Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Pet Peeve Time

I will admit I have a few pet peeves.  However one that gets me is when people do not move over for emergency vehicles.  Normally if your not blaring your radio you will hear the fire trucks or ambulance before you see them.  Then once you know you need to get over and stop let the people in the other lane in. Don't be a douche.  This one car would not let me over so the car in front of him thankfully noticed slowed down so I could speed up and get over. Especially today I discovered they went to the local highschool. So rant over thank you all for the ear.

Monday, August 29, 2016

What Have We Been Up To?

Hello everyone!!! Well how things have changed in the last few months. How do I get started on what's been going on in our crazy life. 

Well as a bunch of you followed we went to visit our beloved Pam in Kansas. The private messages I received with the love and support have been amazing. Sadly Pam passed away on Easter Sunday.  We can all be thankful her pain and suffering is over and she is with her maker.  Her loss has put a huge hole in our hearts. Her legacy however will live on with all who loved and knew her.  I have only one thing to add to this pardon my language but Fuck Cancer.

If losing Pam was not enough my health took a downward turn.  I developed a ulcer, a cyst and infection.  Thankfully we caught it and I am healing slowly.  Besides all of this I was also diagnosed with high anxiety and depression.  Well thankfully I am receiving help and am doing better. It is a daily battle but I am going to control this.  I ask because I fought going to get help, please seek treatment it does not make you a bad person. This does not mean there is something wrong with you, everyone has there own demons and problems. Be strong, stand brave and know you are not alone.

But enough about me.  What else has been going on... Oh my garden. Well that is a work in progress.  I lost a bunch of plants and almost had to start over with everything.  But determination and a bunch of sweat covered days have prevailed.  I am hoping to hot house it this summer. We shall see.

My wonderful, amazing and talented family is doing great. We just had to fight cold, allergies and back to school bugs. But considering we do that every year it's not knew to us.  Our amazing golden retriever Buddy has calmed down so much since he has been fixed. He has been such a love bug. He has also been very clingy to the family and I but we cling back.

My business is coming along. I am hoping she will have her official launch by the end of September.  Best thing is I will be selling nation wide with merchandise from my clean-out services and recycled crafts.

Well not much else I can get into just yet but my readers will be the first to know. As always everyone please share my blog with your friends I would love too grow my readers.

Much love and may you all be blessed!!!