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When Life Gets Crazy

When life gives you a lemon...LOL, you take that lemon and grind it, juice it, add sugar, and sip that lemonade while you think about your life changes.  I struggled this week with the fact that we had a lot of family changes in the last two weeks. After a lot of contemplation, I had to have a coming to Jesus' moment on Sunday night to think about how I was really feeling. After the contemplation, I realized I was more scared of the change than how it would be an opportunity for our family. It took a lot for me to move past how I was feeling and realize this change will be good for our family. Being perfectly honest I do not handle extreme change very well, I guess I do not handle any change well, thanks to my anxiety.  Due to the changes still happening, I will not be giving details just yet, but it is a positive thing, and I can't wait to see what type of adventures this will bring to our family. I hope for all the changes and adventures happening in all of your life you take