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It's that amazing time of year where mother nature walks among us blessing us with new life, beautiful colors and renewal of all things. I love all the seasons for different reasons, however, who can hate spring? I mean the wonderful colors that pop up during spring are amazing. We are blessed with the amazing blue sky dotted with big fluffy white clouds. All the different flowers and plants that bloom in all the shades of pale pinks, yellows, oranges, and violets. The vibrant greens of the grass and leaves. Spring is definitely an artist's canvas ready for everyone to enjoy. Besides the colors of the season Spring also means a few different things to me. First, when I come back home from my Texas adventure I will be starting my Spring Cleaning. That's right that's where I clean everything top to bottom in my home. I weed out all the old stuff that is no longer being used and either add it to my online store or it gets added to my recycle crafts pile. It also m


Wishing Everyone A Safe and Happy St.Paddy's Day Blessings and Love, Angie and the MyCrazyLifeAgain Family


Happy Hump Day All! I am writing you from the desk of crazy! At this time I will admit the crazy is a little quiet... knock on wood I don't want to jink it. No, seriously Jen and Megs are watching Netflix, Lizzie Bee is at the park with her friends and Robbie is playing video games in the living room. Even the cat and dog are calm and quiet in other rooms. Although I am cleaning my bathroom and when the kids use it all the time it definitely needs cleaning. But seriously as long as my crazy is calm at the moment I am ok with it. I actually am in the midst of spring cleaning until next weekend so I am hoping that I can get everything done and organized as the kids are back to school next week. Can I get an AMEN? One day my kids will be like "very funny mom" in the comments but until then its all clear on the mom joke front. But to the main point of my post, today why am I here? All you moms who work from home as well as raise babies, kids, teens you are all su


I have been thinking a lot about what my next blog post should be and to be honest with you it took me a bit of time to really come up with a post that I decided I had to do. So I guess hold on to your hats and beware this is going to be a bit of an honest and raw post so if you don't like hearing the truth you might not want to read this. However, I think for most of the moms and people out there that are at a crossroads in their life I hope that this post will help at least one person.  I already know that there will be unkind words and comments about the fact I am being selfish I shouldn't take that chance or put that kind of pressure on my husband. So let's begin, shall we...  On January 30th I lost my full-time job. This job I was at for over 11 years and I actually liked the people I worked with more than the job as the job demanded way too much of their employees for minimum wage and there was definitely favoritism that ran in the store where I had been employed