Monday, July 16, 2018

Looking For A JOB

So let me make this clear to start I lost my job on January 30th of this year. Why did I lose my job you may ask? Well because I was full time and the company restructured to get rid of us hard working full timers.  Which sucks too because I followed policy and rules and was a cheerleader for the company.  I was such a cheerleader I cheered myself right out the door. I was Lucky I got a small severance and some unemployment. But here it is July 16th and I still have not found a job. Yes, I am being critical of finding a good job because guess what I worked for a huge corporation before and my soul got sucked from me. No, I am not being funny I am being serious.  The company I worked for previously for going on just over eleven years did not believe in a work-life balance.  Well, let me rephrase that unless you were someone who kissed the managements booty you were not given or allowed to have a work-life balance. Now I can freelance which I am setting everything up for and other stuff from home but seriously this has become super depressing. 

Now have I interviewed for jobs yes of course. Did I ask all the important questions?  I sure did! Did I answer all the questions the way I was supposed to? Yup!  I actually overheard one of the managers say to another well if she couldn't keep her job with $#@%& then why would we want her here.  This is after I explained why I was let go from my previous job due to restructuring and they got rid of a bunch of us full-timers.  Another interviewer actually insinuated that I might be a tad too old for the job. Are you serious I am almost 41 years old that is not old, is it? 

So I have put in a ton of applications and have scoured the job sites.  Then the other day I was playing around on Pinterest and came across a post that said work from home. I read the post and believe me it was a long one, but it gave me hope.  I went to the search bar and put in work from home and lo and behold there were over 250 posts with information on companies looking for remote workers for almost any field I could qualify for.  In three hours I had submitted fifteen applications and had emails back from three companies.  I would love to work from home and save a commute or for me the Uber.  I was happy to see that all my options hadn't been gone through and I saved close to 100 articles from Pinterest and have about 75 left to go through but the sites and resources I have gotten have been amazing and I am feeling hope in this job search lets just hope it pans out!

So if you think you can do any of the following type work from home and good luck!
-data entry
-customer service
-teaching English
-teaching other languages
and much more!

I will also make it easier for you with a link to my Pinterest Board with the articles I have been applying from!  If you are looking for a job happy job hunting I know we will both get one soon!

Blessings and Love,

Me too! Lol

Friday, July 13, 2018

A Brief Interlude!

I know I know I said I wouldn't be gone again and really I am not... No, seriously I am finishing stocking THE CRAZY STORE!  I am on hour I think 9 of working through the stock and box 17.  I have to get the store finished by the end of this weekend so I can have a Christmas in July sale followed by the dreaded back to school sale and pop up!

In all seriousness though thank you all for the kind messages that ask if I am okay? Because yes I am doing much much better than I have in the last few weeks.  My older two teens are out and about with their boyfriends/friends. My youngest has been hanging out with her friends as well and my boy has been playing on Fortnite none stop since yesterdays season switch up happened. Btw thank you epic games now if you would add the game to the android some of us would be very thankful. 

Anyway, everyone, I am working on more of a post for later on but I must return to the stock of my store and move my bum.  You know because being on a porch with 95-degree weather is fun.

Much love and blessings to all,


This is me right now!

The hills are alive, with th-...oh wait.. those aren't hills. That's just my homework.

Friday, July 6, 2018

A Pinterest Guide To Christmas In July!

If you haven't figured it out by now I am a Christmas enthusiast... ok let's just get it right I am obsessed with Christmas!  So when it comes to Christmas in July why don't we celebrate shall we? Besides we have good ole Pinterest to help guide us along! So shall we have some fun? Remember to click on the pictures to visit these awesome pins on Pinterest!

*Disclaimer I DO Not own these Pins so go show some pin love to the people that do!*


There are so many fun ways to have a great time with or without adult beverages and here are a few pins to check out for when it comes to drinks!

Photo 16 of 42: Christmas in July / Birthday "Christmas in July" | Catch My Party
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Christmas in July Birthday Party Ideas | Photo 18 of 42 | Catch My Party
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Frozen hot chocolate bar! This is a great idea for a party. And yummy, too. Merry Christmas in July!
Link Here


Families normally make little crafty things during the winter for Christmas so why not do it during the summer as well?

Making beachy glass ornaments for a Christmas in July themed Birthday Party!  Filled with sand, sea shells, beach glass and glitter
Visit Here
Link Here


Because seriously what is the holidays or celebrating the holidays without food!

How to Make a Watermelon Snowman.  Filled with fruit salad of melon balls & blueberries.  Fun for Christmas or a Christmas in July celebration.
Link Here
a. party style: xmas in july :: veggie tray
Link Here

Christmas Tree Veggie Tray- I made one last year but must not have pinned it. Don't want to forget to make it though!
Link Here
Christmas in July
Link Here

Then there are links upon links with tons of great ideas and here are a few links that I actually liked with lists:
Christmas in July - Only 175 Days until Christmas! Start planning NOW for the best Christmas Holiday ever! Homemade Christmas Gifts, Recipes, Crafts and more! Click on the Photo for Christmas Inspiration!
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30 Christmas in July Party Ideas
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Christmas in July tips, tricks, recipes, crafts and ideas!
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90+ Recipes for Christmas in July |
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As with Christmas in July and as with normal Christmas follow the biggest holiday rule ever and that is having fun with it and enjoy yourself.  As for myself and everyone here at its crafting time!

Blessings and Love to you all,


Christmas In July!

I was asked the question, "Do you know why people and companies celebrate Christmas in July?" To be honest Christmas in July has always intrigued me and I thought it was for a few reasons and after doing a little research I come to find out I was not too far off on some of what I thought I knew. However, I was also wrong about some of what I knew as well. So let me fill you in on a few of the reasons that popped repeatedly when I was researching.

The first reason actually has to do with the real Christmas. See for us crafters who like making a bunch of homemade Christmas gifts July is our six-month warning if you have a bunch to make. This time of year if you go into certain crafting stores such as Joannes, Micheals and Hobby Lobby you can find sections that have some select Christmas stuff out already. Especially in the fabric and yarn sections you can see that there are holiday prints and colors starting to make an appearance. Also yes besides my gift store I have I do indeed have Christmas gifts started for this year myself.  But personally for  myself I also have started getting emails about up and coming holiday shows.

Another reason that I never thought of was that most families have reunions or vacations over the summer so for some it makes sense to have a Christmas Celebration when they can get off of work instead of the winter months where depending on their job they can't travel to go see family.   If you have family all over the country it makes sense that you are having a summer Christmas when people are more able to travel.

Then there is a huge retail push in July!  Yes it does exsist even though retailers will say no it doesnt. My twelve years retail taught me this.  In July is when most retailers put out merchandise that they did not want to take a big hit on mark down wise.  It is usually held back clearance from the previous years Christmas and the company is now marking it down to move it to get a better price for it. Or they are a getting ready for inventory or back to school so things are getting pushed from the stockrooms to get sold ASAP.

Now, the most controversial reason is the religous aspect as many believe Jesus was born in the summer instead of winter. Historically speaking it makes sense but I am not here to cause a debate. 

But really does it matter? For this girl right now its CHRISTMAS IN JULY! Does anyone else have any good knowledge on why? Yes? No? Stay tuned in the following post to see what you can do to make your Christmas in July rock!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

The Fears Of the Dating World!

This is the first pin I found when I was looking on my Pinterest page this morning.  This also leads back to a very private conversation I was having with a friend the other day after the full force of my impending divorce hit me. I have decided to be the crazy pet lady personally because after almost nineteen years of marriage the thought of going on a date again pretty much terrifies me. I would rather make my way through a demon-infested haunted house than even remotely consider the option of dating.  Now I can hear a few people I know with the cricket sounds behind them because I am also a hopeless romantic... The struggle is real.

I know moms who have been shoved back into the dating world feel the same way as well. I mean first, let's go with the fact the last time I dated, I mean really dated I had just hit legal drinking age. Now fast forward 4 more kids later I have just now started working on a confident body image and my self-esteem.  I mean after what I have been through, do I really want to even suggest to any brave soul who even has the courage to say hi to me "Hi my name is Angie I am a forty-one-year-old mess with a handful of kids, pets, and a granddaughter who is my heart and soul. Oh and at some point if you are brave enough to want to be in a relationship with me I have an Ex who has sworn to make sure my happiness is nothing and has done all he can to ruin my life."  I think if I am not working or with my kids, I am just gonna let my imagination be my guide and write book after book to save my sanity instead of the stress of dating.

Now don't get me wrong I might hope one day I will find the "right one". But seriously now that I hit the forty-one-year-old mark my dating range has gone down a lot. I mean I don't want to date someone who is older than me and won't want to do stuff. I lived the hermit lifestyle for the first nineteen years of marriage and it is not fun people. I like to video game, hike, go to events, hell I like even having backyard BBQs with family and friends. I like to write and that is a passion for me to the point I am working daily on my blog and books to see if one day that could be a career for me. I am losing everything in my divorce and I will essentially be starting over with my babies. I have no future retirement or anything because I was stupid and in love once before.  I don't want someone to fix my problems but to encourage me on as I am trying to fix them on my own.  When it comes to my kids I have raised them pretty much solo because their dad sucked at being a dad and only now he is attempting to be a dad so when it comes to my kid's HANDS OFF.

I am a basket of contradiction in all honesty.  I am scared.  Of what you may ask? Being alone. It hit me the other night when I was sick to my stomach that I have not had anyone there for me in a very long time who cared enough to pull my hair back while I was getting sick.  It made me sad to know that this is what my life has come to. To be this sad and alone with no one to tell me it will be okay.

But it will be okay.  Why?  Because I said so! I refuse to set an example for my kids to give up on love. I am not one to just be with someone because it's convenient. I want to be with someone who makes my heart flutter and gives me that wow feeling when I get a hug.  Its out there ladies and one day I will find it and so will you.

Blessings and Love,


Monday, June 25, 2018

Ways To Earn Extra Money For Christmas While You Watch TV or Shop!

As I around the wall I am currently hunched behind I whisper the words, "Six Months Till Christmas." With that, I duck back down and wait for things to be thrown at me. I am giving you all a few minutes to throw your stuff because I do not need to get hurt... We good? Okay than. But Seriously people this article is to help you not hurt you so if you have any questions pop them below and enjoy! Just so you know all these sights and apps listed below I use and are vetted not only by me but by others who earn a little extra moolah this way. The main link that will be updated after this is HERE! So check back once in a while and see what you can earn.

Before we go any further though let me get this out of the way I am NOT selling anything or want anything from anyone.  I am posting this because I am a Christmas fanatic and I have a ton of people who know me ask, "How can you afford Christmas with what little you make?" Guess what ladies and gents this is how. (It also helps year round as well with some of the extras) Best thing is 99% of this you can do while you are watching TV at night! I would suggest though create a junk email and use that when signing up for the sites because you can get a bit of spam once in a while! So shall we begin?

This is by far my favorite money making site ever. I have made enough to cover my extras and the best thing is there are so many ways to earn not only Giftcards but once you redeem your first $50 in either direct deposit or Giftcards you can start redeeming via Paypal and most payouts are within a few hours of redemption. I do videos, clicks, and surveys and have earned $5 plus a day. But I know some people on the site earn a bunch more. This is by far my favorite earning site. Plus the mods and people who are in chat are wonderful as well it is a great community.

Great site to watch videos answer surveys and take part in offers. Paypal and Giftcard prizes.

This app is great because you can watch videos without being in a store. Or when you are instore pull up the app and get points for walking into the store, or scanning select merchandise. If I am out and about I normally will bank a $2 Target gift card. Hey, $2 towards a video game or clothes or makeup for my teens is $2 I didn't have before.
This site has surveys, videos, guess the card and offers. You can earn PayPal or gift cards.

Lucky Day Scratch
Please use my referral code FX585L9
This is a nice scratch-off game because it gives you different ways to earn and you get different options of winning. First is random PayPal that accumulates and you can cash out at $10. Or you earn points that you can earn you mini prizes or gift cards. I do the mini prizes a bit because I have been using them as stocking stuffers/ gifts.

Earn money while playing games. I love this app you choose the games you want to play. You can earn points pretty quick for either Amazon gift cards or Paypal.
This site I have been doing for years! Take surveys, email offers, coupons, videos. A ton of great gift cards to choose from!

This app has gotten a bunch of great reviews. You play scratch offs to win either cash or gift cards!

Vegas Scratch App
Use my referral code cxh5mu8 so we both get extra points.
I love this app Scratch-offs, surveys puzzles.

Perk Scratch and Win
This is a constant scratch off the app and I use this site daily to earn Amazon Giftcards!

Watch videos, surveys etc.

Beware I do earn some from this site but the amount is high to earn from. Such as the level I am at right now requires 277k in points to receive a 100.00 Paypal deposit. I have done it before but it takes a while to do. You get points by doing surveys, daily clicks, and offers.
Great survey site I use to get Amazon Giftcards.

Earning Station
Great app to do surveys and watch videos plus much more. Great for PayPal payouts.

Pocket Bounty App
Newer App for me but cashed out once and like it!

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Sometimes Giving Up On Someone Is The Only Option....

Now don't take the title the wrong way because when it comes to my life I am not giving up but when it comes to certain people in my life I am shutting the door that has been held open for much too long.  I had held hope and faith that my soon to be ex-husband would come around and realize what he is doing to me but to our family. I had held faith that I could save my marriage. I spent the last week sick because of my allergies and sinuses and have been barely able to get out of bed. Do you know who took care of me the whole time? Myself and my kids. Every time he would be around there would be nothing but sly remarks and crude comments.  My own son has made the comments that his dad is not acting like a dad should.  That shocked me a bit that my eleven-year-old can see what is right and what is wrong along with my fourteen-year-old but a forty-year-old man can't.  Now you may ask why am I bringing this up? Because I made the mistake that I hope other ladies can learn from.

Seriously ladies and gentleman learn from my mistake.  If the person you love treats you like crap and you know you are doing nothing wrong then there is probably something going on behind the scenes.  In my case, he is adamant that there is not however from private sources that know us both I have been informed that he hasn't been faithful to me since he has come back since our separation and that makes a ton of sense considering if you haven't got a promotion you have been working on since you came back they are not testing you after three years they are using you... or your lying about where you have been. In the case of our marriage, he has been lying.

Another good indicator you need to end the relationship you are in is when you get blamed for stuff that you know you could not have done.  See my soon to be ex-blames me for everything.  When I say everything I mean everything.  My oldest will post pictures and videos of our Granddaughter to social media and it's my fault that he doesn't get to see it because he does not do social media. Now I understand that he doesn't like social media but when you are one of the only family members on both sides of the family who is not on social media don't expect our daughter to make a special exception just for you. Acting like an entitled asshole is one of the many reasons we are in this position now.  I even tried being nice and would show him and he is like I am busy... while playing a video game.  But it's my fault.

I have four other children my seventeen and eighteen years old have joined on the dad bandwagon. Why do I mention this because I have talked to him about how the teens talk to me and he asked what is he supposed do. I asked him to please have them stop to which he is like nope. For everyone who has known him for years, this is part of his manipulation ploy.  He did this when we had separated last time as well. My girls were younger than and realized what he was doing was wrong now they are at the age where they are moving out soon and he hands them whatever they want so they don't care.  I hope one day they will open their eyes to what he is doing because its wrong,  The way they are acting is wrong.  I love my teens and I will never give up on them it just hurts a lot.  But all of this is my fault.

I have had to start a go fund me page HERE!  Why because I need to get my little kids to a drama free zone and because I am seriously worried that their dad is planning something bad and I don't want them to become casualties of his so-called revenge against me.  I have even got to the point that I have to record any conversations he has against me because I am afraid of what he is going to do. (I tell him that the conversations are being recorded so he knows and as he has threatened to have me put in jail on multiple times when I called and asked the local sheriff what I should do this was the suggestion from them to cover my own ass.

This post was because I had have been asked privately whats been going on so I figured an update was in order. I am trying to get back into my regularly scheduled crazy and happy content.  I am currently working on new material that should be out daily soon.

Peace and Love,


Monday, June 18, 2018

You Are Special So Follow Those Dreams!

That's right REMEBER THE ABOVE! But seriously I am writing this because of the amount of shaming that goes on.  I am not even talking Mom shaming which is a horrible thing as it is but I am talking shaming in many different aspects. I am actively pursuing my writing and crafting, My Ex is constantly telling me as well as having our teens and his mom saying that I will never make it that it's just a dream that I shouldn't pursue.  Well, I say bull dung to that. My sister-in-law Pam used to joke with me that I should open a food truck that sold nothing but cookies, milk, coffee, and tea. To be honest I have considered it on and off for about six months but then decided I liked my writing and crafting a bit more than baking twenty-four seven. 

I am a firm believer in following my dreams and I am doing my best to pursue them regardless of what kind of negative comments I get.  Am I saying no I will not get a real job to support my children and myself of course not! I know I have children to care for but with careful planning and juggling, I believe I can keep all the balls in the air until I succeed in my dreams.  That is why I am becoming an advocate of following your dreams and reaching your life goal! I already self-published two books and I am working on a new one as well which if all goes well will be published on Amazon by the end of July!  Would I succeed in what I am doing if I listened to the naysayers in my life? I think not.

So my encouragement to everyone else believe in yourself and do what you think is right in your life. Take those first few baby steps and follow your dreams because the only person who is holding you back is yourself.  At the end of the day, the person you have to answer to for all your unrealized dreams is yourself. So look in that mirror give yourself the pep talk you need and work on your goals!  Now I am not saying quit your job to be a wood carver, but taking an hour or two a day to devote to your projects are an amazing thing if you are truly serious about it! Want to sell your wares post them on your local community sell site.  There is always a yes out there depending on how dedicated you are to your goals.

I hope as short as this is that maybe I lifted someones spirit and believe me when I say you are not alone we believe in you! There are moms and dads out there struggling with the want and need to pursue their goals.

Blessings and Love,

Sunday, June 17, 2018

New Writing Adventure!

When you were a kid do you remember the choose your own adventures book? Well, I was talking to a friend of mine the other day and she said she wished there were adult versions of the choose your own adventure books. Why not I need a distraction from the novel I am writing once in a while so I decided to start one.  Why not right? The intro page is up and I am adding the link ==>

However, I am giving only one warning this is not a sunshine and roses type of adventure.  The deeper the rabbit hole goes there is a bigger possibility that it will become much darker.  The thing is you can end the book at any moment as well depending on which choice you make. I always liked a good adventure what about you?

Tuesday, May 29, 2018


Okay so a few months ago my subscriber count went from a nice number that made me happy to zero.  I contacted google and they sent me a new gadget to add to my blog but still nothing. So since I was in such a great mood already I decided to contact google again and this time after the nice tech talking me through everything and literally going through the process in baby steps we finally(hopefully) figured out what the problem was. Drumroll, please....... They sent me the wrong gadget originally. So if you subscribed before I am sorry but I think we are finally fixed. Finally, I tested it with my own email and it seems to work now. I will be posting videos crafts and as always updates for the blog right here all you have to do is hit FOLLOW ===>
Just remember to verify it in case you contact me I can contact you back.

Because seriously the last 24 hours have been rough!

Friday, May 25, 2018

The Moon

"She was devoted to the moon

In it's darkness she found comfort

In its light she found hope"

-her thoughts 36

No matter what the season or how hot or cold it is there is nothing better than laying on a blanket watching the moon.

"Instead of being someones sun, be their moon and light up their most dark of times."

"No matter where we are in the world we are all looking at the same moon"

Even in the most dark of times there will always be moonlight to guide our way home. Never give up! Never give in! There is always a moon there to guide you.

--you are never alone
1-800-273-8255 or text 741741--

Monday, May 21, 2018


So I will admit I am struggling so much with things in my life right now. Seriously I am an adult and I should not have to struggle with people telling me I am not going anywhere and I am going to fail. Especially when it's me soon to be ex-husband or teenage daughters. You're all probably wondering why I am saying something. Because I know I am not the only person going through this right now and I know a lot of us ladies are going to hell. When my husband and I separated back in 03 I made enough money with my freelancing and crafting plus my job that supported my kids and me without my soon to be ex. My kids had what they needed and I did it on my own. Now those same kids are telling me that it's not good enough. REALLY ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!  This upsets me so much because these are the two teens who are now besties with dad because he would rather be their friend instead of their parent and let them do whatever they want. Well, I say no more. I work hard and have finally started making progress on both my freelance, blogging/writing and crafting/resale store. Ladies the only person who can decide your path is you so do just that.

However, let me give you some advice confront what people say head on because there are going to be haters. My soon to be ex-MIL tells everyone all these horrible things about myself and my home and people believe her because she is a fake Christian. (My home is in the midst of being remodeled by me!) My home needs TLC which I am slowly doing with the cleanout and remodel. As for the hate rumors I admit I eat my feelings. I gained 50 pounds since all this started and am only now starting to lose the weight. My weight has always been a struggle because I love to eat although I am active stress keeps the weight on. That and topped with a hernia and emotional issues I am lucky I have not gained more.

Most of all ladies you need to love yourself. I will admit I am overweight, my hair needs to be done, oh and my eyebrows need a waxing. I admit I have slacked and I am not one to preach it when I look like hell but tomorrow I am dedicating the day to taking care of myself! Because I am worth it and I don't care who says otherwise.

But most of all ladies remember that there will be times where people will try to hurt you and make you cry. It's hard to trust me I know. When my ex is home I have to hold in the tears and pray that none of them drop.  I can honestly say I was thrown away by the man I love not once but twice. But for me what's worse is he has also taught my 17 and 18 to do the same to not only me but to my youngest daughter because she told him and them that she doesn't approve of what he has done. It will get better ladies I promise! I have 1 guy in my life I can trust and that's the little boy who calls me mommy!  Despite being thrown away by my husband I still am a hopeless romantic and hope that one day I will find someone who will love me for me.

Well, all that's enough sap for now!
Till next time
Love and Blessings,

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Whats Your Favorite Scary Movie?

I was actually watching a youtube video based on an old-school scary movie and realized that my kids are now old enough to watch the scary movies that I grew up on!

Beware there will be affiliate links so you can see which movies or their book I am talking about!

I was so happy because it takes a lot to scare my kids but also it is a coming of age thing for them as well! 
So whats your favorite scary movie? Do you have that one movie you have to wrap yourself in a blanket to watch? My favorite scary movie by far has been and always will be THE SHINING! Seriously Jack Nicholson coming through the door with the ax saying "Heres Johnny", Is my favorite horror scene of all time.
My first horror book was The Shining and I later picked up the sequel to it Dr. Sleep! (BTW if you have a teen or preteen who likes to read Dr. Sleep is on my no read list as it's not for the preteen crowd.)  Movies based on Steven King's books basically head up my list of scary movies! 

The next scary movie series I love is the 
Who cannot forget hearing the ominous song start ... "One Two Freddy's coming for you!"
I mean these movies are such a hit they brought Freddy back in a new movie in 2010!

Then you all have our Friday The 13th, Jason Movies!
Seriously Jason can't be killed they even rebooted the series in 2009! Camp Crystal Lake we thank you for bringing us Jason and come on everyone Jamie Lee Curtis as Jason's sister in the later movies!

Heck Even Freddy and Jason fight in out the movie

Then lets not forget these awesome solo movies,
Or these scary franchises that started up since the big boys up there took the screen:

Woman In Black Franchise
The Haunting Franchise
The Conjuring Franchise

So do you like any of these movies? Which movies scare you? Let me know in the comments below!

Monday, May 14, 2018

Saving My Sanity!

--Update 5/15--
I did this post to show how bad things were. All I asked was it for it to be shared if someone could help ok and if not ok as well. I personally like working for everything in my life and will continue to do so.

Original Post 5/14
I never thought I would ever be put in a position that I would have to ask for help the way I am.  the fact that I am in this position honestly make me physically ill, to say the least. I am a hopeless romantic I used to believe marriage is forever and that love could conquer all. I am so wrong.

I live with a manipulative vindictive monster. He uses my anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder against me and uses my buttons to put me into attacks and fights. I want to take my kids and run.

You might want to know the whole story though. In 2013 he cheated on me and moved out to raise another women's family. In 2015 he claimed he made a mistake and was in love with me. God was I so stupid. I wish I could go back to my younger self and smack her. He came back because he had received a letter with what child support was going to make him pay every week.

Since he came home he has put me in a position to where my issues peak, where he has manipulated my two older teens into treating me worse than he does so they can do his dirty work. He has my 14 years old constantly questioning her position in his life. and worse thing he is teaching my son its okay to use people, to treat a woman like utter garbage and throw anyone who is not useful away.

My soon to be ex-husband has threatened to call the police on me for anything and everything. It has gotten so bad I had to call the Sheriffs office and file an incident report just in case he goes through with this.

He has destroyed me financially. He destroyed my car had me use all my funds to pay for household bills and groceries until I was bleed dry while he banked his money. Now I am stuck and this is what I need to do. Get a car so I have transportation to get to and from a job and take care of my kids. Uber is expensive when you are using it for everything.

I have been emotionally and verbally brought down to the point I can't do it alone anymore, I need help. If you can that's great. If you cant I understand all I ask is if you could pass this along to a friend that might be able to help. I also have an online store so if you don't want to donate through PayPal or my gofundme campaign I have gotten to the point I am selling a bunch of stuff and have reached over 1600+ items and I ship nationwide for actual shipping. 

I need to rescue myself and my kids from my husband before things get worse. My older teens have videos during my breakdowns where I say mean things and drop a pot of rice at their feet I won't deny it. I just want to rescue them before its too late. Their dad uses people and throws them away and I can't have that happen to my kids again. I am doing this behind my ex's back because the ramifications on this will be horrendous if he finds out.

All I ask if you can't help please just share the link to the blog post so maybe someone else can.

My PAYPAL Donation Link


Or my personal online store

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day

To all those amazing, hardworking moms out there I hope your day is full of Love, Great Food, and Family!

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Crafters Beware 230 Days Till Christmas!

As Of This Post, There Are
230 DAYS
Until Christmas

Now I can hear you "WHY ANGIE WHY!"
Well, I am pointing it out because now because now is the time to get some shopping done on the cheap and you won't have to worry about the crunch later on. For those who know me already know that I am a Christmas fanatic!  From baking cookies to giving gifts. I do have one advantage though I am a professional crafter so making the people I love and care for gifts is not a bad thing for me. I have been known to dig into my own crafting store for the last minute gift for a child's friend or an unexpected event like a baby shower or wedding shower! However if your crafty put your uses to work for you and make yourself some gifts or do what I do now and look for the cheaper deals. That way come Black Friday you can sip your coffee and laugh at the people who are rushing to find the deals you already got months before.

So here are some great ways to save money for the holiday season.
There are some affiliate links to show you examples of what you can get to make your shopping easier.

Are you crafty? Do you have a bunch of younger family members running around? How about making them something super special? I loved when my Grandma would make me gifts. If you crochet or knit and just watch TV at night how about buying some of this yarn and make a few small Linus blankets? Or do you have a teen in your life that has to have one of those new nifty chunky blankets? Just a note on the chunky blankets be aware of where you buy them and if you can make one on your own because some store ones are made poorly and the good quality ones are very expensive. Or do you have that special lady (or guy) in your life who loves scarves?  A nice scarf can run you a pretty penny, however, by making a scarf you can show you care and you can find such pretty colors for the person your making them for.

So what about gifts that you should keep around during the holidays in case someone drops by? Or were you invited to a last-minute Christmas or holiday party? Or is it the last week of school before the holiday break and you forgot to get the teacher a small thank you?  I have a cheap and easy solution for that as well and you can get your craft on for this as well.  Decorate some wooden ornaments first. Use paint, markers or if you want to let your little ones get their crafting on crayons to decorate the ornaments. Add your new masterpieces to a candle wrapped in cellophane! I did this to 40 candles and let me tell you they lasted me 2 years of gift giving. Perfect to keep and easy to store.

What about that foodie in your life? Do they love the kitchen so much you should make them a bed in there? How about making them a personalized apron? Start with a plain apron. Then if you are like me and know a ton of foodies who are in desperate need of having the apron washed after a huge cooking or baking throw down I needlepoint a personalized picture and decorations.

Do you have a budding writer in your family? How about encouraging their creative side with a new journal, pens, and carry bag! You could decorate the carry bag to the personas taste and you become #1 in their book because you did a gift to their taste.

The last idea I have for you today is something I love to do. Do you ever go on sites like Pinterest and see all those cool quotes and saying made as signs? Did you ever think wow that would be so cool because that quote fits mom or dad? Or oh my sister loves the beach she would love that! Well, guess what you can make it as well. All it takes is some canvas paint and a bit of fun. This is by far one of my favorite crafts to do for the holiday season! But you do have to make a few tiny decisions. Which size canvas do you want to make? 11 by 148 by 10, 5 by 7. Then what are you going to use to make the picture Paint or Markers! I normally prefer paint myself, however, I have seen some amazing pictures done by fellow crafters where the artist used markers!

Well, I hope these Christmas crafting ideas helped you all out! I myself am making some blankets right now for select family members for Christmas. As I love to make things for the holiday season I am sure you will see some completed pics later on. Also, I love to share ideas so if you have one you would like to share or if your having a problem with a project message me in the comments below and I will be glad to help out with some advice.

Blessings, Love, and Happiness
To you all,


Sunday, May 6, 2018

The Utter Need To Do Something!

Have you ever woken up with the feel and drive to do something that you have not done happily in a while? This morning for the first time in over a year I woke up with the feeling of want and need to bake. Not because I had to because I could get snacks at the store down the road but because I had the feeling to create and bake. This to me is a huge step in the right direction for me and I am so happy that I woke up feeling this way. Because I feel happy and less anxious than I have been. However, it scares me a bit as well because I do not want to lose this amazing feeling today. My sister-in-law Pam used to joke with me that I should open a food truck and serve nothing but cookies and coffee... To be honest I often contemplated if I could do it. Could I make a passion of mine into a viable business? But for now, I will just be the crazy cookie lady at home!

*note because I am always asked* the top of the cookies are not made with a special tool or anything I use a mini ice cream scoop to measure my cookie dough so that all my cookies come out the same size. When you do as much baking as I do it comes in handy. I have gotten my last 3 off amazon and here is the affiliate link to it HERE. I like it because it's durable and cheap but my kids like to break them in hard as rock icecream or accidentally throw them out! Joys of having teens.

So "Happy" is the word of the day today and happy I will be!  I hope you all have an amazing Sunday with family and friends or just curling up with a good book.

Blessings and Love to you all!

PS. I couldn't say I baked and not add the recipe. This recipe is for a double batch of chocolate sugar cookies.

Chocolate Sugar Cookies

5 1/2 Cups Flour
2 Teaspoons Baking Soda
1/2  teaspoon salt
2  Cups Butter
3 Cups Sugar
2 Eggs
3 Teaspoons Vanilla
(Buy it in bulk like I do makes it easier when needing it later also its cheaper this way.)
1/4 cup sugar to roll cookies

Mix all Ingredients together and set aside in fridge 10 min. I always use cooking spray on my pans. Scoop out cookies to the desired size! Cook at 350 degrees for 11-12 minutes.  

Ok, everyone, all ovens are different I use a Kenmore gas stove/ovens and my cookies stay in 11 minutes. Electric ovens and convection ovens will take a longer or shorter time. Learn about your oven so you know how well it bakes.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

The Challenges Of Being A Work At Home Mom!

All Mom's Deserve A Chance To Bloom

Well as most know I lost my brick and mortar job this past January. I have been trying to get my home business and freelancing going but it has had a slight issue. My soon to be ex and my children all believe that since I am at home I have nothing but free time on my hands. This is hardly the case! This morning I already was working online freelancing, then after that was on my porch posting stock to my resell store. This is not including the fact that I have 10 incomplete crafting projects sitting on my desk in my office area that could very easily take 2 hours and they would be done and ready for the online gift shop. What have I done so far today? Laundry, dishes, and cleaning!  I will admit I am happy about the fact that I got the 60 items posted for my store but where does the line between working from home and always home to being a maid form a wall?

The thing is I am not the only mom who has this issue. There are plenty of moms who have been able to find their niche and be stay at home working moms. This gives them the working flexibility of being able to work and still be there for their kids. However, I have had a lot of moms who do this tell me that they feel as if being home gives people the idea that they are free anytime and could do anything they want.Along with all the other moms out, there are trying their best to find the balance between work and home life while being in the home. With my pending single mom status for me, failure is not an option.

Now before anyone complains don't get me wrong moms who work outside the home have to struggle for that home and work balance as well. I was struggling to find it and when I had mentioned it to my previous boss they said I could quit as full-timers are subject to whatever schedule they gave us. For most woman, we are so afraid of not having the job we need to help support our family we sometimes can not fight as much as we like for the home and work balance. Especially in Florida, a company can fire you for whatever they want as its a right to work state.  

So how do you moms maintain the work/life balance? Do you feel like the struggle is hurting your family? Do you feel like I do as if your being taken advantage of wanting to work from home and then have to put up with the attitude of well you just don't do anything while you're at home? I know after this blog post for me personally, I am going to be back on the porch where my merchandise for my resale store is and post a bunch more between laundry loads and dishes. Who knows maybe I will be able to get around the porch sometime this week so I can you know use the porch maybe!

To all the moms who work at home or outside of it my hat is tipped to you today as the struggle is real for all of us. I for one don't plan on failing this challenge.

Blessings to you all,

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Spring Cleaning!!

A quick hey and hello!
Been working and trying to get new stuff out via the blog and everywhere else and discovered I had over 1500 pics/videos on my phone. So I got to work tonight getting it posted, sorted and organized. Below is a link to a bigger video from hiking in Texas! I hope you all will subscribe as I will be posting different travel and picture shows. Not including live streams. Enjoy the video.

Friday, April 20, 2018

A Very Emotional Post

It's with a heavy heart that I have to even post this...

This post has been a very difficult thing for me to approach as most people know my Blog is an extension of me. A month ago we had a huge incident happen at our home that involved one of my children. To make things easier my husband had suggested that I go visit my oldest daughter, son-in-law, and Granddaughter who I had yet to meet. I jumped at the chance because I missed my oldest daughter and wanted to go meet my Granddaughter.  Well after I got there the phone calls to home got strange. Strange as in even calling my husband and saying hello we met with confrontation and me being yelled at. I refused to let it bother me as I wanted to make some awesome memories with my Daughter and her little family.

Still, in the back of my mind, I knew this was just the calm before the storm. Our marriage was far from perfect and I always fought to make things work.  During our marriage he was unfaithful and I forgave him multiple times.  I forgave him after he had a two-plus year affair. However, tigers do not change their strips and he treated me just like he did when he was having his last affair and left me before. I came back to Florida with him yelling at me because he couldn't find the TIA curbside pickup area. According to him, I was making the area up and there is no such place. Its funny though because a few years ago we picked him mom up in the exact spot.

While I was gone he had told me he wanted to save our marriage and start over again.  That had given me a small glimpse of hope that our marriage could possibly be saved. For all the people who really know me know I do not believe in divorce. I never have. I went into our marriage because I believed that anything could be fixed if we had a problem. Well, he does not feel the same way as me because he wants a divorce. He blames my anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder as part of the reason. Or as he says more efficiently I am nothing but a psycho &*%&*. Throw in every naughty word you can because trust me he has called me everything. I do admit I can be a bit crazy sometimes and emotional. I have always been led by my emotions and I do my best to keep them calm. 

The worse thing about this is he has manipulated my kids about the whole situation. He has my two older teens who live at home calling me every god awful name in the book. It's hard when your own children who you raised and supported when daddy wasn't there because he was playing dad to his girlfriend's family decide to treat you like your nothing but trash. I fear for my kids because I know my husband and as soon as he gets what he wants from the kids he will throw them away and I will be there to pick up the mess.

My problem is I do not do well in public anymore since I lost my job January 30th. I am trying to build up my resale business as well as freelancing. I am also currently trying to go back to school to have a small career instead of a job I hate. I know my husband is going to make this divorce as difficult as possible. I am trying to shield my 11 and 14 years old from as much as I can. I have had people ask what can they do? Pray for us. I don't care what religion you practice just send some prayers or positive thoughts our way because we will need them.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

I Will Be Coming Back Soon!

I am having a wonderful time visiting my daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter. However when I get home The Crazy Store will be getting a whole bunch of items added. That and we will be doing things on all social media that we are on. So if you want to join the crazy for fun stuff follow our media HERE

Also super excited to announce that since I been on vacation I started all my writing again so I will be letting people read select excerpts from my upcoming novels. These will be released randomly so you will need to be following the blog and social media.

I will be back on and more active starting the 16th of April.

Catch ya all later,


I'll be chugging along home soon!

Sunday, April 1, 2018