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 That's right! The gift and resale store is now being known as Perfectly Imperfect Creations and Resale.  Merchandise will be added below as we stock for 2022!

$1 bin found HERE!

5 size large nursing scrubs $15

2ft by 1 ft spring sign $3

$3 8x8 plate

Cat sign $5

Size 15 bamboo jeans $3

Size large scrub ladies $3

Decorative plate stand $2

$5 wood fishing sign

Electronic picture frame $3

Fondue Pot $3

Mens Brass over Silver Bracelet $10

Works used once. I like free handing my cuts. $10

Size 2x $3





Size 7 boys coat $3

Princess House Needs Cleaning $5

Princess House Needs Cleaning $5

World of Warcraft Collectors doll $3

World of Warcraft Collectors doll $3

Size 5-8 older boys roller blades $10

Collectors edition boxed set. $5

Lily bloom side pouch bag $5

Needs battery. $10

                                                              Spring Sign 2ft x 8 inches $5

Spring Sign 18in by 8 inches $5

Size Large Ladies $3

6 inch decorative plate $3

VHS $3

VHS $3

VHS $3

Woman's 3X $10

Size 10 Girls Winter Dress $5

Handheld Manual Cookie Press $3

Hand Crocheted Wine Bag $3

Hand Crocheted Wine Bag $3

Hand Sewn Peanuts Xmas Ornaments $8

Cedar Snuggie $3

Micky Head Hemp Cord Neclace $2

Child's Jedi Snuggie $3

Sigil pot $10

Handmade Animal Baby Blanket $3

Size Large $3- X2 Available

Tags still on Jimmy Johnson Tee Ladies Fit $3 Large

PS4 Remote Parts Only

Jrs Large $5

Casserole dish on warming platform $5

Star Wars Matching Game $2

Leia In partial package $3

Christmas Stocking $3

Valentine's/ Love plate $5

                                                      Toys R Us Exclusive Bond Pop $10

                                                         Princess House Crystal Pitcher $10

Nascar Ladies Fit Dale Jr Hats. $4 each

8 by10 All about your boy with spot you can add info to! $4


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