Monday, May 14, 2018

Saving My Sanity!

--Update 5/15--
I did this post to show how bad things were. All I asked was it for it to be shared if someone could help ok and if not ok as well. I personally like working for everything in my life and will continue to do so.

Original Post 5/14
I never thought I would ever be put in a position that I would have to ask for help the way I am.  the fact that I am in this position honestly make me physically ill, to say the least. I am a hopeless romantic I used to believe marriage is forever and that love could conquer all. I am so wrong.

I live with a manipulative vindictive monster. He uses my anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder against me and uses my buttons to put me into attacks and fights. I want to take my kids and run.

You might want to know the whole story though. In 2013 he cheated on me and moved out to raise another women's family. In 2015 he claimed he made a mistake and was in love with me. God was I so stupid. I wish I could go back to my younger self and smack her. He came back because he had received a letter with what child support was going to make him pay every week.

Since he came home he has put me in a position to where my issues peak, where he has manipulated my two older teens into treating me worse than he does so they can do his dirty work. He has my 14 years old constantly questioning her position in his life. and worse thing he is teaching my son its okay to use people, to treat a woman like utter garbage and throw anyone who is not useful away.

My soon to be ex-husband has threatened to call the police on me for anything and everything. It has gotten so bad I had to call the Sheriffs office and file an incident report just in case he goes through with this.

He has destroyed me financially. He destroyed my car had me use all my funds to pay for household bills and groceries until I was bleed dry while he banked his money. Now I am stuck and this is what I need to do. Get a car so I have transportation to get to and from a job and take care of my kids. Uber is expensive when you are using it for everything.

I have been emotionally and verbally brought down to the point I can't do it alone anymore, I need help. If you can that's great. If you cant I understand all I ask is if you could pass this along to a friend that might be able to help. I also have an online store so if you don't want to donate through PayPal or my gofundme campaign I have gotten to the point I am selling a bunch of stuff and have reached over 1600+ items and I ship nationwide for actual shipping. 

I need to rescue myself and my kids from my husband before things get worse. My older teens have videos during my breakdowns where I say mean things and drop a pot of rice at their feet I won't deny it. I just want to rescue them before its too late. Their dad uses people and throws them away and I can't have that happen to my kids again. I am doing this behind my ex's back because the ramifications on this will be horrendous if he finds out.

All I ask if you can't help please just share the link to the blog post so maybe someone else can.

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