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Meals For the Mom Who Is Trying Not To Lose It!

So lets be honest, none of us are millionaires. Most of us are busy mom's working our butts off really trying not to lose our shit! I am lucky that my boyfriend is awesome and actually enjoys cooking as much as I do so I have someone who shares with the work in the kitchen. As much as I love following recipes, let's be honest. When you have had a hard day who really wants to follow a long, complicated recipe and spend a fortune on ingredients. An if you have kids you have homework, after school activities and probably a laundry list of things to do. So I have scoured PINTEREST to find you the recipes to help you out for both time and cost.

*Please note that I do not own these recipes*

Do you need to eat on a budget this week? Check out these easy, dirt cheap meals! They're all under $5, and can be made for one or two, or even large families. Making your grocery lists and menu planning on a budget is very simple with these easy dinners. Saving money and eating healthy is possible! Tons of ideas here - chicken, ground beef, chicken, casseroles, pasta recipes, and more. Perfect for frugal living families with kids! #cheapmeals #easydinner #menuplanning #mealplan

Made with simple, inexpensive ingredients like ground beef, chicken and pasta, these hearty casseroles will fill everyone up without emptying your wallet.

The Cheapest Meal Ideas

20 almost frugal dinner meals for busy week nights. #saveonfood #frugalmeals

Frugal Living | It's not as heard as you might think to eat when money is tight. Here are 50 frugal meals you can make when you don't have a lot of money to spend on groceries. #frugalliving #frugaltips #frugalmeals #frugalfoods #savingmoney #budgeting #H

10 fast and frugal easy to make weeknight recipes. Food makes up a lot of our budgets. But what do you do when money is really tight? Here are 10 frugal meals to make when you're broke. #frugalmeals #frugalmealshealthy #frugalmealsforfour #frugalmealsfortwo #frugalmealsforlargefamilies #frugalmealsandsnacks #frugaldinners #frugaldinnersfamilies #frugaldinnerssavingmoney #frugaldinnersfor4 #frugaldinnersrecipes #frugaldinnersvegan

Healthy, easy cheap recipes for your family or for two. Check out all these fantastically frugal recipes. Whether you want keto, vegetarian, vegan or budget recipes for college students, these 55 cheap recipes  have got you covered.

I hope these recipes help! Mom's and even those Dad's need help from losing their shit! When you're on a budget and money gets tight, you need all the help you can get. The same holds true when you're working all the time to make sure you have what you need.

Much Love Everyone, 



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