Saturday, October 15, 2016

Interesting day!!

Well its been a pretty interesting day.  Now that I have decided to make such a huge change in my life things seem to be coming together.  Kinda. It seems that my kids are now having a dead set against me moment doing anything to stop me if my actions take away their free reign.  Its a rather annoying change of events because I am doing this to be here more often for them.  I am dearly wanting to be a stay at home mom or at least work on my schedule instead of always feeling like I am stuck in the red.  I guess maybe I am having a bad bay.  

Moms you must know what I am talking about, your trying to get a bunch of stuff done and boom kids are like no.  GIVE ME. I need. I want. In the last five minutes I had a daughter argue with me because I said I didn't have any extra money at the moment to give her something she wanted last minute.

But this is also my child who lays in bed all day and argues when I say no.  GAW!!! But on the plus side I have gotten stuff packaged and priced for my business and also put up.  Now I am just trying to add cleaning to the list... It could happen right? Well I have a bunch more to do.  As always please comment me up I want to know what people are thinking and with 6800 views I would love to know what any of you think on any of my post.

Lots of Love,

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