Monday, February 6, 2023

The Sun Had Risen

Fishing Bridge Aripeka, Florida 3/5/2022

Well, like the sunrise in this picture I am making the personal decision to rise along with it.  I suffer from very bad anxiety, depression and PTSD.  That being said, there are times where I do not want to do anything in my life.  Then there are times where I am a super motivated individual who wants to do everything.  I am not going to get into the reasons about why I suffer from everything I do, but the reasons are valid and personally its too much to share at this time.  When I am ready though I will share.

But now it's time to bring this blog back to life.  I may not be able to travel yet or add pictures from that but I can say I am able to write. I have had a few people also question if my other social media will be coming back.  To be honest, I am currently going through my social media to see what can be moved to here and what is worth keeping.  The want to simplify my life and cut out all the bad I had in it will also mean cutting out a lot of social media. So you never know.

My goal is in the next three years is to buy a piece of land and go off grid. I want a large garden and to write.  I want to go from working to survive to work to live.  I am also dragging you all along with me for the adventure.

Take care and be blessed all.

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