Monday, January 15, 2024

Lesson In Love

The following paragraph I posted four years ago on Facebook when I worked as a part time Uber driver. As a driver I met some wonderful people. This story hit me as I had just come out of a twenty-one year mentally abusive marriage to a narcissist and had just started a relationship with the love of my life.


A VERY BIG LIFE LESSON- When someone is important to you let them know how you feel. So many people hide behind the feeling of afraid of being hurt rather than by admitting emotions. You know what life is too fucking short people. Take a leap of faith. ---I drove this lovely elderly couple today from the hospital to their home. The gentleman was a sweetheart and said if he had not admitted early on to his wife of 60 years how he felt he could have lost her. Then she replied with 'I didn't want to hear it at first, but the old coot was very handsome and very persistent. I was afraid of having my heart broken as I was hurt once before. But I am so glad I did.' They are 11 years apart in age, which was frowned upon when they started dating. She was also from a very conservative family and he was from a family who owned a bar.--- They held hands in the back seat of my car and every woman and man should hope to have someone look at them the way they looked at each other. After they got out of my car I drove away crying because their story gave me hope.


I hope this sweet couple are still together and showing how much they love each other. They made a impact on me that day, and even though they do not know it. I wish them the best and a long life together.

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