Hello Everyone!

Well, How are your New Years going so far? Sadly to say for me I am a little disappointed up till today. Not because it been a bad new year. The year has been pretty good so far! But until this week things I wanted to start just had to be put on the back burner because of life. But here I am and life has gotten better and I started accomplishing some goals. 

The biggest goal was to get the shed sorted and get the boxes that needed to be priced in the house and everything that shows up on my online blog store that was already posted and priced organized. I accomplished that and I am so happy.
So everyone understands that storage shed was full top to bottom this morning. So checking it off made my day.

So if any of you are like me please remember that no matter what plans we make they can be changed. We just have to learn how to roll with it and work around the crazy.  My next part of my resolution was to create less garbage in our home so let's see what I can do about that!

Also my homemade and recycled crafts will be picking up this week and be added to the store as I am organizing the house and getting stuff done. I will also be doing more with the blog more often as well so keep an eye out for the new and upcoming things that I am super excited about! However, for now, its a surprise as it is in the planning stages but I am hoping you will all like it!

Well, my dears that's all for now!!
Blessings to you all,