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Need help with getting through life? These are some sites that I use for help.

This page is a list of websites I use for doing surveys that can earn you payment in PayPal, direct deposit or gift cards.. This list is just a list and does not guarantee being paid to participate. I do NOT own these sites and I am only sharing what I do to earn some extra spending money and gift cards.

My Top Favorites are:,,,, 

Old school sites that have been around forever and a say:,, 

More Tasks Sites,,,,,,,,,,,  

Nothing But Surveys,,,,,,,

WARNING AGAINST SITES! These sites are user beware from personal experience.

SuperPay.Me- This site does not allow follow up to issues you may have. After 30 days with an issue I reached out to the site and was told if I asked about the issue again before 60 days they would ban me. I followed up 3 months later and they wanted information that one should not give to anyone. 

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