Wednesday, September 20, 2023

This Happened This Morning

Everyone who knows me is aware I firmly believe in the paranormal. I have lived in many haunted houses and had a lot of ghostly experiences. As we fast approach All Hallows Eve, the veil is beginning to thin, and this happened.

This post is in real-time. I work from home doing customer service. I had a call come in for work, and I had turned my chair, so I was facing my large monitor as I was exhausted this morning and was helping a customer. You must understand we live in a smaller mobile home, so I hear everything even while working. I hear my partner get out of bed and go into his dresser that we share. Out of the corner of my eye, I see the drawer open and hear the squeak it makes when it opens. I see clothing moved in the drawer and the drawer shut. As I am still helping my customer, I did not turn around, and I am thankful I did not. I hear what I thought was my partner leaving the room as the door squeaks as it opens and closes. I hear my partner walk through the house and the front door open and close. After the call ended, I went to make the bed so the dogs could lay on it, and when I turned towards the bed, my partner was still sound asleep. 

Was it his doppelganger? Was it a ghost? I told him about what happened when he woke up thirty minutes later, and he said, 'The house was locked up' until he went outside a few minutes ago to take a phone call. I even checked our security camera, and there was nothing but the stray cats outside the entire time. Any thoughts? Let me know in the comment section below.


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