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This day and age we all want to skirt around doing things that take forever. What if there was a more simple way to do things such as work and clean? Here are 10 very simple life hacks that can help you every day!

1. Pineapple juice is more effective than cough syrup to help you stop a cough! Yes, its true a chemical in it called Bromelain combats infections and fights against bacteria.  I tried this personally and yes it does work. Besides I hate taking medication so I am always looking for a drug free alternative.

2. Febreeze kills ants on contact and doesn't smell up your house with chemicals! True, I tried this the other night with Doller Tree febreeze and it worked!

3. You can use nail polish remover to clean the white part of your sneakers.

4. Use a cupcake liner to catch the drippings of an ice pop! Just pop a hole in the middle and it will help reduce sticky fingers.

5. If you have any of these stains these products can help remove them:

Grass- Use Vinegar
Red Wine- Use White Wine
Grease- Use Soda
Blood- Hydrogen Peroxide
Oil- White Chalk
Coffee- Baking Soda
Deodorant- Denim or A Dryer Sheet
Sweat- Lemon Juice
Lipstick- Baby Wipes
Ink- Milk
Makeup- Shaving Cream

Yes, I have tried these stain removers and they do work!

6. Here is a great one if you are a parent: If your child sends a letter to their favorite Disney character they will receive an autographed 8 by 10. I did this about 2 years ago for my favorite to see if it worked and yes I got one back.

Send to:
ATTN: "Characters Name"
Walt Disney Communications
PO BOX 10040
Lake Buena Vista, Fl.

7. Permanent Marker Stains! If you have kids and use these markers you know the headache!

Cloths- Hand sanitizer
Walls- Toothpaste or hairspray
Wood- Rubbing Alcohol
Carpet- Use White Vinegar
Furniture- Use Milk (not nut milk I tried it has to be reg whole milk)
White Board- Use a dry erase marker or pencil rubber eraser
Ceramic- 1 part toothpaste with 1 part baking soda

8. If you are a baker! Use Marshmallows in your brown sugar bag or container to keep it soft!

9. Homemade Icepacks that won't harden but get super cold.

Mix 1 part Rubbing Alcohol to 3 parts water. We did this one year as a science project and it works. It never froze but got super cold and stayed colder longer.  We ended up keeping it as an ice pack and made a few more with cloth covers.

10. Do you have a pair of shoes that are a tad to tight? Put on a pair of fluffy socks and the shoes and use your blow dryer on the shoes the shoes will start to stretch!

I hope you enjoyed these few life hacks.  If you did check out "my life made simple" board on Pinterest!

Well, all that's it for now! Blessings and Prayers!



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