Sunday, November 13, 2016

Small Business Month!!!

Well it's that time of year and I know I always give advice on how not to be a Scrooge and how to treat your retail people  right!  I also give great links for cheap homemade Christmas gifts as well!!  However here is a big thing to do over the holiday season shop your mom and pop shops and small businesses.  

So instead of small business Saturday I am doing Small Business November and December.  I am spotlighting a post that will be on both my business site and my personal blog till December 31st.  You can be anywhere in the nation to share your link and what you do.

I ask only 3 things 1 post a link to your business with contact info,  Post your home area if you are a service (remember most of us ship when it comes to physical goods), and most of all respect the people who are offering a service.  I will delete all negative as I want this to be a good thing!

So Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas,  Happy Kwanzaa,  Happy Winter Solstice, Happy Hanukkah!!! May this holiday season be filled with warm wishes and Happy Memories.

Thinking Of You All,



  1. Hi everyone. I'm with JewelScent. We ship directly to you, or host party to earn FREE merchandise. Look around and email me if any questions

  2. As always your faithful Blogger here my resale site for my clean out service business is always up and running and I will be post 4,000 new items starting 11/18/16!!! This link is just for my store section!!!