Being Prepared for Hurricane Season

Does anyone want to answer where in the world May went? We will be heading into June in less than ten days. It means we are heading into hurricane season. What does that mean? Well, for most of the United States, nothing at all. But we should watch the weather and check our supplies in hurricane-prone states. Does that mean to go into full prepper mode? Not at all. My family keeps supplies on hand year-round and rotates through the stock. Being prepared is the key to any situation. Most people in Florida, such as myself, will keep supplies on hand. But if you are new here or did not know there was a list of supplies, click here to see what recommends.

Also, if you do not live in a storm-prone area and have any upcoming trips to any location that could be affected by Hurricane season, Watch the weather. Why? Because hotels and resorts will shut down if they are in the direct path of a storm or if outside an evacuation zone, they may open up to residents who are in the evacuation zone so people can be safe. Last year, I saw many videos and TikTok's of people who came to Florida during a major hurricane or weather event and thought they could check in even after the property contacted the customer multiple times to tell them that the resort or hotel would not be available.

Honesty, I understand that people want a vacation, but people also need to realize that storms and hurricanes are not to be messed with. So my advice is to have a plan. Try to have supplies on hand so you can be safe and well-prepared. Also, remember, as much as you think you're prepared, you may forget that one thing, so ensure you check your supplies and list once a month to stay on top of things.

Be Safe Out There Folks!