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A Fresh Step To A Productive New Year!

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First and foremost, let me wish everyone a very belated Merry Christmas and a much anticipated Happy New Year!  Here at things have been a bit on the crazy side settling into a new normal for our group and family.  So let me catch you up on all our crazy!  

The Blog and Business are doing fantastic and I want to thank all of my amazing readers for that.  The Gift and Resale store is finally picking up momentum and slowly getting views and sales!   We will be getting new business cards made soon as well as flyers. Also coming up soon we will be starting to be vendors at local markets as well as flea markets! This makes me super excited!!! I am currently working on getting tables as well as a canopy tent! Also starting in January the blog will also start to host contests and giveaway's to gain readership as well as have some fun so please keep an eye out.  Prizes will be from the gift and resale store!

In the writing section of the blog, I will be posting the unfinished works at times so you can actually see and read what I am working on the rough versions. However, I thought some would like to see what's going on there and I love to get peoples opinions and views on the story in rough draft form.  Remember my rough drafts are never a guarantee for the finished story, but I love to share and love to have feedback on stories. I am hoping my next book will be out in paperback or e-book later this year.

Another thing I have received an overwhelming amount of support on was my weight loss journey! I have had quite a few private messages about how it has encouraged people to start a journey of their own. So far I am down sixty-five pounds and counting. I am currently at 220 and have hit a wall. However, I think part of that is I did slow down over the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday so it is also my fault for not being out there and working on myself like I should have.

As for my car situation, I am still working on it. I am hoping I will have a car soon because I love doing the travel posts and videos on YouTube and I have had many of you amazing readers tell me how much you enjoy it! So cross those fingers and toes that I will be bringing you new content soon in the way of adventures! 

It had been decided by me that my son will not be returning to the middle school he was in due to a problem with a teacher he is officially being home-schooled. Now let me first and foremost say I am not that type of mom. My son's father had a meeting with the teacher in question and the principal. The meeting was a disaster!  Why did his dad go and not me? Well, I had just started my new job and was in training during the meeting time and they did not want to change the time so I could attend.  I wish I could have because I have a copy of the meeting notes and basically the teacher and principal basically shifted the blame onto my son and took no responsibility whatsoever.  So when they got home his dad handed me the papers and said you handle it. Okay, fine! I called and left six separate messages for this teacher. No reply! Finally, I sent a note to school with Robbie that stated if I did not hear from her I would be coming up to the school and insisting on an immediate meeting with the principal and herself. I finally got a call. Like most families here in Florida we were hit by the flu bug so my son had missed a few days of school. All missed days were accompanied by a note when he had returned to school. When I started talking to the teacher, I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt.  Being a teacher is hard and I did not want to be that mom. Then she accused my son, of skipping school. This school is a secure school, kids cannot just leave the campus going out the doors will set off alarms. I was so taken back when she said I asked her to repeat herself. Then I followed up with what days?  She gave me the days he had been home sick and I told her before she accuses someone she should check the school records and she replied well when it comes to your son..... I stopped her right there and thanked her for her time and stated that I will be contacting the school board and she had solidified my decision to home-school Robbie.  He is now an official home-school kiddo!  However, it did not stop her from making his life hard till he finished the semester nit picking every little thing he did to the point he would come home in tears every day.

Megan is officially a High school Graduate!! She has decided not to walk in June and wants to just leave High school behind. She wants no Drama in life and is working and happy. Sarah is doing great in her year of school and has started her I am going to be sixteen countdown! Jenny has been living on her own and living her own life.  As for Autumn her and her family is settled back in town and are living their life as well. Her little girl still amazes me with how much she is like her Mama and Daddy! My Heart is full watching all of my children be themselves and live their lives they way they want!

This year coming up will be a continued adventure and I hope to see everyone along this amazing and crazy journey! Let's have a year with new experiences that bring us wonder and joy!

Blessings and Love,


Head Crazy Lady


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