Tuesday, May 29, 2018


Okay so a few months ago my subscriber count went from a nice number that made me happy to zero.  I contacted google and they sent me a new gadget to add to my blog but still nothing. So since I was in such a great mood already I decided to contact google again and this time after the nice tech talking me through everything and literally going through the process in baby steps we finally(hopefully) figured out what the problem was. Drumroll, please....... They sent me the wrong gadget originally. So if you subscribed before I am sorry but I think we are finally fixed. Finally, I tested it with my own email and it seems to work now. I will be posting videos crafts and as always updates for the blog right here all you have to do is hit FOLLOW ===>
Just remember to verify it in case you contact me I can contact you back.

Because seriously the last 24 hours have been rough!

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