Saturday, October 8, 2016

Its Been A Interesting Vacation!!

These past five days I have been on what most call a staycation.  To me though it was more then that.  To me it was a figure my life out vacation.  I needed this past few days to figure out what really made me happy and what truly gave me a happy heart.  Well even though while I was planning to get a ton done on my staycation it did not work out 100% completely to plan.  As per my normal self I was sick part to most of my staycation.  That is okay though because I got to lay in bed and actually think...okay I thought while I crafted.  You know me I am a over achiever.  But the things that made me truly happy came to life all around me. So here is my list of happiness in no particular!!!

1. My husband, God I love my Andy so much.  He is actually encouraging me to leave the company I currently work with.  He sees my unhappiness and all he wants is to see me happy.  Andy has been my rock and I love him more than anything.

2. My babies, Autumn Jenny Megan Sarah and Robbie.  I have missed them so much while pushing myself through the corporate grind.  I look at them now and realized while I was getting them through life with the necessities I have missed so much.  I don't want to miss anything else I can't.

3. My business!  Yeah I know it sound funny but I enjoy working and running my own business.  knowing its based on what I have and what I can do I have no problem doing any of the work.

4. My baking, oh god do I miss this more than anything.  I mean creating such yummy stuff for my family.  Plus its a great way for stress relief.

5. My garden... Well we are currently under lets fix the damage from the last two storms.  At least I have peppers growing!!!

6. My Home, I missed having the time to clean and care for my home.  God I know this is going to sound bad but I would so be a fifties housewife again.

7. My dog, yup my little shadow named Buddy.  If you don't own a pet you are missing out on the best unconditional love and attention in the world.  Our Golden Buddy is my fur baby.  I think I spoil him as much as I spoil my own human babies.

8. Meeting up with my friends.  It was great meeting up with friends this week without having to work in a work schedule.  Because honestly its never a done deal.  Plus it allowed my kids to meet new friends and how can that be a bad thing.

Well that is my short list of what I leaned about on my vacation.  Don't get me wrong I am not going in to work today and giving my two weeks notice because that would be seriously crazy.  I mean hello NO.  I have a few things that have to be paid for first and I don't want to leave the stress on my hubby during the holiday season.  But for now this hard working mama is going to do just that.  Work hard, push my goals and do everything I can to right now to move life forward.

Blessings and Love to you all,

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