Sears, Shop Your Way Rewards and Really Bad Customer Service!

Let me put you on hold

So part of the problem was I waited so long in hopes my original order would appear! The other part of the problem is the lack of people doing their job correctly.

So in June of 2018 I had placed multiple orders online using my Shop Your Way Rewards points. All the orders I had placed came in except for one. When I would pick up the other orders I would always ask about the lone pair or leggings that seemed to be lost in the wind.  Well, just about two weeks ago I realized I had points that were going to expire so I went ahead and placed a new order. Then I realized, oh wow those leggings NEVER arrived and got online with their chat team and explained the situation.  The gentleman was nice and said he had cancelled the order as he confirmed they did not arrive and I would see my refund of $8.47 in 3 to 5 business days.  Perfect as I am going up there to use the last of my points on Saturday to get an item my daughter needed.  I go on to check my points and there is no refund. So first I try talking to them through chat. ERROR! Seriously, every page on their site came up with the word ERROR! Then I call them. First representative disconnects the call. The second representative transfers me to the next representative who ends up being in the wrong department and they transfer me back to the start of the representatives again to which I get disconnected a second time because I asked  to speak to a supervisor.

Now I had worked for Sears till January of 2018 in various departments in the store. I was let go for the sole reason of being a full timer. I know what they were allowed to do still from a previous order I had problems with  and this is not just bad customer service, but shows that the brand of Sears does not care about its customers or reputation. Sears used to be a company that was customer centric now its about lining the pockets of a CEO who really does not care what happens to the company or its reputation.  Yes, Eddie I am directing that towards you and the board wanting their bonuses. So I will pick up my order I had and if they have what I need I might use up the remaining points I have, however, after this unless they make the situation right I seriously doubt I will shop there again.

Buyer Beware,


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