The FARM is HERE!!!

Thirty-five years ago, I was sent to the Young Writers Conference by my middle school English teacher. While at the conference, they had us create a story that we could work on and develop after we left that day. However, at the conference, they helped us bring to life a short story version of our future book. That short story I created all those years ago still sits in a case in the middle school library I attended. How do I know? Visiting the school for an academic event for my middle daughter years later, they had a parent rest station in the library. I spoke to the librarian and told her that I had created the short storybook at the conference. She took me to the case and showed me the book was still there with all the other books created that day. Sitting among all the short stories created that day. It is still there, with all the other works added by the writers who attend the yearly conference. The pages have yellowed, but it's still there.  

So, with that, I am pleased to announce the official release of the farm! Join Amelia as she races against time to stop the legacy of the farm.

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