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As Of This Post, There Are
230 DAYS
Until Christmas

Now I can hear you "WHY ANGIE WHY!"
Well, I am pointing it out because now because now is the time to get some shopping done on the cheap and you won't have to worry about the crunch later on. For those who know me already know that I am a Christmas fanatic!  From baking cookies to giving gifts. I do have one advantage though I am a professional crafter so making the people I love and care for gifts is not a bad thing for me. I have been known to dig into my own crafting store for the last minute gift for a child's friend or an unexpected event like a baby shower or wedding shower! However if your crafty put your uses to work for you and make yourself some gifts or do what I do now and look for the cheaper deals. That way come Black Friday you can sip your coffee and laugh at the people who are rushing to find the deals you already got months before.

So here are some great ways to save money for the holiday season.
There are some affiliate links to show you examples of what you can get to make your shopping easier.

Are you crafty? Do you have a bunch of younger family members running around? How about making them something super special? I loved when my Grandma would make me gifts. If you crochet or knit and just watch TV at night how about buying some of this yarn and make a few small Linus blankets? Or do you have a teen in your life that has to have one of those new nifty chunky blankets? Just a note on the chunky blankets be aware of where you buy them and if you can make one on your own because some store ones are made poorly and the good quality ones are very expensive. Or do you have that special lady (or guy) in your life who loves scarves?  A nice scarf can run you a pretty penny, however, by making a scarf you can show you care and you can find such pretty colors for the person your making them for.

So what about gifts that you should keep around during the holidays in case someone drops by? Or were you invited to a last-minute Christmas or holiday party? Or is it the last week of school before the holiday break and you forgot to get the teacher a small thank you?  I have a cheap and easy solution for that as well and you can get your craft on for this as well.  Decorate some wooden ornaments first. Use paint, markers or if you want to let your little ones get their crafting on crayons to decorate the ornaments. Add your new masterpieces to a candle wrapped in cellophane! I did this to 40 candles and let me tell you they lasted me 2 years of gift giving. Perfect to keep and easy to store.

What about that foodie in your life? Do they love the kitchen so much you should make them a bed in there? How about making them a personalized apron? Start with a plain apron. Then if you are like me and know a ton of foodies who are in desperate need of having the apron washed after a huge cooking or baking throw down I needlepoint a personalized picture and decorations.

Do you have a budding writer in your family? How about encouraging their creative side with a new journal, pens, and carry bag! You could decorate the carry bag to the personas taste and you become #1 in their book because you did a gift to their taste.

The last idea I have for you today is something I love to do. Do you ever go on sites like Pinterest and see all those cool quotes and saying made as signs? Did you ever think wow that would be so cool because that quote fits mom or dad? Or oh my sister loves the beach she would love that! Well, guess what you can make it as well. All it takes is some canvas paint and a bit of fun. This is by far one of my favorite crafts to do for the holiday season! But you do have to make a few tiny decisions. Which size canvas do you want to make? 11 by 148 by 10, 5 by 7. Then what are you going to use to make the picture Paint or Markers! I normally prefer paint myself, however, I have seen some amazing pictures done by fellow crafters where the artist used markers!

Well, I hope these Christmas crafting ideas helped you all out! I myself am making some blankets right now for select family members for Christmas. As I love to make things for the holiday season I am sure you will see some completed pics later on. Also, I love to share ideas so if you have one you would like to share or if your having a problem with a project message me in the comments below and I will be glad to help out with some advice.

Blessings, Love, and Happiness
To you all,



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