Why We Are Obsessed With Bridgerton

So, before I start with this post, let me say I am not a professional in any capacity. I do not have a degree in relationships. I am a woman navigating this world where most relationships are battlefields.

Ready? Dear Gentle Readers.

Okay, sorry I couldn't help myself. But let me channel my own Lady Whistledown because she is in each of us. Also, Pen is my favorite character, so I related to her and this season. But enough of that, let's start. Be forewarned when it comes to love and everything that goes with it. I can be a blunt person. Was I once scorned by love? If you only knew. I was married once. But I am thankful he caused me so much misery and pain. I thank heavens he was such a horrible husband and did what he did because I would not have found the love of my life without him being the person he was. Sounds weird? I know it does, but because of him, I found my favorite fisherman, also known as the love of my life. This article may be blunt and bold. Also, the hearts and rainbows will be taking a back seat. If you are easily offended and want a fluff piece, you may want to read another article.

So why do we love Bridgerton so much? Well, for most women, it's not for the eye candy (which there is) but because romance is a dying art. Simple romantic gestures that used to be the norm, like opening a door or escorting a lady around a gathering, are non-existent. Most men will romance a gal until he has her, and then nothing. But it's not just the men's fault readers, it's ours too. Women have stopped putting an effort in as much as men.

Women had to become independent and strong to survive. Most of the ladies out there can handle their shit without needing a man. We can handle things so well that we forget to let romance happen. We ignore red flags and forget we are Queens, and if we want to attract a King, we need to give the same amount of love and attention. But I want to say this to the men, so listen. If you have a strong-willed, independent lady in your life. she wants you for you and NOT for what you can give her.

Even though many of us ladies may have our baggage, many of you do as well. If we do not accept each other for our past, present, and future, what is the point of being in a relationship with someone if we cannot do that?

Women of the world want romance and not a kiss and a slap in the ass. Don't get me wrong, they are nice, but watching the man you love do that and then do their own thing can be disheartening to most women. This author included. We want that great romance or to be with someone who accepts us for who we are and not for what others want us to be.

This author has seen a lot in her years on this planet, and I was blessed to see a few, not many, but a few great love stories play out in front of me. My Grandma was married twice before she found my Grandpa. Their love for each other taught me more about relationships than most relationships I know.

I will say I am no winner, and the man who loves me has to have nerves of steel. Can I handle my shit by myself? Yes, I had to during my first marriage. True romance is hard to find, especially when some ladies and men exploit it and what it is supposed to be. Because of this, many of us slink back to the walls and hide in the shadows. Am I giving up on romance? Never, I am the hopeless romantic who wants a carriage or mirror scene.

Do I want to have a man declare his love for me and let everyone know how much I am loved and cherished? Of course, This brings me to one of the reasons we all love Bridgerton. When the men or women finally realize they are in love, they go after what they want. They want passion and romance with their beloved as much as the one they are chasing.

Am I giving love advice here? Not in a million years, I am not qualified and do not want to touch that with a ten-foot pole. But I will say to all of you, dear readers. We may need to bring back a bit of that Regency romance to the modern day. We all need a little Bridgerton in our lives, regardless of our gender

Be gentle with yourself, dear reader, and be gentle with the ones you love.

Best wishes to your own Bridgerton,