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A Sad Goodbye 2016!


We are off to go see my amazing sister-in-law and brother-in-law in Kansas so I thought you all would love to see an ongoing picture journal of our trip, of course, we would be going during a blizzard but that's all part of our adventure. Keep checking back. (OK the weatherman at the original posting time was completely wrong and it's not going to be a blizzard just cold once we get up north, see southern girl here cold is where I can't wear my flip-flops)
Lol, the curse of taking a trip has struck again!!! I went running a few errands for leaving tomorrow and my truck's starter kicked the bucket!!!  Thank god it's fixable and we are using a rental car this week!!!
By the way, I am sorry if it looks bad to start I am updating everything on my phone.
So are we almost there yet.... Not quite but that's part of the adventure....time for a good nights sleep I have cookies to make in the morning for a certain someone.....  
So here we go the cookies and packing have started!!!
Well, the cookies are done and the packing is finished except for toiletries.  Now I am just resting for a few!! I just hope I didn't forget anything.
We are off!!!
Well we are on our way now! Hopefully it's clear sky's all the way through!!
It's funny I have lived in Florida for so long I forget how pretty it is sometimes. I think that Andy, the kids and myself are gonna have to do some more exploring this year!
Well we did have a great sunset!!
Then we did our first rest stop because it was needed even if it was cold!!
It's a tad bit cold!!! Almost to Tallahassee!
Well after we got to Tallahassee we were hungry so we went to Cracker Barrel for dinner.  Fun fact there are over a couple hundred Cracker Barrels nation wide and the one we went to last night was number 44.  We had a great server who went out of her way.
Then after dinner we were given the treat to a beautiful sunset!!!
We then got into Alabama and made it pretty far.  I will admit we did have to stop to rest because we both got tired but I won't complain because we were greeted with a sunrise.
I waited where we were for the kids and hubby to wake up. The sunrise was so pretty. But they awoke and it is time for food:)
We might be doing a long trip but you can't complain with views like these.

Well, we hit Mississippi! What a rushing beast. Also, the wind has picked up but we got this.

Then there is Arkansas. Not much here.

I mean at one point we thought we made a wrong turn.
 Then I haD a thing for an older building
OK I lied there is something very important in Arkansas and I want to kick myself for not remembering it. The Ozark mountains!!! I know right Angie how did you forget the mountain range.... In the car with 4 kids, yes I can forget. One of the most haunted mountain ranges in the continental United States. I would love to come back and do a ghost tour sometime.

Sadly I didn't get any pictures in Oklahoma but it was getting late. I did get one skyline shot once we got into Kansas though.
So we are here now and after a good night sleep, it's family time.
Tuesday!! Today was just a family day! We were so tired we just decided to relax and watch movies during the day. However, Pam and the girls did a spa night that night.
Then we had some more family time on Wednesday!! Because that is what it's about!

Thursday!! We are just waking up and chilling out. Later tonight my oldest daughter and mother-in-law arrive!!!
But first, the kids had to say see you later Uncle Micheal!!
Then we rested hanging out for the day watching movies!!! Including "Practical Magic"
Then Maiya decided that she would be part of this after all.
Then Autumn and Sue got here!!
Then we ran to target because Andy's coat was not heavy enough.  Now he is better!
When we came back Pam and the gals were having spa time.

Today is Friday!! Let's see what adventures we can have today!!!  
Pam decided that we are doing a zoo day!!!

Now that we are back home it's dinner and family time.  Thank You to all of the amazing people who provided our family with such yummy meals while we were visiting PAM!! You will forever have my thanks and gratitude.
Today is our last full day of visiting.  Our car is packed and ready for leaving tomorrow so we can stay ahead of the snow storm that is forming.  This week has truly been a blessing.  

Sunday!!! Now it's time to say until next time.
We are off!!!! Sadly this is our last goodbye!
One thing we noticed in Kansas as we were leaving.
#1 there is a lot of casinos here in Kansas!
Then they have my respect for the immense amount of wind turbines.
Goodbye Kansas, hello Oklahoma!!
We are making some really good time through Oklahoma!!

Ladies and gents we have arrived in Arkansas!!  We are making a great time.
I am having serious writer's block on editing and finishing this up stayed tuned.
I have decided to finish up this page. I am saddened to say that the pics from Memphis, Alabama, and Florida were forgotten with sleep.
When your writer things usually are either very easy or very hard to write.  This road trip was taken to say "till we see you again" to a very special woman.  I personally believe we will see each other again because life in this realm of existence cannot be it.  
Pam you have inspired my children and myself to follow our hearts and dreams and we love you to the moon and back.  You honestly bring out the good in people.  If we had more people in the world like you the world would be a better place.  I know while the kids can still communicate with you they will, and they will continue to learn from your example  We love you and until next time !!

Sadly Pamela Marie Wilcox went to the great beyond March 27, 2016, and there is not a day that we do not miss her!


  1. You shouldn't be going near the blizzard unless you take a wrong turn north

    1. I know the weather man needs to stop guessing I updated it.


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