Affresh Cleaning Products!

So I belong to a great site and once in a while, I get these great products to try out! This time around I was lucky enough to get a couple of samples of Affresh Cleaning Products! I had always seen these products at the store and was curious to see how they would hold up in my house especially with the teens, pets, and friends that visit and I will tell you what Affresh is the best secret I have found so far and I will definitely be using this product in the future! I am normally skeptical of cleaning products as I am a bleach everything girl but I was impressed with what they sent to me. For your shopping convenience, I also added affiliate links to the products on Amazon!

So they sent me Stainless Steel Cleaning Spray! I am in love with this product my fridge gets so bad so fast and you can see the difference in the picture below with the one side used and the other side yet to be!

The second item was the Machine Cleaning Wipes for the washing machine and it did a great job also! However, I am washing curtains and my machine locks so I will have to add a picture later on so you can see how well this product worked as well.

The last item is the Cooktop Cleaning Wipes and I was impressed as my stove was bad and if you look at the picture below the top burner was worse than the bottom and look how clean it got my stove.

So what is this crazy ladies opinion on the cleaning products? I am sad that I did not try them earlier! If you have any opinions on the product let me know in the comments below! 

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