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No More Delays I am BACK!

 Hey all it's been a long time!  I have missed being on my blog, however, life does happen.  As most know I went through a huge move in October of 2019. What most people don't know is I met an amazing man shortly after. I was not looking to fall in love or even start a relationship but I did. This man whom I am still with now is the most patient, kind and amazing man. I truly believed god put him in my path for us to meet.  

But even with happiness rain does need to fall. In April of 2020 at the start of COVID. I had a mental breakdown. My ex-husband took both younger kids and between him and his mom had started spreading rumors about me. A horrible trash campaign I found out about when a child of mine who is older confronted me about stuff I had no clue about. When I started hearing the awful spiteful words that my ex-husband used against me come out of my sons mouth is when I finally lost it. I am thankful that my boyfriend is so amazing, because a lesser man would have fled from the mess I was.

But, I started therapy and started a lot of self healing. I am lucky my man is still by my side and my kids are coming around. But most of all I started the most important part of the process which is accepting and starting to love myself.  

What does that mean for my future? I started writing and crafting again. You will be able to see everything here on the website. My perfectly imperfect creations are now posted right on the 2021 sale page.  The rough drafts of my new stories are on the books link.  I am working at a job that I love as well as freelancing and being happy. 

Why am I sharing this? Ladies and gentleman do not make the biggest mistake I made and believe you do not deserve happiness. We all deserve happiness and love. You have a moral obligation to not only yourself but to your kids to do what makes you happy and you need to spread those wings and FLY.

More amazing content will be starting back now as I made sure my blog which makes me happy is now a priority!

Much Love, 



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