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Social Media Updates

 Just an update that we will be updating all the social media pages in the next few weeks as well as becoming a presence on some more than others. Keep an eye out on our follow us page to see where we end up! Thanks for being part of the craziness, Angie 

Is It Fall Yet?

  I know I live in the hot and humid south. However, I am hoping for some cooler fall weather!

Rain, Wind and Tropical Storms (OH MY)

 So I live in Florida and yes, we get our fair share of tropical weather. I was born down here and have seen some crazy weather. But it never ceases to amaze me to how people panic.  Being prepared is the key and as a person who has lived in Florida all her life I have always been prepared for storm season. I have enough non perishable foods tucked in totes to last my family 2 weeks. We have a camp stove, candles and flashlights just in case the power goes out.  I keep portable power supplies to keep our phones charged.  I have friends who live up north that do the same thing for snow season. We were issued a storm watch this morning for Tropical Storm, Fred and people are already panicking. We just had hurricane Elsa a few weeks ago and you would think people would still be sightly prepared. Nope people have started flocking to the stores to over prepare again. Seriously people? Is it just me being a cynical person?  Hurricane season last through November and you would think people wo