Ways to Earn a Few Bucks or Some Gift Cards!


Please be aware I am mentioning what type of rewards I am working on. However, a lot of these sites offer a lot of different gift cards/rewards options.

InstaGC has it all- Surveys, activities, and much more. I earn Paypal from this site and love it!

I love Crowdtap! You take surveys to earn gift cards. I earn 1-2 $5 Amazon Gift Cards per week for answering questions.

QuickRewards is an oldschool site. I refer to this as an everything site. You can cash out to PayPal at $.01. I have been using this site for years and love how east it is.

QMEE is awesome! Random Surveys that cash out to Paypal Immediately

SuperPayMe is a great survey site where you can cash out with as little as $1 through Paypal.

Another favorite of mine is Bing. This is through Microsoft and you can earn a bunch of different types of rewards.  I go for the Amazon Gift Cards here as well for doing various searches or tasks.

I am still working my way through Branded Surveys.  All you do is answer Surveys for rewards. I am currently working on a $5.00 deposit for Paypal. 

Swagbucks is the Granddaddy of all sites. There are surveys, tasks, and a lot more to do to earn You can cash out with gift cards, cash cards, or Paypal. I do $5.00 payouts to PayPal.

Survey's Galore that's what I like about Tellwut. I am working on another $10 Amazon Gift Card.

MyPoints is an old-school survey and task site that has been around for years. Working on another $3 Amazon Gift Card.

PrizeRebel is another survey/task site. Currently working on a $5 Gift Card for Amazon.

Feature Points is another survey/task site. Working on a $5 Paypal withdrawal now.

SurveyJunkie Survey site where you can cash out with $5.00 Paypal

OpinionOutpost straight surveys and cash out at $10.00 to Paypal.

Timebucks is another site where you do surveys and tasks. It's an automatic payment when you reach enough on their payment system where you have to earn $10 to redeem.

Earnably  is a great site where you do surveys and complete tasks to earn gift cards

FusionCash is a great survey site and task site. This site however needs you to have $25.00 for payouts and payouts are sent out on a monthly schedule. 

Grabpoints is another survey/task site. I use this site for $2.00 Paypal Cashout, Please be adv if you redeem with Paypal they do charge a fee.

Rewardshopping is a site that does cheap rewards via tiers then you have to do a lot of tasks and surveys to cash out for the higher rewards. I have redeemed the cheaper tiers but then work towards the larger ones.

PointsClub is where do surveys to earn points and you can redeem 25k points. Be aware that sometimes there are lapses in when surveys are available.

CreationsRewards is a survey and task site. You can redeem for Paypal or Amazon Gift Cards.

MySoapBox is a survey fun site where you can redeem for gift cards!


Slice of the Pie is a great site where you review samples of music,  fashion, homeware, and mobile items. Each review starts at .05 USD and you can cash out at $10.00 USD to PayPal

UserCrowd is more freelance than survey sites. However, reviews are good on the work provided.  This site also deposits if you have enough on the account on the deposit day. Payouts are $10 USD

Rapidworkers is a freelance site that does micro-jobs via tasks. Be aware they only cash out with PayPal. Also with the cashouts of $8.48, they have a service fee of 6% for each cashout.

MicroWorkers is a freelance site that does micro-jobs via tasks. Be aware they only cash out with PayPal. Also with the cashouts a minimum of $5.50, they have a service fee of .50 for each cashout.

MTurk is through Amazon this is a freelance site. Payment is either through your bank account or Amazon Giftcards. I myself use the gift cards option.


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