When Your Future Plans Change

My dream has always been to buy land and have a small mini farm. Then, I started watching Kara and Nate on YouTube. They have great content, and I would suggest following their channel. I have never met them, but I started watching their videos when I moved to where I live now. Watching them has made me realize that my dream may have shifted a while, especially over the years when I have found joy in writing again. But I want to visit the world, or in my case, the United States, Canada, and South America. I always wanted to travel the country and boondock.

I keep joking that after my son graduates, you never know where you will find me. That joke has become more of a reality. I hope by then, my real job will allow us not to be hard-wired so I can boondock and work. I love my children, but the thought of being stuck in one place is making me get a case of the wandering foot. I am not saying I do not want my simple life with my land and home, but it may shift to land and RV, so I have a home base. Plus, the cost of land and homes has skyrocketed lately. Which means it will be even more unattainable for people in my position.

So what is in our future? I know I want a base camp. That way, we can decide what we want to do. This spot will be our home, an RV or camper van, so we can travel but always have a home or place to come home to. I guess only time will tell when it comes to our future. I still imagine myself with a cabin in the woods, but depending on life, I do not know what will happen. Sixteen months from now, my youngest will graduate high school. I will make more plans then. I guess it will be a let's see what our future will be.