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Well, I hope your all doing well this holiday season!  I can definitely say it has been an interesting one. As you are reading this I am currently sitting in Panera Bread in the plaza next to my work.  Why may you ask? That's easy because our family is down to one car right now and my truck is not fixable. Well, that's not exactly true it can be fixed just not for the money I am willing to pay for it to be fixed. Seriously I can get a used car at this point.  My beast has served me well and I honestly miss driving my suburban but at times you have to make decisions and my decision is to do what's best for my family.

But on the upside, my first book "Ghost Stories For The Chicken At Heart Volume 1" is fully running on Nook Press and was just submitted for Kindle Publishing as of ten minutes ago. So all in all a very productive day if I do say so myself.  I myself and extremely excited about all the changes going on and will be going on in the next year.

Did you finish your Christmas shopping yet?  I will admit I am almost finished but not 100% done just yet.  I know I have usually finished already but what can I do with my surgery and stuff I got a bit behind.  I do have a few thoughts on the whole Christmas shopping thing, though.  It bothers me when I am helping parents with these insane Christmas lists from their kids and a lot of it is a very big ticket items.  I mean I had one mom that had on one list that four of the items listed were well over a grand.  I was like wow which one are you getting him?  Her reply was like oh I bought all four for him.....  W.T.F.  Now don't get me wrong I am all up for spoiling my kids but a grand on four gifts.  I don't spend a grand over the course of the year shopping for my entire family most of the time, To me, Christmas is about a little more then what's under the tree.

But anyway I lost my train of thought a little bit. As I sit here in Panera I like to eavesdrop a bit, I know its wrong but give me grief later.  I am hearing parents who are figuring out the gifts they bought and still need to buy.  I Hear parents realizing the bought too much.  Then I hear Grandparents wondering what to get the Grand-babies since this is the only time of year they see or hear from the Grand-kids.  That is just wrong.  My Grandmother always wanted to know her Grandchildren better but unfortunately was unable to.  During the holidays she was saddened that she couldn't send gifts to all her Grandkids to which I always told her to send to the kids that you actually talk to and contacted you.  It is the Grandchild who is older responsibility to have contact with the Grandparent when they get older just as it is the Grandparents responsibility to keep contact when they are younger.  I know people might get upset with that but it's true.

So as the stores are crowded with holiday shoppers and people are driving crazy on the road remember that the holidays are an insane time of year.  Be the person who says Merry Christmas and smiles at people.  Take a moment to listen to someone.  Bake an extra batch of cookies and hand them out.  But most of all remember what Christmas is really about!!

I am sure I will be seeing you all again before Christmas Day but until then be safe and have a blessed week!



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