Monday, April 15, 2024

Why Thank You IRS (Sarcasm Intended)

Many do not know I work from home. Technically, I am an Independent Contractor. I love what I do! The pay is typical, but I do have to pay my taxes out of pocket. Yesterday, I had to do my federal taxes, and thank heavens that I did not have to pay state tax because of living in Florida. Willingly, I pay my taxes, but I think it's so unfair that I get dinged for not having health insurance and for being a self-employed worker. How are people supposed to make it through life in this economy with the government charging us an arm and a leg for working for ourselves? I know it sounds like I am complaining, but I am not. I will gladly pay the tax because I do suffer from anxiety, and working from home does help. But, people in my position should not have to worry about extra taxes and working so we can have a mentally stable day. Just my rant this morning. Blessings everyone!

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