drive. Ladies you need to take care of yourself in this area! You need to learn your body, What you like and dislike because you need to know what pleases you or how will you be able to share this with your partner!

Well, that's about it for now all! I am sure I missed a whole bunch of subjects and side topics I could have touched upon! If you feel I did please feel free to comment below. Mom's you are not just a by product of having a child. You are strength, love, beauty and a goddess!

Blessings and Love,


Sunday, August 4, 2019

Getting to Know Your Blogger!

So I was talking to someone earlier this week and we discovered that although I knew a lot about that person. That person felt awful they did not know as much about me! So we decided to share one of those questionnaires that are made to ask you random stuff so people can get to know you. So today is the day you get to know me!  Please remember my filter is off with these answers.

  1. What was your favorite food when you were a child?  My favorite food was and still is cheeseburgers. But let me clarify this I am speaking a good ole diner cheeseburger. Best cheeseburger I ever had was at a mom and pop store/gas station near the Ozarks. I can not remember the name of the place, but OMG it was so yummy.
  2. What’s the #1 most played song on your music list?  Bring Me to Life- Evanescence, The song speaks to me
  3. What is one of your favorite quotes? "Don't consider my kindness as a weakness, the beast inside me is sleeping not dead" or "Throw me to the wolves and I will come back to lead the pack"
  4. What’s your favorite indoor/outdoor activity?  Reading!  I always have something to read.
  5. What chore do you absolutely hate doing? Dusting. I have to use my vacuum because dusting sets me on a sneezing fit!
  6. What is your favorite form of exercise?  I love walking! Great way to lose weight, relax and its amazing how much you can multitask.
  7. What is your favorite time of day/day of the week/month of the year? My favorite day of the week is Sunday as it is right before the start of a new week! New opportunities. My favorite month is October because its starts the whole string of holidays that I adore!
  8. What’s your least favorite mode of transportation? I honestly do not have a a least favorite mode of transportation. I guess i can find things to do during any mode of transport.
  9. What is your favorite body part? My favorite body part on anyone is the eyes. People can not hide the emotion in their eyes.
  10. What sound do you love?  My favorite sound is rain falling.
  11. If you could throw any kind of party, what would it be like and what would it be for? I love having potlucks or dinner parties! People getting together sharing food and just having time together!
  12. If you could paint a picture of any scenery you’ve seen before, what would you paint? The Ozark Mountains in the distance as the sun was setting. Absolutely breath taking.
  13. If you could choose to stay a certain age forever, what age would it be? I would say I wouldn't mind 37 years old. I have learned a lot of life lessons by this age and I want these lessons in my life.
  14. If you knew the world was ending in 2012, what would you do differently?  Nothing the events in my life made me who I am now. I am a much stronger person now.
  15. If you could choose anyone, who would you pick as your mentor? My Grandmother was my mentor and I miss her so much. She taught me so much.
  16. If you could witness any event past, present or future, what would it be? I would want to go back  to Roanoke and see what caused the colony to disappear.
  17. If you could learn to do anything, what would it be? Everything. I never want to stop learning.
  18. If you had to work on only one project for the next year, what would it be? I want to finally finish my novel I have been working on for over a year. Then get started on writing my next book.
  19. If you were immortal for a day, what would you do? Go to Chernobyl and walk through taking amazing pictures.
  20. If you had to change your first name, what would you change it to? I wouldn't, I like my name!
  21. If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would you meet? Tesla, because he was brilliant and arrogant.
  22. If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you would do? Buy a house to remodel. Preferably haunted.
  23. If you were reincarnated as an animal/drink/ice cream flavor, what would it be? I would want to come back as a wolf or a giant sea creature so I can go to the bottom of the ocean.
  24. If you could know the answer to any question, besides “What is the meaning of life?”, what would it be? Which religion is right or are they all right?
  25. If you could be any fictional character, who would you choose? Scarlet Ohara
  26. Which celebrity do you get mistaken for? I don't!
  27. What do you want to be when you grow up? A writer or a professional storyteller.  Not an actor,  but a storyteller, a huge difference.
  28. When you have 30 minutes of free-time, how do you pass the time? I love to read and write or depending on my day power nap!
  29. What would you name the autobiography of your life? Are You Freaking Kidding Me
  30. What songs are included on the soundtrack to your life? Highway to Hell, Hotel California
  31. Have you ever had something happen to you that you thought was bad, but it turned out to be for the best? The marriage falling apart.  But now that it's over I know its for the best as I deserve someone who loves me and wants to be with me. Not tolerates me because it's convenient.
  32. What was one of the best parties you’ve ever been to? I went to an event on a historic estate where I was able to be a wall flower because my anxiety flares in public places
  33. What was the last movie, TV show or book that made you cry or tear up? I try to avoid sad things. I have other reasons to cry,
  34. What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done? Accepting the person I had loved for half my life wants nothing more than to throw me away.
  35. What was the last experience that made you a stronger person? Finding out I had been replaced by a younger and newer model.
  36. What did you do while growing up that got you into trouble? My smart mouth.
  37. When was the last time you had an amazing meal?  A very long time. I am kinda sick of my own cooking.
  38. What’s the best/worst gift you’ve ever given/received? I love homemade gifts. I like thing's that are made with thought and care. The worst gift was a bottle of lotion from my ex that was his girlfriends favorite scent not mine. I tossed it out in the garbage right away. Which sucked because it was Bath and Body Works.
  39. What do you miss most about being a kid? Being able to talk to my Grandma whenever I could.
  40. What is your first memory of being really excited? My first memory of being really excited was escaping my parents and going to spend a few weeks with my Grandparents
  41. What was the first thing you bought with your own money? A notebook to write my stories in.
  42. When was the last time you were nervous? Every day! Anxiety stresses me so bad my nerves are always on edge.
  43. What is something you learned in the last week? I learned people like to judge and misinterpret what you say and calls you out instead of asking what you meant.
  44. What story does your family always say about you? That I made too many mistakes.
  45. At what age did you become an adult? When I was 12 and I had my first babysitting job. Then my parents taking all of it because my siblings wanted stuff and they didn't have any extra money.
  46. Is a picture worth a thousand words? Elaborate. A picture can make you wonder and everyone can look at a picture and come up with different stories. So yes a picture can be worth a thousand words.
  47. Where’s Waldo? Hiding away from the crazy!
  48. The best part of waking up is? Knowing I have another day for an adventure.
  49. How now brown cow? NO
  50. Wassup? Hey all, if you liked this go ahead copy and paste and share in the comments section below!
So that's a little bit more about me and what makes me ME! So, wanna share, What makes you tick?

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Losing a Loved One!

25 Best Grief Quotes To Share With Someone Dealing With The Loss Of A Loved One | YourTango

So I debated on writing this for a while, but I think there has to be something for grief. Our grief shows us that we are still alive.  However, one thing that we are never told is grief no longer how long the person we lost is gone, does not fade away. I wish people would be honest and just admit that losing someone you love and care about is hard. It's a gut wrenching feeling that hurts you both emotionally, physically and spiritually for a long time.

I mention this because eight years ago today I lost my Grams.  This woman kept me safe from the monster of the world. She was not afraid to tell me that there are secrets in my family and that I do matter.  She taught me more about life than anyone else and the pain I feel is a harsh reminder that I will never see her again.  I finally had to remove her contact from my phone because I would try calling her up till a few months ago.

Through the pain and grief you do eventually wake to a new type of life. I have learned to channel my grief to make it through. The pain does lift until you have days that are harsh reminders. But even on these days, it's okay to cry. It's okay to curse everything around you while you deal with your grief. It's okay to feel what you feel. Surround yourself with the ones you love. Shed the tears that you try to hold in and just be.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

A Crazy Adventure

So I have been back to sporadic postings again and I am truly sorry.  To be honest, my life has been completely upside down. I think it's time to be honest about what's going on because there are going to be  few related posts pertaining to some of my life coming up soon that might not be too bright and cheery!

First and foremost, I love my blog and the people I have come to know along the way. However, life is a funny thing and when you think something good is happening you can actually have your soul crushed. So let's get the truth out there.

I am losing my home. When I had lost my job back in January 2018 my ex was paying the mortgage plus some bills and I was paying for food, some utilities and the children's expenses. I never even saw a mortgage bill. Well, I still paid my bills as I had severance and unemployment. I had since found a job and was waiting for training to start. I had stuck extra money away and had picked up odd jobs so when unemployment ended, I would be able to keep financially until I went through training and started my job. Well mid October I received a letter from the mortgage company, we were almost six months behind on our mortgage. My ex had stopped paying the mortgage and never bothered to tell me. When I confronted him about why he hasn't paid it, he said to teach me a lesson. WHAT!!! I asked what lesson? I never got a real answer. I am currently working with the lawyer's office handling the foreclosure to get an extension and cash for keys so I can get the kids into a place locally that we can afford. Or else I am gonna have to move out of the county and I really do not want to do that, especially since Sarah is in the culinary arts program at her high school. 

I have thankfully found a job which I can work from home! I do customer service and work as an independent contractor. This is great as my anxiety is through the roof and it's hard to even go food shopping.  I have also started doing more online freelancing because I am trying to be the best me possible and support my kids.

Speaking of anxiety! Mine has been horrible to the point were my nights are more tossing and turning than sleeping.  Before I lost my medical insurance, my doctor had suggested possibly being seen by a disability doctor because my anxiety can be debilitating and he was afraid I would have an attack at the wrong place at the wrong time.

But Angie what about the EX? Yeah, no he is definitely an EX which makes me sad because once upon a time he was my best friend and not only did I lose my husband I also lost my best friend. This week would have been our 20 year wedding anniversary. He has decided to have a relationship with a child and when I mean child the girl is the same age as my oldest. He has been busted, he knows it and he still denies the relationship with her. She can have him! I do however feel bad for her because she is with someone that cannot even man up now that he is busted for cheating again and say yeah we are dating. As I am the second spouse, he is divorcing along with other failed relationships he has yet to look in the mirror and think wow maybe its me not them. But that's on him not me.

As the craziness continue in the next few months I have the insanity of packing up not only my home of twenty years but also packing up my resale and crafting business. As the weather continues to cause rain and high heat that triggers my heat sickness, I am trying to pack my storage and workshop up. It has been a battle, but I will get through this as best as I can. 

My priority is first and foremost, my kids in this whole mess. It's been so hard getting through this and we know there will be a lot of sacrifices but we will be okay. I am trying to keep my promise to continue adding new content, however, life has a funny way of getting in the way of doing what one wants to do.


Sunday, May 12, 2019

Happy Mothers Day!

Motherhood HR Funny Mothers Day Card

Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing Mom's out there!!!

Florida Hidden Gem 'Sunken Gardens'

So I love to travel, my wallet does not.  My wallet laughs and says you can take a walk around the park!  However, just because I cannot travel everywhere I want doesn't mean we can't enjoy the sites and sounds from around the world. 


Sunken Gardens began in 1903 when a gardener purchased land which is located in historic St Petersburg, Florida.  The land included a lake which was below sea level and when it was drained created the Sunken Garden!  However, per the sign at the bottom center of the garden it states that it was a sinkhole not a lake. 

When the Gardens first opened to the public entry was only 25 cents and even today family yearly passes are priced so the entire family can come visit! In 1999 St. Pete purchased the Gardens and it is now registered with the national registry of historic places. The Garden also boasts over fifty thousand different flowers and plants. It also offers, events, weddings and educational classes and programs. 

When I went to the Gardens a few years ago and I had an amazing time walking through and just relaxing in the tranquility of the gardens. There are some lore and legends attached to the Garden. The first being the "Growing Stone". I sat on the stone I did not feel tranquil or relaxed!


Then, while I was in the butterfly garden which was so relax I was speaking with a photographer who was doing close ups of the butterflies I was randomly snapping pictures and I came up with the following picture. There was no one in the area, but the photographer, my kids and me. Where she stands is flowers not a path I actually called and asked the park about this spot and was told that the woman in the picture would have had to break the plants where she is standing. Apparently there is supposed to be a few ghosts in different sections of the gardens.

Sunken Gardens... Person was not there when we took the picture she appears in  few pics

I am hoping that in the future to start doing some traveling again and being able to bring you tons of pictures of my travels! Until then, if you check out my link HERE you can see all my pictures from my Sunken Gardens adventure! 

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Last Minute Mother's Day Ideas

I know I usually post a week or two prior to a holiday, however, things have been a bit crazy lately! So let's get this party started and celebrate all things mom! If you are shopping last minute, here are a list of fun, humorous and sparkly things to get mom through Amazon with prime shipping to guarantee it will be here for Sunday May 12th!  All these gifts are listed for under $10 so these gifts will not break the bank. These are affiliate links and knowing some of my readers some of these products are chosen for the moms wit the warped sense of humor!





Spa Sets



Or if you have that mom who is difficult to shop for or who says they don't need anything try going with gift cards!

Or looking for something bigger let Amazon help you!

But most of all, remember your mom this Mothers Day! Come on she pees a little every time she sneezes because of you!

To all the moms out there blessings and love and Happy Mothers Day!

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Lets Find A Sparkly Bargain!

It has been brought to my attention that I failed some people in the Valentines Day bargain hunt! Why you may ask? I did not post my deals like I had in the past! I am truly sorry for those I disappointed, but life has been crazy. I hope to make up for it now with not just five, but ten items I have found on Amazon for under $5 with free shipping! (Please be aware that the free shipping can change per the seller, but at the time of this article there was no shipping.) No prime membership needed either! Please be aware as always with these posts these are affiliate links!

Okay ladies and gents! There you have it! Ten fun and sparkly items off amazon with free shipping! All of these items came up to $21.00 before tax! I love the thrill of finding stuff on the cheap! I love shopping at thrift stores and finding some amazing deals! Are you looking for anything? Do you want me to find you some awesome deals on the cheap? Let me know in the comments below and I will see what we can find you!

Blessings, Love and Happy Shopping!


Sunday, February 24, 2019

Spring Flower Oddities!

I will admit Fall is my favorite season, However, I love Spring flowers!

If you go to my Pinterest page I have a few boards dedicated to nature and plants!  One thing I do love is how beautiful and different they can be! I have always had a fascination with odd looking flowers so I decided to do something fun and show you some of my favorites.

Laughing orchid
The Laughing Iris

Parrot flower
The Parrot Flower

Ophrys apulica - Photo courtesy of T. H. Pain and the Orchids of France and Europe    ..z
Ophrys apulica

Flowers Like Jeweled Carpet by Morganglines
Jeweled Car
Orchid that looks like praying monks
Praying Monks
Flying Duck Orchid
Flying Duck
Ghost Pipe - Emily Dickinson referred to this odd looking wildflower as “the preferred flower of life.” Perhaps the most curious aspect of Ghost Pipe is its color.  It doesn’t have chlorophyll like most plants, which means that it cannot produce its own food through photosynthesis.  Instead, it receives its nutrients from mycorrhizal fungi, a complex system of underground fungus that feeds the Ghost Pipe with nutrients from tree roots.
Ghost Pipe
Monkey Orchid (Orchis simia)
Monkey Orchid
Dracula saulii is an epiphytic orchid in   the genus Dracula. And these two look like a pair of   monkeys...!
Dracula Sauli
So what do you think? I personally think these flowers are beautiful!  Have you ever seen a plant that looks like something else? Share below if you have.

Blessings and Prayers,


Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Feeling Safe In Your Home!

Funny Cat refrigerator magnet 2 1/2x 3 " #cats #funnypics #funnymemes #funnypictures

But seriously, I need to vent! So in my home there is, my children, my pets and my kids dad live here as well.  Now I have NEVER been the type of lady to swoon and say protect me. I do not think it's in my DNA.  However, as a mom with children there are some things that a mother would expect from the father of her children.  Two nights ago I woke up to a crash coming from the dining room.  I look at my clock and it was just after eleven so here I am thinking my kids dad who sleeps in the living room would be up searching whatever made the noise. Nope, I peek out the door and he is snoring. I grabbed my sewing scissors for protection and leave my room and the first thing I do is check on my younger two and they are fast asleep. I head towards my oldest daughters room and find she was not home yet and then I find the reason for the bang that woke me.  

See I have a rescue Cat named Rambo. Rambo will find his travel carrier no matter where it is and loves to sleep in it so I had it sitting on a storage dresser in the dining room. Because he has been in it lately a lot.  His basket of toys, empty food dish and his travel carrier were in a pile on the ground. Basically, my cat had thrown a temper tantrum because he is on a diet and dumped everything off the top of the dresser.  Yeah, he does that. Am I mad? Of course not!

What upset me was I put the kitchen light on to pick up the mess and that's when the kids' dad wakes up.  Mind you he wakes up complaining because the light is on. I asked did you not hear the loud crash? He responded 'NO!' I got upset and asked what would have happened if someone was breaking into the house? He shrugged, said so what turned over and went back to sleep! I was seeing red at that point. That was not the reaction or the answer I would have expected from him.  My first thought was who are you? I would cut someone with my sewing scissors if you messed with my family. I honestly did not feel safe with the attitude and reaction he gave for a while that night.

So you're probably thinking Angie, what's the point of this rant!  Ladies and gents, if you live alone with your kids do not expect your partner to be a super hero and know how to defend yourself. At the end of the day you can only depend on you!

Blessings and Love,

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Becoming Your Own Goddess!

I will admit that I have gone through a lot. In the past twelve months I can say I have definitely had a bunch of life challenges I needed to go through. I was also faced with a bunch of decisions that needed to be made.  To be honest. I feel like I have gone from scared little peasant to finally allowing my inner Goddess to start to shine. Sounds cliche right? Well, let me explain.

As most people know I have gone through some serious marriage problems in the last few years. These problems have led me to recognize some serious hard truths about my life and my marriage's future in it.  After a lot of self reflection, prayers and soul searching, I have discovered I am not in a good place and need to fix my future not only for myself but for my children. I have been beaten down to believe that everything and anything is my fault. Then not only that, but I am not worth anything.  It took a large eye opening journey to realize that I am worth not only worth it, but I have more value than I have been given credit for.

All this self realization brought me to see what I needed to see.  I started on a journey this past August to get back to myself and I have finally started seeing myself as the person I wanted to be.  I have started stepping up on my blog and working hard to actually get back into adding content that is not only relevant, but what also makes me happy to write about.  On top of all of that I have been actively been working on the Blogs Gift and Resale store! My confidence is finally returning! This has also helped me with my main job as well by having more confidence.

This self realization and confidence have taught me a lot about my personal life.  The biggest thing is I do not need to have the approval of my partner to be happy.  WHAT!!! That's right, I said it!  My partner decided he wanted to throw away our marriage because it was too much work.  Then I realized that was his problem, not mine.  All the people I know who have successful marriages say marriage is hard and trying, but you don't walk away or give up. A real Goddess will stick around and fight for what they want until you see the battle is over. 

So how does this all help you bring out your inner Goddess? Easy your inner Goddess comes out with your experiences in life.  Then you need self determination as well. I myself am working with a determination to bring my blog and store back like I had three years ago. Making sure my inventory is quality and my gift store has more items has been a great experience! I am also working hard with my freelancing so I can support my babies. But not only all of that I have started getting my confidence back and am working my main job with gusto.

However, the biggest thing about letting out your inner Goddess is being yourself and do not tolerate anything. For example, when the kid's father is home, I am normally shut away in my room/office.  This normally causes me to do nothing in the house and being absolutely miserable. Not today! Today I made a point to actually be out in other rooms in my house and actually had a fantastic day! I was productive and active, I felt happy and relaxed with everything I had completed today!

My best advice as someone who is figuring everything out still is you need to start making yourself happy in order to bring out your inner Goddess!

-Blessings and Love

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Heritage Propane, AmeriGas and Rinnai Oh My!

Hey all! For those who know me well know it takes a lot for me to post positive reviews. Well, guess what this is a not so positive review because I am completely irritated. So sit back and be ready to hear about my experience with the three listed above.

So back in 2012 my gas bill with Heritage Propane was horribly high and we had discovered that the hot water tank we had in our home was part of the problem. The tank ran however, it was running on borrowed time. At the time my home had increased in size with my sister and father living with us and having five kids living at home as well I needed to come up with a solution and soon. I started looking at different hot water tanks. I was looking at tankless or tank, size of tanks, warranties, all the bells and whistles. When I go to buy an appliance I will do my research.  Finally, with all the pro's and con's weighed out I decided to go with the Rinnai Tankless Water Heater Model RV53i. The reason I decided to go with this particular model was because of the warranty that I was told it would have between Rinnai and Heritage Propane and the discounts that was supposed to be  with the unit as well from a government rebate program at the time.  I was told that it had a twelve year parts and labor warranty plus a large amounts of rebates. During the installation I was reading through the manual and questioned the "warranty" because it said something different in the Rinnai manual. I was told it was through Heritage Propane and that it would be covered through Heritage Propane.  I asked about special maintenance! Again, I was told no and was reassured if there were to be any problems I just had to call the office and they would get someone to come out and take care of the problem. 

A week later I had realized that I never received the itemized bill for the purchase and what rebates that were applied as there was supposed to a few rebates we were eligible to receive with the installation of the Tankless hot water heater. I kept getting the line, we will have to get back to you on it.  A few weeks later AmeriGas took over Heritage Propane.  Now the thing is nothing changed in the office that was Heritage Propane except the store location was the name of the company. A week after it changed over to Amerigas I went in to pay my gas bill and again questioned about the itemized bill.  Same people, same office and was told sorry we do not have access to that anymore.  I asked for the corporate phone number as I was mad about the run around.  Was told they would get me the information.  Joking I remember saying what no statement I guess I don't have to pay the bill. I was told flat out rather rudely they would charge me a late charge and shut off my service. That was another thing the hot water tank was supposed to be a completely separate account in my name and they combined it in with my ex's account. One month last year we stopped getting the monthly charge for it and when I called into question a final bill and statement they said sorry you're not on the account so we are not speaking with you.  I paid for the tank but since they didn't add my name on it, they would not speak with me about the hot water tank.

Fast forward to February 8, 2019, I woke up to start my organization experiment that morning and go to start a load of laundry and there is water leaking out of the hot water tank and I had a layer of water all over my laundry room..  I call the Amerigas 1-800 phone number for the emergency service and get a woman on the line and explain what was going on.  I told her I just needed to find out how to shut the water going into the tank off because the Rinnai instructions do not give any indication on  how to do that. The lady was rude, disrespectful and apparently does not listen to a word someone says because when a local tech called me to talk me through how to shut the water off I apparently had a flood through my basement. I do not have a basement. The repair technician was great and he told me how to shut off the water and laughed because of my mysterious basement flood. He also was nice and said he would have the company contact me with the information I would need when he gets to the office.

Then I waited as it was only 6:30 in the morning and nothing opens until 8am.  A little after 9am I get a call from the AmeriGas office and they confirm when the item was installed. They said I will have to call a plumber to fix it. I said this is under warranty through the gas company do they reimburse whatever the charges are or does the water company bill Amerigas? She told us to call Charlie's Plumbing here in Spring Hill. I call Charlie's Plumbing and the first person I spoke with stated did you call Rinnai? I asked why would I do that as it's all supposed to be covered through Amerigas. He suggested I call Rinnai because if the part he thought it was, it would need authorization and then call them back and they will do a free consultation to see what is wrong with the unit. Here starts the downfall.

I called Rinnai and spoke to a very nice young lady and she said that the part would be covered if and only if the maintenance was done regularly.  I asked her what maintenance? She stated that you had to do a vinegar rinse every six months. WHAT!!! I explained I called Rinnai when we first got the unit to make sure it was registered and was told when I originally called that I had to do nothing special to the unit by both Rinnai and Heritage Propane. She explained the part that was more than likely the problem is very expensive and that it would be cheaper to replace the unit. She even went as far as to tell me a replacement unit's model number to consider because the repair is very time consuming.  She did state though that she added notes to the account and to call back if there is any problems. She also stated that Amerigas is an authorized repair service provider for the unit itself.

So I call back Amerigas. I explain everything that I had in my notes from the original purchase and what I was told by Rinnai. I have the workers' names from the office and the installation who all confirmed that it was a twelve year parts and labor guarantee. I explained that Rinnai even stated that AmeriGas could do all the repairs.  I was told flat out NO.  I stated so, then Amerigas is not going to honor, the Heritage Propane warranty? I was given a big NO. I asked if there was someone above the office staff I could speak with and was told no and very bluntly -NOTHING WILL BE DONE.

I did have the free consultation from Charlie's Plumbing and they are great people. The tech that came to my house talked to me about the issue and could not even see a leak and he had stuff running for about a 30 minutes and nothing.  I asked him about flushing the system like Rinnai had said and was told the gas would have to be shut off to the unit in order to flush it and then relit later that day. The tech was honest with me telling me unless you have done plumbing you should NOT do it on your own you could actually mess up the unit. I later confirmed this with two other plumbing companies in the Tampa Bay Area that deal with Rinnai products.  The tech who came out suggested that if I am worried about the leak I could make sure the water was shut off during times of non use.  I am doing exactly that! Because the cost of the repair is $1100 with the part and the cost of a new tank or tankless hot water heater is around $1200.

During this whole mess I keep questioning is there a solution? Well, it would have been for AmeriGas to honor the warranty that Heritage stated multiple times I had. Or for Heritage to not promise something that they had no intention of delivering on. I would not have chosen to go with Heritage Propane if it had not been for the 12 year parts and labor warranty I was promised. So be careful and buyer beware!

Springfield Real Estate Agents Advice on Buyer Beware Signs!

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Becoming Organized! A One Week Challenge!

The Problem!

So normally I am a pretty organized person. I can usually get everything I need to get finished, completed and have time to spare. However, recently I have been struggling badly!  I have had some people who are close to me saying you're taking on too much and you're putting too much  pressure on yourself.  The thing is I have to do everything I have taken on because if I don't who will handle it? I am a Mom, Teacher, Home Guru, Business Owner, Freelancer, Professional Crafter and Independent Contractor!  The last four are how I make money to help support my children and myself.  If I don't handle business I do not have anyone else who can do it!

I watched a video blog post on Facebook last night about a woman who tried the Navy Seal 4:30am wake up challenge for five days. Let's be honest though for everyone who really knows me, you know if I get stuck on a project late at night I will be going to bed at one or two in the morning.  So that is a huge not happening in my book.  So I am going to be a little more reasonable. I am going to shoot for a 5:30am-6am wake up call. 

What I Want To Accomplish!

Then I made a list of things I wanted to accomplish more along with my day job of being an independent contractor.  Now this list is in no particular order!

1. Focus on my daily crafting projects for my gift store.

2. Being able to freelance more to earn more money.

3. Not feeling like I am rushing when I am cleaning the house and doing chores.

4. Maintaining the blog and doing multiple articles and updates every week.

5. Working on the next book I have set for publication as well as getting some book plot lines published in the book section of the blog.

6. Getting my exercise on! Yes, I walk and do cardio as well as yoga and have been losing weight, however, I am stuck on a wall at 220 pounds. The problem is at 8pm when I was used to doing it, I am normally exhausted and all I want to do is sit and relax.
7. Not rushing to make meals during the day or deserts. I really miss having the time to cook and enjoy the food.

8. Being able to have more one on one time for Robbie's Homeschooling.

9. Having time to take care of myself. Seriously,  I want some me time to meditate or even just shave my legs.

10. Making time for things I enjoy.

So how am I going to accomplish all of these goals this week? That is easy I plan on organizing myself a bit more and getting a game plan underway.

Sunday Night 2-3-2019

Well, I did my walk this afternoon so I could be rested tonight and ready for my start in the morning. This early to bed idea hinged on getting Robbie to bed at a decent time.  However, his dad told him "Yeah, go play your video game you can stay up." Then he went out and left getting Robbie to bed my deal. I explained to Robbie that I want to go to bed so he has to go to bed and he is a smart kid so we are almost to bed.

The next thing I did was I decided was dinner for Monday!  I decided Vegetarian Taco Soup!  Super simple and I had everything in the cabinet since its an open and dump crock pot recipe.  Since I wasn't sure on how the kids would like the soup I am only making a small batch of it, so I cut the recipe down by half just so we can try it. I hate waste and throwing out food and my kids can either say yes, we like it or no we hate it so we will see. I know breakfast and lunch is handled with the food in the fridge so I feel good knowing that I organized myself in this small part of my life. 

After I decided dinner and got that organized I sat down and made sure that Robbie's assignment list is ready to go in the morning so we can do all his assignments for the week.  I do this so he knows the bare minimum he has to do during the week  and there is less arguing.

Well. I finally am getting Robbie down to sleep at 10pm so I am off to get some sleep myself! See you all between 5:30a and 6am.

May the goddess and gods be merciful!

Monday, 2-4-2019

Had a super hard time getting up today, so I did not roll out of bed until 6am.  I feel okay, however, I went to get toilet paper to put in the bathroom and discovered that the tankless hot water heater had sprung a leak and my entire laundry room floor had water all over it.  Call the emergency line to see what the option could be since the manual didn't even tell you how to shut the water off to it.  When I talked to the national emergency line to find out how to shut the water off.  When he called he had stated that the call center rep told the local technician that my basement was flooded.... I have a basement? I explained I needed to find out how to shut the water off as it was leaking. He laughed about it and said not flooded? I explained I was in there at 11:45pm and had put hand towels in the basket and nothing was wet when I reached into the basket the basket was soaked as well as the floor, so this had to have happened over night! The technician is getting my information in so we can see if its under warranty still (it should be) and is going to call me back asap! Thankfully its not a huge drip and I have a bucket under it now.

 A perk of being up this early I am almost done with the cleanup from this water leaking.  The bad thing is that unless I was to call an emergency plumber nothing is open yet!

So how was your morning so far?

2:06 Pm- Today had been a very trying day and I almost scrapped the experiment. Almost! Still getting things done and moving, however, due to events beyond my control I am having a hard time dealing with things right now.

8:43 pm- Well, I made it and I am exhausted!  After the whole waking to a leaking hot water tank and the garbage that came along with that I did accomplish more than what I thought!  I hope that tomorrow is a bit better, but that will have to wait.

Tuesday, 2-5-2019

7:07am and I could not get up this morning. I slept through my alarm at 5:30 and could not drag myself out of bed until about 6:15am.  I did everything to get moving, but I was very tired.  It does not help that my stress level is through the roof and I feel like my body is fighting itself.  I am definitely going to go to bed earlier tonight.

7:50am Walk for the day out of the way!

9:50am Started laundry, Freelanced some, took buddy for a walk, did dishes and showered. To me this is a great accomplishment to get all of this done before I even start my work shift today! Now to start Robbie on his school work!

2:00pm Well, work shift is over and got calls I needed to get done finished! Now I have some time to do some freelancing and get some stuff done!

Without going into details for the rest of the day I had a medical issue that had to be dealt with so I was not as productive as I wanted to be.  After dealing with it, I was pretty much in bed at that point sick as can be. But as the true mom, boss, I am at least I got to get Robbie settled and Buddy walked.

Wednesday, 2-6-2019

Good Morning, Not really, I have been dealing with a medical issue since yesterday afternoon and am still feeling the aftermath of it now.  I was up at 5:15 this morning when my kids, dad's car alarm was set off.  I might have dozed on and off till 6:00am when my second alarm went off.  I did get up and take Buddy for a walk, but when I came home I lay in bed and answered emails because I feel like I have been hit by a bus.  I am hoping as its a long work day I can push through. 

After a wonderful visit to the hospital due to a medical issue I have been discharged.  I can not believe this experiment of mine has had so many issues. 

Thursday, 2-7-2019

Well, due to so many issues I have had some serious thought and am going to have to adjust my times and try to finish this experiment the best I can.  However, due to the fact I need rest I might just have to see what I am going to be able to do as I am actually pretty sick. I am hoping in the next day or so I might be able to get it back on track and give you a better understanding of what I have found.

Friday, 2-8-2019

Due to a mini health crisis the experiment had to be cancelled. My health was  unfortunately not cooperating and I ended up having to sleep between work shifts to get through what I was going through.  It was not a good thing for me.

However a silver lining to this whole attempt at this experiment is that it did work the way it was supposed to!  When I got up at an earlier hour I did get a bunch of things done and had a much more productive day!  It helped me get through what I needed to get through and I found some time to accomplish some of the goals I had originally strived to do at the beginning of this whole experiment. As my health issues kicked back in I am going to have to take it a bit slower. 

This experiment did prove if you apply yourself, you can indeed accomplish anything you put your mind to and being organized and on a schedule is possible. Since this experiment crashed and burned I have started to get myself in a routine so I can be more organized. The best thing about it is that it works. I hope, although my experiment went to the wayside that you can take something from this experiment.

-Blessings and Love