Monday, May 20, 2024

Happy Monday Everyone 5/20/2024!

Well, how was your weekend? If you were off, did you get rest? If you worked, I hope you didn't have to deal with Karen's or Ken's! This weekend was a busy one for me as I tried to get cleaning and things done here. Did I get everything done? Not at all. Am I stressing about it? Nope. However, the power went out as I started work this morning. So, I ended up being thirty minutes late for logging in. Thankfully, the workplace was very understanding.  I hope this is not a prelude to the week to come. What does this week hold for you? This week's goal is to work and get things sorted, cleaned, and organized. May the odds be in my favor.

As we are creeping into June, I did want to put a gentle reminder out there. Hurricane season starts on June 1, so please start preparing if you live in areas that could be affected. Even though we have supplies, I try to add more hurricane supplies to the pile just in case. So be safe and remember to keep your heads up.

I hope you all have a great week, and remember to check out the story page.

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