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Sometimes Giving Up On Someone Is The Only Option....

Now don't take the title the wrong way because when it comes to my life I am not giving up but when it comes to certain people in my life I am shutting the door that has been held open for much too long.  I had held hope and faith that my soon to be ex-husband would come around and realize what he is doing to me but to our family. I had held faith that I could save my marriage. I spent the last week sick because of my allergies and sinuses and have been barely able to get out of bed. Do you know who took care of me the whole time? Myself and my kids. Every time he would be around there would be nothing but sly remarks and crude comments.  My own son has made the comments that his dad is not acting like a dad should.  That shocked me a bit that my eleven-year-old can see what is right and what is wrong along with my fourteen-year-old but a forty-year-old man can't.  Now you may ask why am I bringing this up? Because I made the mistake that I hope other ladies can learn from.

Seriously ladies and gentleman learn from my mistake.  If the person you love treats you like crap and you know you are doing nothing wrong then there is probably something going on behind the scenes.  In my case, he is adamant that there is not however from private sources that know us both I have been informed that he hasn't been faithful to me since he has come back since our separation and that makes a ton of sense considering if you haven't got a promotion you have been working on since you came back they are not testing you after three years they are using you... or your lying about where you have been. In the case of our marriage, he has been lying.

Another good indicator you need to end the relationship you are in is when you get blamed for stuff that you know you could not have done.  See my soon to be ex-blames me for everything.  When I say everything I mean everything.  My oldest will post pictures and videos of our Granddaughter to social media and it's my fault that he doesn't get to see it because he does not do social media. Now I understand that he doesn't like social media but when you are one of the only family members on both sides of the family who is not on social media don't expect our daughter to make a special exception just for you. Acting like an entitled asshole is one of the many reasons we are in this position now.  I even tried being nice and would show him and he is like I am busy... while playing a video game.  But it's my fault.

I have four other children my seventeen and eighteen years old have joined on the dad bandwagon. Why do I mention this because I have talked to him about how the teens talk to me and he asked what is he supposed do. I asked him to please have them stop to which he is like nope. For everyone who has known him for years, this is part of his manipulation ploy.  He did this when we had separated last time as well. My girls were younger than and realized what he was doing was wrong now they are at the age where they are moving out soon and he hands them whatever they want so they don't care.  I hope one day they will open their eyes to what he is doing because its wrong,  The way they are acting is wrong.  I love my teens and I will never give up on them it just hurts a lot.  But all of this is my fault.

I have had to start a go fund me page HERE!  Why because I need to get my little kids to a drama free zone and because I am seriously worried that their dad is planning something bad and I don't want them to become casualties of his so-called revenge against me.  I have even got to the point that I have to record any conversations he has against me because I am afraid of what he is going to do. (I tell him that the conversations are being recorded so he knows and as he has threatened to have me put in jail on multiple times when I called and asked the local sheriff what I should do this was the suggestion from them to cover my own ass.

This post was because I had have been asked privately whats been going on so I figured an update was in order. I am trying to get back into my regularly scheduled crazy and happy content.  I am currently working on new material that should be out daily soon.

Peace and Love,



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