Multi Tasking?

What does one do while working?

Well, I am blessed to be a work-from-home agent. So, between my calls and tasks that need completion for work. I write! Since I have stories on social media sites and many stories and books in progress, I am constantly writing and editing all the written works. If you look at the screenshots below, this is just a tiny bit of what I do daily to ensure everything runs smoothly! That is also besides work and taking care of my family and home!

These are some of the many stories I work on for Kindle Vella! Then, I have three active audiobooks on TikTok and some on YouTube. All the links are on the blog via the Books and Social Media pages. Have any suggestions on the stories? Please feel free to leave suggestions.

Being told to slow down is not something I can readily do. Knowing I am not the only one like this, I want to remind everyone that it's okay not to multi-task. Do what is best for you! 

However, I would love some feedback on all the stories I post.

Just remember to make time for yourself and disconnect when you need to! All work and no play makes one a very cranky person!