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What were we thinking is right!  
 She is not wrong.
   Don't be a flat squirrel!
  Remember you can and will get through everything!

No More Delays I am BACK!

 Hey all it's been a long time!  I have missed being on my blog, however, life does happen.  As most know I went through a huge move in October of 2019. What most people don't know is I met an amazing man shortly after. I was not looking to fall in love or even start a relationship but I did. This man whom I am still with now is the most patient, kind and amazing man. I truly believed god put him in my path for us to meet.   But even with happiness rain does need to fall. In April of 2020 at the start of COVID. I had a mental breakdown. My ex-husband took both younger kids and between him and his mom had started spreading rumors about me. A horrible trash campaign I found out about when a child of mine who is older confronted me about stuff I had no clue about. When I started hearing the awful spiteful words that my ex-husband used against me come out of my sons mouth is when I finally lost it. I am thankful that my boyfriend is so amazing, because a lesser man would have fled