Living In A Historic Town

These are just a few shots I took around town last week from my house to the produce market. These homes and buildings are all dated and historic. I think they all scream small-town Florida charm.

#1. This home is on a corner down the road from where we live. It sings Florida vibes. I love this house with how many windows the home has, and I would love to live in this piece of Florida history. Look at that porch with the shade to keep you cool watching people walk or drive by.

#2. This beautiful historic home is massive, and who could not imagine sitting on the porch drinking sweet tea? This house sits next to the first home. Talk about a difference in time. Also, this home has a no-trespassing sign on the doors. These homes are beautiful, and I wonder what could be said if these walls could talk. But please remember to respect the home and the rules attached to them.

#3. This church can be seen from the main road as you enter the town about half a mile away and has been here since I was a kid. The funny thing is I have lived in the area most of my life and have never been in this church.

4. This building was once a car repair garage and is now a healthy shake place. Seeing this building transformed made my heart happy, as too many old buildings stay empty for far too long. Plus, like many buildings in our downtown area, they are decorated with murals.

5. This building can be seen when you enter our town from the south. I do not know the history of this building, but I love it. I am unsure if anyone lives here because when I walked by once, we saw a cat in the first upstairs window. But living in town for years, I have never seen any human residents.

6. Historic train tracks as you enter the town that are from 1885. These tracks have been here just as long as Brooksville has. The train comes two to three times a day. The sounds of the train cut through the day like clockwork.

I plan on doing a few walking videos of our town soon, but these were some locations close to my home on my way to buy produce and go to the bank. Living in a small town, which has so much history, can be a wonderful thing. The culture and history are even better than living in a larger town. I hope you will enjoy the new walking videos when we can do them. I am hoping this will happen soon as I have had a few health issues.