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Seeing The World Through A Lense!

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            Hernando Beach, Florida 11/29/20

Over the Mangroves-
Over the Mangrove Trees

Always look for Rainbows 7/11/20

Sunset off the Skyway Bridge 5/30/2020

 Sunset on the river
      May 2020

 Sunset on the river!
            May 2020
Sunset 2/7/2020 Mary's Fish Camp- Brooksville, FL


   Silver Lake, Hernando County, Florida 12/29/19


   Silver Lake, Hernando County, Florida 12/29/19


 Silver Lake, Hernando County, Florida 12/29/19

Florida Sunset September 2018

Florida Sunset September 2018

              Florida Sunset September 2018

Sunset September 2018

Full Moon September 2018



 Port of Havana, Cuba 2017

 Sunset at Pine Island Florida


Beautiful day for a wedding.

Pine Island, Florida


Florida Sky 

                 Another Florida Sunset                       

 Florida Sunset 2015


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