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Becoming Organized! A One Week Challenge!

The Problem!

So normally I am a pretty organized person. I can usually get everything I need to get finished, completed and have time to spare. However, recently I have been struggling badly!  I have had some people who are close to me saying you're taking on too much and you're putting too much  pressure on yourself.  The thing is I have to do everything I have taken on because if I don't who will handle it? I am a Mom, Teacher, Home Guru, Business Owner, Freelancer, Professional Crafter and Independent Contractor!  The last four are how I make money to help support my children and myself.  If I don't handle business I do not have anyone else who can do it!

I watched a video blog post on Facebook last night about a woman who tried the Navy Seal 4:30am wake up challenge for five days. Let's be honest though for everyone who really knows me, you know if I get stuck on a project late at night I will be going to bed at one or two in the morning.  So that is a huge not happening in my book.  So I am going to be a little more reasonable. I am going to shoot for a 5:30am-6am wake up call. 

What I Want To Accomplish!

Then I made a list of things I wanted to accomplish more along with my day job of being an independent contractor.  Now this list is in no particular order!

1. Focus on my daily crafting projects for my gift store.

2. Being able to freelance more to earn more money.

3. Not feeling like I am rushing when I am cleaning the house and doing chores.

4. Maintaining the blog and doing multiple articles and updates every week.

5. Working on the next book I have set for publication as well as getting some book plot lines published in the book section of the blog.

6. Getting my exercise on! Yes, I walk and do cardio as well as yoga and have been losing weight, however, I am stuck on a wall at 220 pounds. The problem is at 8pm when I was used to doing it, I am normally exhausted and all I want to do is sit and relax.
7. Not rushing to make meals during the day or deserts. I really miss having the time to cook and enjoy the food.

8. Being able to have more one on one time for Robbie's Homeschooling.

9. Having time to take care of myself. Seriously,  I want some me time to meditate or even just shave my legs.

10. Making time for things I enjoy.

So how am I going to accomplish all of these goals this week? That is easy I plan on organizing myself a bit more and getting a game plan underway.

Sunday Night 2-3-2019

Well, I did my walk this afternoon so I could be rested tonight and ready for my start in the morning. This early to bed idea hinged on getting Robbie to bed at a decent time.  However, his dad told him "Yeah, go play your video game you can stay up." Then he went out and left getting Robbie to bed my deal. I explained to Robbie that I want to go to bed so he has to go to bed and he is a smart kid so we are almost to bed.

The next thing I did was I decided was dinner for Monday!  I decided Vegetarian Taco Soup!  Super simple and I had everything in the cabinet since its an open and dump crock pot recipe.  Since I wasn't sure on how the kids would like the soup I am only making a small batch of it, so I cut the recipe down by half just so we can try it. I hate waste and throwing out food and my kids can either say yes, we like it or no we hate it so we will see. I know breakfast and lunch is handled with the food in the fridge so I feel good knowing that I organized myself in this small part of my life. 

After I decided dinner and got that organized I sat down and made sure that Robbie's assignment list is ready to go in the morning so we can do all his assignments for the week.  I do this so he knows the bare minimum he has to do during the week  and there is less arguing.

Well. I finally am getting Robbie down to sleep at 10pm so I am off to get some sleep myself! See you all between 5:30a and 6am.

May the goddess and gods be merciful!

Monday, 2-4-2019

Had a super hard time getting up today, so I did not roll out of bed until 6am.  I feel okay, however, I went to get toilet paper to put in the bathroom and discovered that the tankless hot water heater had sprung a leak and my entire laundry room floor had water all over it.  Call the emergency line to see what the option could be since the manual didn't even tell you how to shut the water off to it.  When I talked to the national emergency line to find out how to shut the water off.  When he called he had stated that the call center rep told the local technician that my basement was flooded.... I have a basement? I explained I needed to find out how to shut the water off as it was leaking. He laughed about it and said not flooded? I explained I was in there at 11:45pm and had put hand towels in the basket and nothing was wet when I reached into the basket the basket was soaked as well as the floor, so this had to have happened over night! The technician is getting my information in so we can see if its under warranty still (it should be) and is going to call me back asap! Thankfully its not a huge drip and I have a bucket under it now.

 A perk of being up this early I am almost done with the cleanup from this water leaking.  The bad thing is that unless I was to call an emergency plumber nothing is open yet!

So how was your morning so far?

2:06 Pm- Today had been a very trying day and I almost scrapped the experiment. Almost! Still getting things done and moving, however, due to events beyond my control I am having a hard time dealing with things right now.

8:43 pm- Well, I made it and I am exhausted!  After the whole waking to a leaking hot water tank and the garbage that came along with that I did accomplish more than what I thought!  I hope that tomorrow is a bit better, but that will have to wait.

Tuesday, 2-5-2019

7:07am and I could not get up this morning. I slept through my alarm at 5:30 and could not drag myself out of bed until about 6:15am.  I did everything to get moving, but I was very tired.  It does not help that my stress level is through the roof and I feel like my body is fighting itself.  I am definitely going to go to bed earlier tonight.

7:50am Walk for the day out of the way!

9:50am Started laundry, Freelanced some, took buddy for a walk, did dishes and showered. To me this is a great accomplishment to get all of this done before I even start my work shift today! Now to start Robbie on his school work!

2:00pm Well, work shift is over and got calls I needed to get done finished! Now I have some time to do some freelancing and get some stuff done!

Without going into details for the rest of the day I had a medical issue that had to be dealt with so I was not as productive as I wanted to be.  After dealing with it, I was pretty much in bed at that point sick as can be. But as the true mom, boss, I am at least I got to get Robbie settled and Buddy walked.

Wednesday, 2-6-2019

Good Morning, Not really, I have been dealing with a medical issue since yesterday afternoon and am still feeling the aftermath of it now.  I was up at 5:15 this morning when my kids, dad's car alarm was set off.  I might have dozed on and off till 6:00am when my second alarm went off.  I did get up and take Buddy for a walk, but when I came home I lay in bed and answered emails because I feel like I have been hit by a bus.  I am hoping as its a long work day I can push through. 

After a wonderful visit to the hospital due to a medical issue I have been discharged.  I can not believe this experiment of mine has had so many issues. 

Thursday, 2-7-2019

Well, due to so many issues I have had some serious thought and am going to have to adjust my times and try to finish this experiment the best I can.  However, due to the fact I need rest I might just have to see what I am going to be able to do as I am actually pretty sick. I am hoping in the next day or so I might be able to get it back on track and give you a better understanding of what I have found.

Friday, 2-8-2019

Due to a mini health crisis the experiment had to be cancelled. My health was  unfortunately not cooperating and I ended up having to sleep between work shifts to get through what I was going through.  It was not a good thing for me.

However a silver lining to this whole attempt at this experiment is that it did work the way it was supposed to!  When I got up at an earlier hour I did get a bunch of things done and had a much more productive day!  It helped me get through what I needed to get through and I found some time to accomplish some of the goals I had originally strived to do at the beginning of this whole experiment. As my health issues kicked back in I am going to have to take it a bit slower. 

This experiment did prove if you apply yourself, you can indeed accomplish anything you put your mind to and being organized and on a schedule is possible. Since this experiment crashed and burned I have started to get myself in a routine so I can be more organized. The best thing about it is that it works. I hope, although my experiment went to the wayside that you can take something from this experiment.

-Blessings and Love



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