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I am a writer and once in a while, I get these writing challenges to work on our skills or just have fun. When this challenge came about I decided that I had to participate and try my hand. Rules: Take a bunch of quotes and mash them up with a new one. You don't need to use the whole quote but a recognizable portion of it! He grabbed her arm trying to stop her as he whispered, "You can't fight the coming storm!" Shaking his hand off of her arm, she held her head high as she adjusted her crown. He didn't realize that she had known her worth for a while now and that she is stronger than they think. She started walking like everyone who had ever doubted was watching her. Doing so strengthened the courage she knew she had in her all along. Standing tall she called her flying monkeys to her side not willing to leave them to this disaster of a circus. Using all of the bravery she knew she had in her heart, she turned back to look at


Never give up! Never Settle! When they push you push back. In the end you are all you have to depend on so make sure you are ready to fight for you!