Living In a Haunted House

 I live in a haunted house. The activity in my home and the homes surrounding me has escalated lately. Some paranormal activity consists of footsteps, sounds from a bygone era, shadow people, and doors opening and closing. Now here is the thing, I already live in a haunted town, and the book I am working on consists of stories about the local area and stuff that I have experienced to me personally. However, after speaking with other people in our neighborhood, we have discovered paranormal activity has ramped up. I live in a mobile home community that is in a historic area. In the last six months, they have removed many old mobile homes and paved the road in our neighborhood/community. The consensus is that was when the activity had started up. Now the question is, what do we do to start pushing back the entities that are making their presence known?

Why am I so worried about this? Personally, for me I really am not concerned. I have lived in haunted homes all my life. I even questioned if I had an attachment and have been told by psychics I do. But she is more of a guardian and is an ancestor. This attachment has been with me since birth, and never had an issue. This new activity is weird as I have lived in my home for almost four years, and only recently has things become odd. All this activity started a few months ago when the community removed eight mobiles. 

But here is a list of the activity that has been happening-

1. The sound of foot steps in our home, the sound of boots on the floor. When my partner first stayed over, he was concerned that someone was in the house. Later found out that the older gentleman who lived in the home before me had moved to a sister joining property and then passed away. A neighbor did say that the man, who used to live in my home, paced the house at night.

2. We inherited a clock from a neighbor who had passed away due to covid. Nancy was a kind woman who took care of the neighborhood strays. After receiving the clock, we discovered that this clock did not chime even after we changed out the batteries to it. One day I was cleaning our bathroom when I heard the chiming sound from the clock hanging on the wall. Checking my phone, I noticed the time was 3:15pm. Now I thought that the motors messed up and continue to clean. Well, 15 minutes later, it starts chiming again. I took the clock down and stopped it, removing the battery. I figured I would have my partner look at it when he got home. I did put the clock back on the wall to keep it safe. An hour later, the clock starts to chime again. It was making noise with no batteries in it. It still randomly chimes during the day.

3. We received this rocking chair from a neighbor who was giving it away. It is a comfortable rocking chair. The chair sits in our living room, and all that I keep on the chair is a blanket I made my boyfriend. This chair will rock on its own. I have done everything I could to debunk this. Yes, we have cats and dogs, and at first, I attributed the rocking to the animals. However, one day, I was folding laundry, and all my dogs were in the bedroom, and the cats, had been put in the front bedroom as I was in and out the front door as I did not want them to sneak out. I was folding laundry at the kitchen table when the chair started rocking. The blanket over the back of chair had flipped forward as it rocked. Walking over, I put my hand on the rocking chair and stopped it. As I walked back to the laundry, the chair started rocking again. I told it to stop, and it did. I have seen the chair rocking on and off, but it stops rocking now when I come in the room. I know the neighbor who gave us the chair got it second hand, so I have no clue who it could be.

4. Shadow people in the home as well as the whole community. Since I moved in four years ago, I have seen quite a few shadow people. The ones inside my house like to watch us when they don't think we can see them. At night we can see then peering wound the corner, and I always tell them I can see them. They don't cause issues and seem to observe us.

5. The front bedroom's AC does not work well, so we keep that door shut and use it for storage. However I have had times where the door opens all the time. I even tied a ribbon to the door and then to a nail next to the door, and I have found the ribbon on the door knob and the door open.

6. We can hear the sound of a 1920's era phone in the house. Neither of our phones have that ring tone. It always seems to emanate from next to the fridge. If we walk to the area while it ringing with your hand on the wall, you can actually feel the vibration of the ringing on the wall.

7. The amount of knocking around the trailer. So you understand, I work from home weekdays on a set schedule currently. So I  have a sign on my front door that states, please do not knock between these hours as it sets off my dogs. My neighbors are great and respect the no knocking request, and they know if they need me will text me instead if they need something. However in the last month I have had cases where there has been loud knocks at the front door. I check the security video feed, and nothing and no one. Our trailer is a few feet off the ground, and I will hear knocking on walls and from the floor and ceiling. I even was able to do shave and a hair cut with the noise.

8. Things are being moved when we go to look for them. My boyfriend bought me a knife for protection and when we go fishing. I keep this knife on me when we are out and in a spot at home so I do not lose it. It disappeared a few days ago, and I found it in my baking cabinet two days later. But I have had this happen with other things in and around the house.

9. We have the spirit of a deceased resident who passed a few months ago in a tragic accident. I won't provide details, but people believe someone caused his death. This spirit has been seen and heard by a few people, not only in his death state but also as he had been before he passed. Although he is angry, he only directs it at the people he feels are responsible who no longer live in the community. We are trying to get him to cross over, but I think he is remaining, until the truth comes out about what really caused his death.

We have also see more ghosts that seem to be on a time loop. The spirit of a old time nurse on a path the corresponds with an old foot path. We have seen another resident who had passed away, returning home on his motorcycle. I have seen people dressed in 1820's clothing as well walking the property 

So these are the more common things happening around us for now. I will not share where we are because we do not need people coming in where we are. But any ideas or suggestions would be great. I know someone will ask the question none of this activity is threatening. However, it has piqued our interest as to why. Place any comments or suggestions below!