Tuesday, December 19, 2017

A Christmas Letter!

To My Amazing Readers,

        Can you believe that Christmas is a week away?  I finished my shopping and I will be baking in the next few days but wow this month blew past way to fast.  I know when I am at my main job my Customers say the same thing.  But seriously I am just going to take a brief pause because I am honestly in awe of it all.  So where do I begin...

        I have had some health issues that will be following me into the New Year, However, I am getting it all treated and taken care of so that's a big plus. I rather not discuss what those issues are but just know I am getting help and treatment.  My freelance work, as well as my private business, is picking up so with that I am extremely happy.  The Blog Store will be having things added very very soon! I am working on a bunch of recycled and crazy crafts as fast as I can but its the season.

        As for my family, things are going well! We start remodeling the house in January! When I say we I mean me this is another thing added to my plate but I am super excited and can not wait! We are eagerly awaiting the birth of our first granddaughter! She will be here any moment. My 17-year-old daughter graduates in the spring and is possibly doing a career in the military. My 16-year-old daughter is enjoying her junior year and my 14-year-old is getting her high school legs. As for my 11-year-old son he is enjoying video games and life. As a mom, I can't complain too much.

       I ask that my amazing readers remember those who may not be having as good or positive of a holiday as they might be and I hope that everyone has an amazing and blessed Christmas.

                                                                                            My Christmas Blessing,



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