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This Happened This Morning

Everyone who knows me is aware I firmly believe in the paranormal. I have lived in many haunted houses and had a lot of ghostly experiences. As we fast approach All Hallows Eve, the veil is beginning to thin, and this happened. This post is in real-time. I work from home doing customer service. I had a call come in for work, and I had turned my chair, so I was facing my large monitor as I was exhausted this morning and was helping a customer. You must understand we live in a smaller mobile home, so I hear everything even while working. I hear my partner get out of bed and go into his dresser that we share. Out of the corner of my eye, I see the drawer open and hear the squeak it makes when it opens. I see clothing moved in the drawer and the drawer shut. As I am still helping my customer, I did not turn around, and I am thankful I did not. I hear what I thought was my partner leaving the room as the door squeaks as it opens and closes. I hear my partner walk through the house and the f

Working On My Writing

I have a few passions, but one of the biggest is writing. As many know, I published my first book, Ghost Stories for the Chicken at Heart- Extended Edition, on Amazon last month. I am currently working on editing The Farm. But I am also working on many more books on my  writer's page . Please feel free to read along, as there are books in the rough draft process, and I would love to know what you think. These stories are updated every week to every two weeks. Let me know what you think.

Holidays Are Coming

Are you feeling the pinch with the upcoming holiday season? Well, never fear there is a way to get a few extra dollars from the comfort of your own home. Check out my page  here  to see the sites i have tested and use! Post any questions below, and I would be glad to help you. Happy Earning, Angie

Looking Into Buying A Home...

So, I am currently looking to buy land or a home. The problem with this is the cost of homes has skyrocketed. I am seriously considering buying just land and putting an RV on it as I am looking for a home in the country. That way, I can build my own tiny place to live or cabin myself. Any thoughts?

Winter Is Coming

We just got over a hurricane and are still not done with hurricane season. But as I was reading news articles about being prepared for the storm, I noticed several news articles that the Farmer's Almanac was predicting a rather nasty winter. So, what does that mean for the southern half of the USA? Rain and unseasonably low temperatures. Honestly, I am right with this as I love to have the windows open and have fresh air in the house. Remember, like in any weather situation, be it a heat wave or cold weather, you need to remember the key is to ensure your home is ready for anything that may happen. So start that home maintenance now and keep extra supplies on hand just in case the weatherman gets it right this time! Are you all excited about the possible cold weather down south? Let me know below!

Money Saving Tips From A By Gone Era, Which Hold True Today

With the state of the economy, times are hard for everyone. Money does not hold the same value as it used to. More and more families are struggling to make ends meet. The cost of everyday living has increased, and workers pay has remained the same. The only people who have benefitted from this are big business. So let us take a step back and think about what the generations before us did to save some money. Maybe some of these suggestions may save you money. Let's see what people before us did to save money. These are the top suggestions I found. DOUBLE-CHECK THOSE UTILITIES AND KEEP UP ON HOME REPAIRS One way to save could be as easy as saving on electricity by shutting off the lights and unplugging small appliances not used at that time. I make it a habit now to shut lights off in empty rooms anytime I walk past. I also make sure that I keep anything not in use unplugged in the kitchen. Make it a point to check your faucets to prevent drips so your water bill stays down. Also, in


  For readers of the blog Ghost Stories will be free to read here until 8/25 then it will be removed. After the 25th it will be removed from the Blog! To purchase the book or kindle download follow the link here !

The Plan For Now...

  I am updating everyone on the path the blog is going right now. I normally will update all stories 2-3 times a month. However, I wanted to let everyone know that the stories are all progressing slower than usual because I am currently in the editing phase for two books. I added the links for   Ghost Stories for the Chicken At Heart- Extended Version  and  The Farm . Both of these stories are changing and growing during edit before publication. I will update everyone as soon as these stories are published because they will be free on my website for the first week to read, then will be removed from the website and only available through Amazon.

Self Care Check In!

 As someone who constantly needs to be reminded to take care of herself and relax. I am shouting to all of you amazing people to say, "REMEMBER TO TAKE CARE OF YOU." Do something that you enjoy or something that inspires you and makes you happy. For example, self-care for me outside of taking better care of myself is getting a drink and a snack, sitting at my computer, and working on my writing. I know some people will curl up with a good book or craft. Whatever makes you happy and relaxed works. The most important thing is NEVER let someone give you grief for taking care of yourself. You cannot take care of others if you are not taken care of. Let this be your gentle reminder and self-care tip of the day. Blessings to you all, Angie

Living In a Haunted House

 I live in a haunted house. The activity in my home and the homes surrounding me has escalated lately. Some paranormal activity consists of footsteps, sounds from a bygone era, shadow people, and doors opening and closing. Now here is the thing, I already live in a haunted town, and the book I am working on consists of stories about the local area and stuff that I have experienced to me personally. However, after speaking with other people in our neighborhood, we have discovered paranormal activity has ramped up. I live in a mobile home community that is in a historic area. In the last six months, they have removed many old mobile homes and paved the road in our neighborhood/community. The consensus is that was when the activity had started up. Now the question is, what do we do to start pushing back the entities that are making their presence known? Why am I so worried about this? Personally, for me I really am not concerned. I have lived in haunted homes all my life. I even questione

When Life Gets Crazy

When life gives you a lemon...LOL, you take that lemon and grind it, juice it, add sugar, and sip that lemonade while you think about your life changes.  I struggled this week with the fact that we had a lot of family changes in the last two weeks. After a lot of contemplation, I had to have a coming to Jesus' moment on Sunday night to think about how I was really feeling. After the contemplation, I realized I was more scared of the change than how it would be an opportunity for our family. It took a lot for me to move past how I was feeling and realize this change will be good for our family. Being perfectly honest I do not handle extreme change very well, I guess I do not handle any change well, thanks to my anxiety.  Due to the changes still happening, I will not be giving details just yet, but it is a positive thing, and I can't wait to see what type of adventures this will bring to our family. I hope for all the changes and adventures happening in all of your life you take

Taking a New Path!

Have you ever felt like you are trapped in a box and realized that you want to do more than what you are currently doing? Now, do not get me wrong, I absolutely love what I do as a career! However, I feel like I am being pulled in a new direction. When my kids were younger, I would make additional money writing and running my original blog. Then life happened and I had to start over with everything. My life is different now, and I do want to proceed with this path to succeed.  I am doing everything I can to get out there to have more people reading my books, stories, and social media. Currently, I am doing everything in my power to get views and have my writing, pictures and, videos more relevant. Am I the only one who feels like they are being pulled in a direction you would never think of or is it just me? Just food for thought there. Take care and blessings for you!  

World Works In Mysterious Ways

The world does work in mysterious ways! On Christmas day our beloved black lab Rodeo crossed the rainbow bridge. Rodeo was full of spunk and sass, with a personality that you do not see very often in any animal. She kept me on my toes and was my work buddy. She would wake me up in the morning wanting her breakfast, and if you moved slow, she would tell you what she thought about that. The day after Thanksgiving we noticed a growth in her mouth and took her to the emergency vet. We were given the news no pet parent wants. There was nothing they could do, and we should make arrangements. I was not prepared for the end with her. Till the end, she continued to sleep next to me while I was working. Then at the end she lost her ability to walk and started having seizures.  Christmas was very sad this past year. Now almost three months later I went to take out the garbage and there was the tiny orange and white kitten sitting next to a local stray we help take care of named Oreo. I picked her

Follow The Road Less Traveled

Just a friendly reminder do not follow the pack.  Be your own person and do what you think is best. But most of all follow the road less traveled and have many grand adventures along the way!  

Got Milk?

  So milk along with everything else is becoming expensive. Let's be honest everything is becoming expensive. More people are using food banks and pantries. I myself use from pantries as well because seriously my paycheck does not stretch that far and I am sure yours does not either. One thing pantries do not always have is milk or powdered milk. However, I noticed that the last food pantries I received contained packages of nuts. Well, I have received almonds and walnuts, and guess what if you like, plant milk you are all set. What you will need is: 1 cup nuts, water, and sugar (If you want sweet milk) A container, food processor, blender, cheesecloth, or a fine strainer, and a container to hold the milk in the fridge. Step 1- Soak 1 cup of nuts in 2 cups of water. Let soak for 4 hours or overnight. Step 2- Drain the water Step 3- In a food processor add 2 1/4 cups of water and 1/2 cup of the nut of your choice. Let your machine pulverize the nut. After about 2-3 min you will be r

Full Launch Of The Blog

 Welcome back, everyone! This has been a long time in the works but I finally updated and fully set up the blog to my liking. For those who know me my blog and my writing have been healing and therapeutic for me during the hardest parts of my life. For a while, I have struggled and considered shutting everything down and trying something new. But after much thought and soul searching I decided to not only toss out most of the old but start fresh with new.  As I work on the next chapter of my life I would like to bring you along with me. A few of the old links are here as well as new links to social media stories and all the writing I am working on.  So for all the stories, I am currently working on click HERE ! Different projects I am working on can be found HERE ! More new things will be showing up all over the blog soon! I hope you all have a great weekend and for all those who have been amazing and supportive of me in my craziness THANK YOU. Also, if you could help a girl out and sh

A Odd Picture I Decided To Share

Many people know I am a firm believer in the paranormal. This picture was taken at a fishing hole in the state park area of Hernando County, Florida. The picture has not been doctored in any way and the only people who were in this section were my partner and myself plus one of our dogs. At first I thought that this was a case of pareidolia. However, I joked when we got to the location I am going to fall over the embankment as there is nothing there to stop me. I did look up the history of this area and it consist of settlers, indians and dare I may say even rumored witchcraft.  Is this pareidolia? If you do not know what pareidolia is it is the scientific explanation for some people for the ability to see shapes or to make pictures out of randomness?  Here is the picture close up. Again I am not saying it's a ghost. But knowing the history of the area it is a interesting shot. What do you think?  

Wanting To Live A Simple Life

Now at days it seems like we are all struggling in the race to get everything newer and better.  I am struggling against that way of life as I want to go back to a much simpler time and life. Don't get me wrong, I love my laptop and its my source of income. I use it to work, to write and do research. But on the days I am not using it, I would rather have the time to be in the kitchen creating, crafting or outdoors enjoying nature.  When I was younger, I wanted the big house with all the rooms and fancy things.  Now I want a cabin or small home with a basic kitchen, pantry, bathroom and bedroom.  The need and want for all the extras are gone. What I would like is a house on land away from everything to have my garden and some animals. I want to work to live and enjoy life instead of working to survive.  My dream has always been to write as a career. I know that is a hard dream to obtain, but its still my dream. I am currently working on making the home more obtainable. 

The Sun Had Risen

Fishing Bridge Aripeka, Florida 3/5/2022 Well, like the sunrise in this picture I am making the personal decision to rise along with it.  I suffer from very bad anxiety, depression and PTSD.  That being said, there are times where I do not want to do anything in my life.  Then there are times where I am a super motivated individual who wants to do everything.  I am not going to get into the reasons about why I suffer from everything I do, but the reasons are valid and personally its too much to share at this time.  When I am ready though I will share. But now it's time to bring this blog back to life.  I may not be able to travel yet or add pictures from that but I can say I am able to write. I have had a few people also question if my other social media will be coming back.  To be honest, I am currently going through my social media to see what can be moved to here and what is worth keeping.  The want to simplify my life and cut out all the bad I had in it will also me

New Year New Me....HAHA...Just Kidding

 Well, all its been a long while since I have posted. I can make excuses, but seriously, what would be the point. As most know I try to be 100% transparent and honest in my posts. I have been struggling... A LOT. I suffer from anxiety and depression. I have been hiding away from the world basically crocheting and working. I have missed my blog and have just started the great revamp. My life has changed so much in the last three years. I decided that I am coming back on my terms to start posting like I want to instead of a need to fill the blog. As my life has changed so much I will be deleting and removing a lot of the old posts that I feel were filler and starting fresh. I will still be sharing my writing and my very rough versions of the books and stories I am working on as well as adding a new section of my paranormal adventures.  So I guess the biggest thing I can say is please excuse the dust as we are remodeling. Much love and blessings, Angie