Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Battle For A Clean House!

Oh, you know what I am talking about. No matter what the age your kids are you fight and struggle to clean.  Right now I am currently letting the bleach sit on the hair dye or makeup blotch that was under the garbage can.  I thought the kids had molded the bathroom for a second but nope its hair dye or makeup in a square foot section. So why the bleach soaks I figured I would tell the tale to you moms.  I mean my girls at home range from the age 13 to 16, plus a son that is 10 and my house is trashed.  Okay, I will admit Buddy, our golden retriever did play a small part in the mess but as I told the kids if you clean up your stuff the dog will not touch it.  But nope as a mom, we are the last ones heard no matter what we say.  So mom's on the cleaning battlefield today I salute you.  I hope your battle is won. Good Luck!


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