Well, the week off is drawing to a close and it didn't give me all the results I wanted!  However, it did give me some and I can't say I am disappointed. Although don't think I am bragging about being off of work I was sick more than half of the time. As seen in previous posts I did get my shed cleaned out and switched around which got me started on the rest of the house cleanout which will continue now through the next two weeks. Then if all goes well we start remodeling soon after that.  I was able to organize not only my freelance writing but my freelance.  This alone will be a great big help starting next week when I am doing everything like I plan. I have a schedule and I want to stick to it as much as possible.

My week starts on Sundays because my work week at my main job starts on Sundays.  Makes it easier when setting up a weekly schedule to get what I need finished.  I am trying my best to turn myself back around which means a couple of things. I had resolutions and I am updating them a little bit! So here is the updated list.

  • I am going to control my financial stability more by keeping myself on a schedule not only with my home business but my freelancing.  This means having the time during the day for the recycled crafts, working on the computer and my store.
  • I am going to focus more on my blog and work on affiliates and self-promotion.
  • My home is my castle so I am going to enforce the get it together rule I am sick of it being a mess and really what mom wants to spend their days off cleaning 24/7
  • Taking care of myself...This is something that all moms forget to do.  I don't care if its 30 minutes a day it's going to let's focus on me time.
  • I am going to work in my garden more as I stopped for a while and it is something I really do enjoy and we get free groceries out of the deal.
  • Working on controlling my anxiety and depression more. Yes, I suffer from Anxiety Depression and Bipolar disorder. I am always fighting it and I always will but you know what I can deal with it. I have quite a few good reasons to such as in my kids, husband, granddaughter and my golden Buddy. (Check Out the Always Keep Fighting Campaign from Supernaturals Jared Padalecki featured here on Supernatural WIKI!)
  • My weight is the last. I will admit I like to eat. I can cook as well and combine that with my depression and anxiety I am one hot mess. I have started a new regimen and hopefully things will work out I am excited but not so excited because with my issues I just hit 265 and I can't live like this any more. I should be around 130-145. The battle is on.

So what more can I say I had 6 days of either Good, ehh or ugly.  I hated being under the weather thats for sure. But now its getting better and I know a positive outlook is the first step!

Much Love All!
Me in my dorkiness I can't wait till I can wear my fitted clothes again!
**Update 3 days after my vacation i was let go from Sears Holdings and told I was not able to even reapply for a part time job. Come to find out I was lied to by management so they could get m out of the store because I was not part of the kiss butt gang!